Australia’s Critical Minerals Strategy and Future Plans & Overseas Markets Keynotes  
09:00 Welcoming Speech, Opening Remarks & Thank You Sponsor Speech by Conference Producer
09:10 Keynote Address: Actively implementing Australia’s Critical Minerals Strategy and Future Plans
Western Australia is a significant hub for minerals used in the manufacture of renewable batteries. It is the leading producer of hard rock lithium in Australia, which is in turn the largest lithium producing country in the world, having overtaken Chile for the title last year. Western Australia currently accounts for around half of global supply for the metal, with seven producing mines currently in operation. WA also produces large volumes of nickel, cobalt and rare earth elements (REE), which are also used for renewable battery production. Update on the Lithium Valley and the new 12 strategic industry areas to host downstream processing activities – global cooperation to diversify the supply chain.
Peter-Klinken-AC-112x128 Prof Peter Klinken AC
Chief Scientist
Western Australia Government
Western Australia

Meeting USA’s Critical Mineral Needs urgently

Mary Anne Alvin
Rare Earth Elements Technology Manager, Science & Technology Plans
National Energy Technology Lab US Department of Energy, USA Government
 10:10 Rare Earth Industry Outlook and Project Update
George-Bauk-112x128 George Bauk
CEO/Managing Director
Northern Minerals
Northen Minerals
Morning Refreshments & Networking Session
11:00 Critical Minerals Investment and Market Outlook from an equity capital market perspective
Trent Barnett
Head of Research
11:30 Hancock Prospecting Projects Update
Ian Rutherford Plimer
Company Director
Hancock Prospecting
12:00  Rare Earths and other Critical Minerals Market Outlook Panel Discussion
12:30 Lunch & Networking
14:00 Financing and investing in Critical Minerals  
Morgan Barron
Ventnor Capital
Strategic Investments in Critical Minerals – Perspective from AMCI Group
Patrick Murphy
Managing Director
AMCI Group

Project Finance and Export Credit for Critical Minerals

Jan Fuchter
Director, Project & Structured Finance
Export Finance Australia
15:00 Panel Discussion: Financing & Investing in Critical Minerals and the Economically Significant Metals: Closer Look at Funding Critical Minerals and Mining Projects Including Rare Earths, Tungsten, Magnesium, Antimony, Niobium, Graphite, Cobalt, Heavy Mineral Sands, Gold, Copper and Vanadium. Investor Perspectives on Battery Metals and Rare Earth Projects in Australia and Overseas 
Afternoon Refreshments & Networking Session

Graphite Graphene Industry Outlook and Projects

Warwick Grigor
Far East Capital
16:00 Focus: Manganese Industry Outlook and Projects Update
Justin Brown
Managing Director
Element 25
16:30 Focus: Helium Industry Outlook and Investment Opportunities
Adam Santa Maria
Managing Director
Discovery Capital Partners
17:00 Cobalt Industry Outlook and Project Update
Sean Gregory
Barra Resources
17:30 Closing Remarks by Conference Chairman
17:35 Champagne Networking Session

Australia and Global  Market Opportunities
09:00 Welcoming Speech, Opening Remarks & Thank You Sponsor Speech by Conference Producer
09:05 Feeling the Pinch: EV’s, Batteries and the Global Supply Chain
Colleen-Yates-112x128 Colleen Yates
Regional Development Australia Perth
Regional Development Australia Perth
09:35 Prospects of the Battery Industries in Australia
Stedman Ellis
Future Battery Industries CRC 
 10:00 The Role of Geological Surveys in Critical Mineral Strategies
Jeffrey Haworth
Deputy Director General
Resource and Environmental Regulation Group
WA Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety
Morning Refreshments & Networking Session
11:00 Nickel Industry and Investment Outlook & Update
Vincent Sweeney
Sydney Capital
11:40 Technological Advances and Innovations in Mining
Michelle Keegan
Director, Greenfield Technologies
12:00 Lunch & Networking
12:45 Kibaran Resources Project Update  
Andrew Spinks
Managing Director
Kibaran Resources
Prospect Resources Project Update
Nick Rathjen
General Manager
Prospect Resources 

Global Mining Thought Leadership: Systems Thinking for Mining Managers

Tim Craske
Managing Director
 14:00 Investing in the power generation infrastructure of mines: Integrated Hybrid Power Generation Delivery Model
Felipe Kovacic
Chief Development Officer
TEC-C Investments
14:30 Microgrids, stand-alone power systems and power storage for mines
Cameron Edwards
Afternoon Refreshments & Networking Session

Case Study: Geology and Mineralisation of Altura’s Lithium Mine, Pilgangoora

Stephen Barber
Exploration Manager
Altura Mining
15:45 Case Study of the Lynn Lake Ni-Cu-Co project 
Ben-Li-112x128 Dr Ben Li
Senior Exploration Geologist
Corazon Mining

Electric Vehicles Outlook and Prospects

Subhabrata Ghosh
Project Head, Electric Vehicle Business
Singapore Electric Vehicles
16:45 Investing in Gold: the Economically Significant Metal
Ayman Saab
Advisor to the Managing Director
Public Investment Fund, Saudi Arabia (invited)
17:15 The Long-Term Prospects of the Lithium Industry and WA’s Lithium Valley, going forward
17:45 Closing Remarks by Conference Chairman