Forum Highlights

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend The Forum

  1. Compelling case studies shared by prominent speakers who have played imperative roles in infusing their supply chain and warehousing operations with technology, efficiency and sustainability
  2. Proven best practices and practical insights on what organizations need to do to cost-effectively implement optimized supply chains and autonomous warehouses
  3. Interactive, outcome-focused roundtable discussions and panels aimed at answering pressing questions and assisting delegates in mapping out successful supply chain and warehousing transformations
  4. An exclusive platform for industry experts to address major challenges to logistics technology rollouts, and share solutions
  5. A valuable opportunity to engage and forge partnerships with thought and business leaders in the supply chain and warehousing space

Hot Themes To Be Discussed

  • AI And Advanced Predictive Analytics: Empowering Next Generation Digital Supply Chain
  • Machine Learning: Improving Demand Forecasting And Production Planning
  • Blockchains: Improving Transparency And Efficiency Across Entire Supply Chain
  • Building Sustainable Global Supply Chain
  • Making Supply Chains Ethical And Sustainable With Blockchain
  • IoTs: Transforming Complex Supply Chains Into Fully Connected Network
  • Building A Fully Autonomous Warehouse Of The Future
  • Autonomous AI Drones: Automating Warehouse Inventory Management
  • AI For Intelligent Robotic Sorting In Warehouses
  • DHL Innovation Showcase: Autonomous Picking Self Driving Robots Streamlines Logistics Operations
  • Digitalization Of Trade Documents Using Blockchain
  • Autonomous Trucks Platooning: Cutting Logistics Costs
  • Supply Chain Control Towers: Improving Overall Agility And Visibility
  • Cognitive Procurement: Automating Future Procurement With AI And RPA
  • Autonomous Warehouse Site Tours

Raising Supply Chain Performance To New Levels With Innovations