About The Forum

Building on the tremendous success of the Digital Hospital Conference series and other cutting-edge healthcare events around the world, Clariden Global is happy to bring to market, AI Hospital: How Hospitals Are Leveraging AI, Machine Learning & Robotics In Healthcare, an unique event that serves the needs of the whole healthcare spectrum, held virtually in Australia via Zoom from 24 – 25 November 2021.

From chatbots to AI assistant in healthcare, remote patient monitoring, genetics research to predicting patient’s lifespan, AI with Blockchain is poised to completely transform every aspect of clinical practice. As the fastest growing sector, it is critical that medical and hospital professionals should be prepared for where the industry is heading.

The forum is expected to attract many senior healthcare & medical professionals, health tech leaders, nursing experts, innovators, for a high profile gathering of refreshing, new thought leadershipcollaborative discussionnew health tech breakthroughs and sharing of successful medical innovation & clinical case studies.

Join this high profile gathering to hear what the leading healthcare & health-tech leaders of today have to share about the ongoing transformation of the healthcare ecosystem.

Why Join This Forum

10 Reasons To Join Us This Coming November 2021 At The AI Hospital: How Hospitals Are Leveraging AI, Machine Learning & Robotics In Healthcare!

  1. Get Up To Speed On The Latest Innovative AI Applications For Hospitals And Healthcare
  2. Develop The Skills And Preparedness To Incorporate AI In Your Operations
  3. Learn How To Efficiently Manage The Privacy And Logistic Risks That Arise From The Use Of AI-Enabled Systems
  4. Acquire In-Depth Strategies In Utilizing AI Systems For Hospital And Healthcare Administrative Work
  5. Strengthen Your Data Gathering And Analytics Capabilities To Improve The Efficiency Of AI Systems
  6. Coordinate The Use Of Robotics And AI With More Traditional Methods To Provide Improved Healthcare Services
  7. Foster Ethical Usage Of AI And Machine Learning Algorithms For Biomedical Research And Patient Care
  8. Discover Swift And Accurate Methods To Conduct Patient Consultations And Diagnosis Through AI
  9. Learn How To Address Public Hesitation To AI-Enabled Systems In Hospitals And Healthcare
  10. Enhance Communication And Exchange Of Information And Experience Between Patients And Physicians Through Innovative Use Of AI And Other Technologies

The Forum At A Glance

Day 1: Wednesday, 24 November 2021 | Main Forum Day 1

  • Overview On The Impact And Development Of AI And Robotics In Australia’s Healthcare Evolution
  • Pioneering The Future Of Patient Care With AI
  • How Chatbots Empower Patients To Make The Right Decision
  • New State-Of-The-Art Pharmacy Robot To Help Hospital To Dispense And Conduct Stock Take Medicine
  • Enabling Early Detection, Prediction And Diagnosis Of Illness With AI
  • Interactive Discussion On AI Adoption In Accelerating Healthcare

Day 2: Thursday, 25 November 2021 | Main Forum Day 2

  • Combining AI Technologies With Genomic Data To Predict Patient Response To Cancer Treatment
  • Use Of AI To Personalize Cancer Care And Precision Treatments
  • Identifying Patients At Risk Of Sepsis For Early Intervention With Predictive Algorithm And AI Profiling
  • AI Superbug Detection System Assist Medical Experts For Better Diagnosis, Treatment And Prevention
  • Designing Futuristic Telemedicine Using Artificial Intelligence And Robotics In The COVID-19 Era
  • Interactive Panel Discussion: Regulatory And Ethics Of AI In Medical Misdiagnosis 

5 Reasons To Attend The Forum

  • Discover The Latest Innovations In AI And Robotics That Can Boost Hospitals’ Efficiency And Precision
  • Acquire New Skills And Strategies To Effectively Incorporate AI And Robotics Into Healthcare Operations
  • Learn How To Elevate The Patient Experience With AI-Powered Medical Devices
  • See How To Maximize The ROI Of Your Investments In Hospital And Healthcare Digitization
  • Network And Build Valuable Partnerships With Innovative Minds At The Forefront Of Medical And Healthcare Technology