AR/VR as a Game-Changer in Re-Defining Customer Experiences and Marketing
09:00 Welcoming Speech, Opening Remarks & Thank You Sponsor Speech by Forum Producer
09:15 Facebook AR Address: How Facebook is Re-Defining Customer Experiences and Marketing Breakthroughs With Innovations in Augmented Reality Messengers and Cameras

  • Inside Facebook’s Bet On An Augmented Reality Future
  • Sneak Peak into Facebook’s Future AR Development Platform & Facebook AR Studio
  • Facebook’s plan with VR on Occulus Rift
Jason-Juma-Ross-112x128 Jason Juma-Ross
Head of Tech and Telecom Strategy, Asia Pacific
Andy Blood
Creative Strategist
09:45 Panel: How Google, HTC and Microsoft are Propelling the Future of Augmented and Virtual Reality with New Innovations and Devices?

  • The dawn of Mixed Reality: Blurring of lines between place, customer experience and Mixed Reality
  • Keeping up with the fundamental shift in how customers experience and engage with brands, products, and services
  • Enhancing brand experience with Mixed Reality and cutting away distractions
  • Global insights from the omni-channel efforts of renowned brands
Jason Pellegrino
Vice President & Managing Director
Google ANZ
Senior Representative
HTC Vive
Senior Mixed Reality Expert
Microsoft Hololens (invited)
Austin-McCasland-112x128 Austin McCasland
AR Interactive Designer
Google USA (invited)
Senior Representative
Magic Leap
10:15 Morning Refreshments & Networking
Experiential Case Studies of AR/VR as a Game-Changer in Retail, Consumer, Hospitality, Travel & Entertainment
Case Study: How Top European Autos use Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality in their marketing campaigns to improve their Customer Experience
Jed-Fisher-112x128 Jed Fisher
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
4D Pipeline
(AR/VR Design Consultant to BMW Mini and Audi)
4D Pipeline
11:00 Why Retail Giants Including eBay are Betting Big on Augmented Reality (AR)?
Landon-Curry-112x128 Landon Curry
Red Cartel
Designer of the world’s first eBay VR Department Store and VR car race for Redbull Racing
Red Cartel
11:30 AR in Insurance: How insurance companies are using Augmented Reality to promoting their insurance marketing and customer services
Nima Idel
Head of Innovation
We Discover
We Discover
Harriet Wakelam
Director, Design Centre
12:00 Immersive Marketing, Customer Experience & Branding: An Origin Energy Perspective
The challenge of mobile utility with limited friction, not having to download specific apps and understanding how people can easily share experiences/visuals on social
Origin Energy Su Jella
CRM Analytics and Operations Manager
rigin Energy (confirming)
12:30 Lunch & Networking
13:30 Innovation Showcase with Hololens: How Top Airlines and Aerospace Companies Are Delivering Exceptional Customer Experience With Microsoft’s Hololens?
Senior Representative
Top Airline in ANZ
Angus-Stevens-112x128 Angus Stevens
Managing Director
Start VR
Start VR
 14:00 How the Global Authority on Merino Wool used VR for its Customer Engagement and Experience?
Damian-Madden-112x128 Damian Madden
Digital Manager
The Woolmark Company
The Woolmark Company
14:30 Case Study: The Unique AR Experience at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Australia’s top broadcasting organisation

  • Space Discovery at ABC as a case study
Angela-Stengel-112x128 Angela Stengel
Head, Content Ideas Lab
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
14:50 How Australia Post is using AR to re-imagine the online shopping customer experience
Pete-Young-112x128 Pete Young
Head of MyPost Consumer
Australia Post
australia post
15:10 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking
15:30 High-Energy Interactive Roundtables

  • Addressing Licensing, Privacy and Data Concerns
  • The New Future of Storytelling
  • AR Games, e-Sports and the Next Pokemon Go
  • How to Make People Cry: Emotional Experiences in XR, Empathy, Cathartic to users
  • Generating new Business Models through AR/VR
  • How to Monetize AR/VR
  • Scaling AR for Massive Adoption
  • Augmented Teleportation
  • AR and Blockchain
  • Frictionless Payment and Virtual Commerce
  • Wireless for Extended Reality and Smart Dust
  • Immersive AR/VR and 5G
  • Use Cases of AVR in the many vertical industries, including Banking & Insurance, HR & Human Capital Management, Financial Reporting, Healthcare, Aged Care, Special Needs Therapy, Pharmaceuticals, Education, Sports, Gaming, Real Estate, Building Materials & Paints, Warehousing & Logistics, Transportation
  • Data Visualisation and AVR
  • When AI intersects with AR
  • Robotics and AR
  • New Industry Adoption of AVR
Joe-Millward-112x128 Joe Millward
Innovation Manager
Luis-Ramirez-112x128 Luis Ramirez
Digital Director, Mawari/Mutek Japan
CMO, 3D.IM (confirming)
Gagan-Singh-112x128 Gagan Singh
Tech Strategy Expert
Andres-Torres-112x128 Andres Torres
Senior Management
Chris-Grainger-112x128 Chris Grainger
Grainger VR
Grainger VR
Alexander-Bechelli-112x128 Alexander Bechelli
Devika Ventures
Devika Ventures
Augmented Reality Experts Alec Villarreal Wurts
Augmented Reality Experts
16:00 VR in the Food, Beverages, Bakery Franchise sectors: How Virtual Reality Experience Allows Customers and Buyers Experience Something Unique like Never Before

  • Sustaining the platform that supports and underpins an AR environment/experience – what expertise is needed and how does this scale?
  • Locking into platforms that slowly embed you into an infrastructure that doesn’t easily allow future integration to other applications/programmes – inflexibility affects progression
  • API’s for just about everything you would want for self-service – being able to have AI integrated for future changes
  • User experiences in AR and mobile – what innovations are coming up
  • People management/resourcing into a future state – what does this look like and what pitfalls to look out for
Vanessa-Stewart-112x128 Vanessa Stewart
Head of Customer Experience
Lion Co
Lion Co
Nicolas-Georges-112x128 Nicolas Georges
General Manager of Strategic Growth
Bakers Delight
Bakers Delight
16:30 VR Museums, Galleries, Libraries, Archives and the Attractions Industry: How VR Will Improve Visitor Experience

  • Scale and convenience of AR/VR
  • The use of headsets and other equipment requiring supervision of visitors prevents the achievement of true scale and independence for visitors
Tina-Brandt-112x128 Tina Brandt
Visitor Experience Program Manager
National Museum of Australia
National Museum of Australia
Ben-Moir-112x128 Ben Moir
17:00 Virtual Reality as a Game Changer in Top Sports such as Cricket & Football

  • Virtual holograms in the physical space
  • Developing real-time connectivity and virtual space
  • How will mixed reality disrupt customer experience and product development?
  • What are customers looking for in AR/VR solutions?
  • What are customers’ expectations and concerns?
Queensland Cricket Pete Lock
Digital Media Manager
Queensland Cricket
17:30 Panel Discussion: What Does It takes to Create the Perfect AR/VR Experience?
Saxon Dixon
Virtual Immersive
Virtual Immersive
Ivan Demidov
Technical Director
Virtual Perspective
Virtual Perspective
Ted-Shelton-112x128 Ted Shelton
Sales Lead Direct
18:00 Closing Remarks by Forum Chairman
18:15 image-3
Champagne Networking Session

Enjoy a glass of champagne whilst networking with other like-minded individuals on topics that are of most interest to you and fellow delegates.

09:00 Welcoming Speech, Opening Remarks & Thank You Sponsor Speech by Forum Producer
09:15 Transforming product experiences into product relationships with the power of Augmented & Mixed Reality
Rupert Deans
CEO, One Fat Sheep
Founder, Plattar
09:45 AR/VR Reality Implementation for the Agriculture and Livestock Sectors
Sean-Starling-112x128 Sean Starling
General Manager, Innovation
Meat & Livestock Australia
Meat & Livestock Australia
10:15 Morning Refreshments & Networking
AR Project Management Strategies – Lessons from Past Projects: Deep-Dive into Some of the AR Projects Implemented

  • How to implement
  • What is the team size need
  • The project metrics
  • Managing project schedules
  • Successful Rollouts
David Francis
Managing Director, Virtual Method
Head of APAC, Zappar
Head of ANZ, Realwear
11:00 How Augmented Reality Will Reinvent Product Design: Improving Product Design with Visualization, 3D Interaction and Product-Space Relationship, Case Studies in the Healthcare and Space Tech (NASA) Sectors
Opaque Media Chris MacKenzie
Opaque Media
11:20 VR in Dementia Learning: Update on the National Program, EDIE, which Gives People a Virtual Experience of Living with Dementia
Dr-Tanya-Petrovich-112x128 Dr Tanya Petrovich
Business Innovation Manager, Centre for Dementia Learning
Dementia Australia
Dementia Australia
11:40 Roadmap and Roadblocks of Immersive Technologies: Effective Strategies in:

  • Enabling enterprise adoption from training to planning
  • Field operations use-cases
Paul-Whybrow-112x128 Paul Whybrow
VRAR Association
VRAR Association
12:00 Mixed Reality in Retailing: An Update
Gareth-Jude-112x128 Gareth Jude
Retail Industry Executive
12:20 High-Energy Interactive Roundtables and Clinics:
The Future of Augmented Hearing

Understanding the insights and trend of consumer/end-user behaviours

Applying marketing automation and customer journey mapping

Unlocking the mysteries of SLAM (simultaneous localisation and mapping)

Lightfields versus Holograms. Advancing interactive lightfield interfaces that don’t require AR/VR headgear.

ROI: How to Maximise your Investments in AR/VR and Reduce Initial Investment Costs

Scott O’Brien
jason-bentley-112x128 Jason Bentley
Aurora VR
Sana-Nolan-112x128 Sana Nolan
The Production Group Andre Garrick
Founder and Director
The Production Group
Senior Management
Sally-Anne-Kellaway-112x128 Sally-Anne Kellaway
Technical Sound Design
Sounds by Sal
Diesel Immersive-edited Daniel Sim Lind
Creative Director
Diesel Immersive
Alexandra-Young-112x128 Alexandra Young
Co-Founder & CXO
13:40 Lunch & Networking
14:40 AR/VR/MR Product Development Site Tour/Workshop
Site Tour Featured Image
Unique to this year’s forum is the exclusive AR/VR/MR Product Development Site Tour, a dynamic site tour where you will visit how top studios in Australia are developing compelling content with AR/VR and showcase some of the most progressive and exciting AR/VR products that have been created for major industries including customer experience, novel storytelling, marketing experiences, immersive retail shopping, broadcasting, e-sports, travel, properties and more.

You will discover the key factors you need to consider when creating perfect AR experiences such as volumetric interfaces, object placement, scene understanding and some of the roadblocks and challenges in adopting AR/VR technology.

Or Alternatively:

Experience a hands-on workshop on “Designing Your Own AR/VR Experience” by top AR/VR Digital Designer.

17:00 Closing Remarks by Forum Chairman