About The Summit

Cyber security is a top concern for most organizations today. A recent auditor general’s report found that 68% of Australia’s government agencies failed to protect privileged data, leaving confidential information vulnerable and putting the public at risk of identity fraud. This cyber threat is not just limited to government agencies, enterprises too are at the risk of cyber-attacks that can cause massive disruption to businesses.

To help organizations uncover new threat vectors in enterprise & government and discover ways to establish defensible security architecture with hardened network, advanced digital forensics and threat intelligences, Clariden Global would like to invite you to 3rd AuSec 2023 Global Summit held virtually (via Zoom) on 7 – 9 June 2023.

This summit is an excellent opportunity to meet Security and Senior IT professionals and learn from over 40 case studies from US Department of Defence, Arc Infrastructure, Optus and many more.

Key Themes

  • How Are Cyber Criminals Using Machine Learning To Launch Attacks And Exploit Vulnerable Infrastructure?
  • Top 5 New Open Source Vulnerabilities
  • How State Sponsored Cyber Attacks Are Stealing Commercial, Technological And State Secrets?
  • Closing The Door Against “Zero Day Exploits”
  • Is The World Ready For The Next Big Ransomware Attack?
  • How Do You Pre-empt Cyber Attacks In The Power Sector?
  • How Do You Pre-empt Cyber Attacks In The Port And Maritime Sector?
  • Deploying A Zero Trust Approach To Securing Access Of Mobile Devices, Apps and Network
  • How Do You Pre-empt Cyber Attacks In The Mining Sector?
  • How Do You Handle Cyber Attacks On The IoT Ecosystem And In The Telecommunications Sector?
  • Why A Massive Cyber Attack On 5G & Vulnerable IoTs Could Cripple An Entire City Or Country?
  • Lessons from Past Data Breaches

The Summit At A Glance


  • Incident Handling, Incident Response, Hacker Tools, Techniques, Exploits
  • Leveraging Machine Learning And AI In Next Generation Cybersecurity
  • Incident Response, Threat Hunting And Digital Forensics


  • Weaponizing AI: How Cyber Criminals Are Using Machine Learning To Launch Attacks And Machine Learning To Improve Exploits – Case Study Of Creating An Adaptive Blockchain For Messaging Purposes For Bypassing Government Controls
  • Managing Major Cyber Incidents – Insights And Observations
  • Lessons From Past Data Breaches
  • International CyberSecurity Frontier Case Studies
  • Global CEO –CIO- CTO – CISO Panel Discussion
  • Security By Design For IoT Networks


  • Deploying A Zero-trust Approach To Securing Access Of Mobile Devices, Apps And Networks. Securing User Access Authentication In A Perimeter-less World – A Corporate Perspective
  • Leveraging Machine Learning, Automation And AI In Next Generation Cybersecurity
  • Automating Cyber Security Defences In The Next Industrial Revolution
  • Next Wave Of The Future: Cyber Security In Space Systems & Technologies
  • 5G & Cybersecurity
    Why A Massive Cyber Attack On 5G & Vulnerable Iots Could Cripple An Entire City Or Country – Managing New Challenges In 5G, Cybersecurity, Security Design, Zero Day Exploits

5 Reasons To Attend This Summit

  1. Fresh, first-time topics on the cutting edge of the Cyber frontier, new hacking innovations and counter-cyber applications
  2. At one singular platform, meet with so many CEOs, CIOs, CISOs, cyber warriors, hackers and all key decision makers in the whole cyber ecosystem
  3. Practical real-situation cyber defence, offence and warfare operations cases to be liberally shared, geared to the specific needs of government, defence, police, intelligence and the many other different industries
  4. Watch from the front row, as new anti-phishing, counter-cyber exploits technologies are being rolled out, adopted and customized
  5. Learn to build defensible security architecture with advanced digital forensics, incident response and threat intelligence