Forum Highlights

Why Join This Forum


  1. Witness effective case studies from schools that have successfully improved student mental health and wellbeing
  2. Discover new technologies and innovations to help deter cyberbullying and other causes of student depression and anxiety
  3. Learn to identify early warning signs of mental illness and suicidal tendencies among students
  4. Take away proven strategies to detect and deal with substance abuse in schools
  5. Gain access to a singular platform for networking with key policymakers, councillors, educators and experts
  6. Discuss strategies to help teachers and principals cope with burnout
  7. Understand the root causes of racial, gender and religious discrimination and how to tackle these
  8. Explore ways to prevent physical bullying and harassment and help students deal with its effects
  9. Delve into the role of social media in student mental health issues
  10. See how positive education can help strengthen mental resilience from the curriculum up

Hot Topics To Be Discussed


  • From Animals to Music: Using New Techniques To Improve Student Resilience, Wellbeing And Mental Health (GRANT SHANNON, Director, Dogs Connect)
  • Implementing A Successful Mental Wellbeing Strategy For Principals And Teachers


  • Australia’s Student Mental Health And Suicide Crisis And Why It Is At A Tipping Point
  • Social Media’s Effect On Perfectionism, Depression And Under-developed Interpersonal Skills
  • Build Mental Resiliency In Schools To Prevent Student Depression, Mental Illness And Suicidal Thinking
  • Identifying Warning Signs Of Hidden Student Depression, Mental Illness, Anxiety And Suicidal Thinking
  • Building A Focused Program For Suicidal Prevention Among Indigenous Students


  • Tackling Further Discrimination And Rising Trends
  • Understanding And Tackling Social Isolation, Depression And Suicides In International Students
  • Keeping Teachers From Burning Out And Improving Well-being Of Principals In Schools
  • Improving Mental Health For Students With Learning Disabilities
  • Improving Mental Health For Students With Substance Abuse

Pre-Forum Workshops: Monday, 10 May 2021

L20007 Workshop A

Workshop A: From Animals To Music: Using New Techniques To Improve Student Resilience, Wellbeing And Mental Health

9.00am – 12.30pm

Recognizing that students need more from traditional education, former teacher Grant Shannon brought dogs into the classroom to help them feel more connected and engaged in the school environment. Many schools are now witnessing first-hand the impact this approach is having on academic outcomes. Join Grant as he shares his knowledge and scientific evidence on the role of dogs and other learning support tools in building emotional intelligence and resilience in students.


Workshop B: Implementing A Successful Mental Wellbeing Strategy For Principals And Teachers

1.30pm – 5.00pm

The emotional workload of teachers is too often ignored. Research shows nearly one in three Australian teachers are so unhappy in their profession they consider leaving within their first five years of employment. That translates to 16,000 teachers currently in Australia’s classrooms. This workshop will explore this phenomenon and ways to mitigate it, by drawing upon various strategies and techniques to help teaching staff manage their professional lives and stave off burnout.