Conference Highlights

10 Key Reasons To Join Us

  1. Discover how to hone your communication, project management, relationship building and other skills critical for career success as an EA
  2. Find out from award-winning EAs on how they work- and thrive – with high-powered employers
  3. Get up to speed on how the latest technologies are changing the workplace and the EA’s role
  4. Take away actionable tips on making the most of day-to-day EA life
  5. Learn useful strategies on how to tap your personal networks to drive business success, build your personal brand and reputation as a standout EA
  6. Hear from outstanding EAs on how they manage age gaps in the workplace and foster
  7. Be inspired by discussions on how EAs are shaping their future in this profession
  8. Deepen your understanding on the Risk of EA’s role and what you need to know to safeguard your Executive
  9. Pick up important EA feedback and time management techniques that will serve you well in balancing stakeholder needs
  10. Understand the crucial link between downtime and resilience and why this matters for an EA

Hot Topics To Be Discussed

  • What Are The Top Skills That Makes An Executive Assistant Insanely Effective?
  • What Every Executive Assistant Need To Know About Managing Their Bosses?
  • How EA/PAs Can Navigate Across The Multi-Generational Workplace?
  • Leadership: How To Overcome Self-doubt And Become An Outstanding EA/PA?
  • Becoming An Emotionally Intelligent Executive Assistant
  • Tips For Executive Assistants Who Want To Be More Assertive
  • What Makes EAs/PAs More Productive And Happier?
  • How To Successfully Build Your Personal Brand?
  • Leadership Skills For EA/PAs: Vulnerability, Bravery & Courage
  • Setting You Up For Success Over The Next 30 Days
  • Time-Management And Digital Productivity Tips To Make You More Productive
  • Becoming A Rockstar Executive Assistant: Essential Skills Every EA/PA Need To Know

The Conference At A Glance


  • From Good To Great: An EA’s Journey To Extraordinary Contribution And Impact
  • How To Overcome Self-Doubt And Become An Outstanding EA/PA
  • Tapping Personal Networks To Drive Success For EA/PAs
  • What Makes EAs/PAs More Productive And Happier?
  • Becoming An Emotionally Intelligent Executive Assistant
  • Becoming A Rockstar Executive Assistant: Essential Skills Every EA/PA Need To Know


  • How EA/PAs Can Navigate Across The Multi-Generational Workplace?
  • Leadership Skills For EA/PAs: Vulnerability, Bravery & Courage
  • Time-Management And Digital Productivity Tips To Make You More Productive
  • Why Downtime Makes EAs/PAs More Resilient, Productive And Happier
  • Your Next 30 Days: Let’s Set You Up For Success