About The Forum

The 2nd ANZ Smart Farms And AgTech Forum provides an invaluable platform for agriculture industry experts to address Smart Farming challenges, share knowledge, inspire new ideas and forge strategic partnerships.

Themed “Revolutionizing the Future Of Farming With Precision Agriculture, AI, Drones & Robotics”, this year’s edition focuses on the digital revolution in farming and how upcoming innovations are disrupting the way traditional farms operate.

Join us to learn from success stories in the field of smart and precision farming and acquire actionable insights, proven solutions and effective strategies that can assist with your organization’s agricultural transformation.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to forge valuable partnerships with some of the most innovative minds behind the smart farming revolution.

Mark 3 – 5 December 2019 in your calendar and book your seat now! We look forward to welcoming you this December!

The Forum At A Glance

Main Forum Day 1: Tuesday, 3 December 2019

  • Robotic Farmers: How University Of Sydney’s Australian Centre For Field Robotics Are Innovating With AI Robots That Help Farmers Monitor Crop Health, Control Weed And Automate Farm Tasks
  • Innovation Showcase: World’s First Apple Picking Robots – Learning Lessons And Key Challenges In Implementation
  • Automating The Future Of Farming With Robotic Tractors And Drones: How Drones Are Enabling Hands-Free Crop Planting
  • IoT For Monitoring And Controlling Pests: How IoT Pest Technology Can Help Farmers Reduce The Amount Of Pests Eating Their Crops
  • Start Up Disrupting Agtech Technology Showcase: Five Start-Ups Present Seven-Minute Pitches

Main Forum Day 2: Wednesday, 4 December 2019

  • Agricultural Intelligence: How Big Data Analytics And AI Are Driving Unique Insights For Agricultural Land
  • Blockchain In Agriculture: Automating Traceability, Payments, And Supply Chain Management
  • 21 Years Of Precision Agriculture On Branson Farms: Successes, Failures, Economics, And Lessons Learnt
  • Climate Change: Impact Of Climate Change On Australian Crop Yields Over The Next 20 Years
  • Precision Irrigation: Managing Agriculture’s Most Threatened Resource, Unlocking Precision Irrigation And Fertilization With Soil Sensors And Real Time Analytics

Post-Forum Site Visits: Thursday, 5 December 2019

  • Smart Farms of the Future Site Visit
  • Autonomous Drones Innovations In Smart Farms Site Visit

Key Takeaways From This Forum

  1. Join an exclusive gathering of thought and business leaders for meaningful exchanges around smart farming and the technologies and methodologies making it happen
  2. Acquire actionable insights, proven solutions and effective strategies to deal with the various challenges standing between you and a smart farming initiative
  3. Discover exciting new success stories in the field of smart and precision farming to inspire your own agricultural transformation
  4. Forge valuable partnerships with some of the most innovative minds behind the smart farming revolution
  5. Learn from real-world examples of how farmers and agricultural experts have leveraged the latest tools to boost efficiency, productivity and crop yield

What Past Attendees Had To Say About The Forum

Testimonials From Clariden Global’s ANZ Smart Farms Forum 2018

“The variety of speakers was great, I can rarely sit through a full day of conference but these kept me interested.” – AgronomistBR&C Agents

“Listening to speakers about their learnings and being able to apply this to my role in NZ.” – Category ManagerFarmlands Cooperative

“Clear articulation of the problem(s) that require attention and how some of these are being addressed.” – Chief TechnologistDXC Technology

“Some different speakers that I haven’t heard before and good coverage and diversity of topics.” – Business Development Lead, EE Muir and Sons