Morning Critical Minerals Technical Briefings
  1. Innovations in Critical Minerals Extraction, Processing Technology and Production Technologies
  2. Case Studies of Latest Trends and Technological Advances in Lithium Processing and Spodumene Refining
  3. Direct Extraction and Mineralisation of A Lithium Mine:
    – Extraction of lithium from spodumene through roasting with additives
    – Extraction of lithium from lepidolite by alkali roasting and leaching
    – Ways to reduce cost of extraction
    – Minimizing environmental impact of separation of critical minerals
  4. Optimising Plant Performance and Minimizing Downtime: Applications for Lithium Processing Plants and Refineries
  5. Asset and Fuel Management in a Critical Minerals Plant: Case studies in Latin America, Africa and Australia
  6. Logistics, Palletizing, Packing for High Value Critical Minerals
Space in Each Technical Briefing is Limited, Registrations Will Be Available On First Come, First Reserved Basis

Australia’s Critical Minerals Strategy and Future Plans & Overseas Markets Keynotes  
09:00 Welcoming Speech, Opening Remarks & Thank You Sponsor Speech by Conference Producer
09:05 Keynote Host Address: Australia’s Critical Minerals Strategy and Future Plans

  • How to profit from Australia’s government incentives and policies promoting the Critical Minerals Sector
  • Development of new resource basins
  • Investment in advanced seismic and aero-magnetic surveys to discover critical minerals
 2000px-Coat_of_arms_of_Argentina.svg Senator the Honourable Matt Canavan
Minister for Resources and Northern Australia, Australia (invited)

Argentina Critical Minerals Investment Outlook: Meeting New Challenges, Exploiting New Opportunities

HE Carolina Sanchez
Secretary of Mining
República Argentina, Government of Argentina (invited)
Critical Minerals & Mining Outlook, New Projects Pipeline, Project Expansion Updates, New Financing and Investment Opportunities
09:50 Focus: Rare Earths

RE elements are used in renewable energy production, EVs, military technologies, high-end mobile phone and electronics applications, lasers, specialty alloys and batteries. Mining of REE is challenging, requiring bespoke waste-management solutions to deal with radioactive co-products or other chemicals.

  • ISO/TC 298 standards and its benefits on rare earth community
  • Rare earth consumption market overview and future trend
  • Rare earths magnet markets
  • Developments and trends for electrification and magnet applications
  • Rare Earth contribution to car electrification
  • The looming REPM shortage and consequences
  • Long term off-take strategies for rare earths
  • The next rare earth solution
  • Developing alternative sources of supply of rare earths

Project Opportunities and Case Studies of Lynas’ Rare Earth Processing Plant in Malaysia and New Joint-Venture in Hondo, Texas (Usa); Northern Minerals’ Browns Range Rare Earth Project in Northern Territory, Australia; Other Rare Earth Investments by Arafura Resources, Krakatou and Anglo Saxony Minerals.

George-Bauk-112x128 George Bauk
Northern Minerals
Northen Minerals
Gavin-Lockyer-112x128 Gavin Lockyer
CEO / Managing Director
Arafura Resources 
Arafura Resources
Tony-Truelove-112x128 Tony Truelove
Anglo Saxony Minerals
 Anglo Saxony Minerals
Morning Refreshments & Networking Session
10:30 Focus: Lithium

Australia could account for around 80% of global lithium supply from hard rock deposits by 2020. Operating lithium companies are also taking up downstream processing to produce lithium hydroxide, which is almost 20 times more than unprocessed concentrates. The full value chain of lithium is worth around AUD213 billion annually.

  • Will there be sufficient lithium supply to meet EV and New Tech Energy Storage demand?
  • Is the market undergoing a correction now, and if yes, for how long?
  • Heterogeneity of lithium deposits – carbonates & hydroxides
  • What are some of the measures and studies undertaken to better understand the opacity in the open lithium market?
  • How do the industry experts expect the lithium market to develop over the coming decade, given its immaturity?
  • Lithium-ion batteries: how to make the supply chain more sustainable and effective?
  • Rock and Brine: Lithium project opportunities and supply updates in Australia, Latin America, Africa, Europe
Senior Management
Albemarle, USA
11:00 Focus: Cobalt

  • Facing new challenges for cobalt in the marketplace
  • Extracting cobalt from copper and nickel ore processing and production
  • What are the biggest risks to cobalt’s use in EV technologies?
  • Will it be replaced in small or large part by higher nickel content cathode or alternative technologies?
  • How is the Chinese cobalt industry changing and adapting to the resurgence in demand for lithium ion batteries?

Project Opportunities and Case Studies of Cobalt Deposit Mining & Nickel-Cobalt Plant in Australia; Cobalt Mines and Copper-Cobalt Projects in DRC, Africa

Walter-Richards-112x128 Walter Richards
Havilah Resources
Havilah Resources
Scott-Williamson-112x128 Scott Williamson
Managing Director
Blackstone Minerals
11:30 Focus: Graphite 

  • The new pattern of graphite resources
  • The new requirements for graphite resources development under the policy of ” Green Hills and Clean Water” and the related policies
  • The new requirements of new energy and new material for graphite resources
  • The typical graphite resources and the development mode

Project Opportunities and Case Studies of Graphite Projects in Western Australia; Graphite Mines and Plants in Africa and the Middle East

Mike Rosenstreich
Managing Director
Hexagon Resources
Mark Hoffman
Project Advisor
Volt Resources
Martin-Phillips-112x128 Martin Phillips
Chief Operating Officer
Talga Resources
Talga Resources
12:00 Focus: Nickel 

  • What strategic changes do OEMs and mining companies have to implement in light of the expected distinct split in nickel uses?
  • What are the major threats to nickel-rich battery chemistries?
  • How do you expect the spread to develop and new pricing benchmarks to be established for battery grade nickel?
  • Implications of the Electric Vehicle revolution on the nickel market
  • Reshaping the demand mix: A new era for nickel
  • With the unexpected shift in demand towards nickel sulphate, how are miners adapting to increased demand for class 1 nickel?
  • What is the investment necessary for miners to establish if their nickel reaches battery material specifications?

Project Opportunities in Australia & Outside, and Case Studies of Bhp Nickel West’s Venus Nickel Mine in Western Australia; Independence Group’s Nova Nickel Mine in Nullarbor, Wa; Eramet’s Nickel Mining and Refining Projects in New Caledonia

Matt-Painter-112x128 Matt Painter
General Manager
Ardea Resources
Ardea Resources
Christopher-Gower-112x128 Christopher Gower
Direct Nickel
Direct Nickel
12:30 Lunch & Networking
13:30 Focus: Tin Supply and Demand  
James Willoughby
Tin Expert
International Tin Organisation
Focus: Palladium, Specialty & Minor Metals, and other PGEs Including Rhodium, Iridium, Osmium, and Ruthenium 

Palladium’s largest single use is in automotive catalytic converters. The metal helps clean the air. More and more regulations are being made to reduce the emission of gases from automobiles as more of them are put on the road. This increases the demand from auto manufacturers for the metal.

Further, the tremendous growth in auto production in emerging economies like China has also caused increase demand for palladium in auto production. Chinese automobile demand has increased since the 1990s. That led to a huge amount of pent-up demand for the metal around the world.


Focus: High Purity Alumina (HPA) / Kaolin Clay

Iggy-Tan-112x128 Iggy Tan
Managing Director
Altech Chemicals
Altech Chemicals
Andrew Sorensen
General Manager
W.A. Kaolin Holdings
Afternoon Refreshments & Networking Session

Focus: Vanadium

  • Price of Vanadium is rising faster than cobalt and nickel, all of which are used in lithium-ion batteries
  • Vanadium flow batteries are also catching up in a lithium-ion world. Vanadium flow batteries are a viable option for large-scale storage because they are able to provide hundreds of megawatt hours at grid scale. That means they can be charged thousands of times without losing capacity, while holding large amounts of energy, and they are easy to be recycled

Case Studies of Liontown’s Toolebuc Vanadium Project in Queensland and Other Vanadium Project Opportunities in Australia, Latin America

Tim-Goyder-112x128 Tim Goyder
Liontown Resources
16:00 Focus: Manganese

  • The potential and role of manganese sulphate in battery production
  • High purity manganese is used as Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) for its energy storage product and Nickel Cobalt Aluminium Oxide (NCA) for its electric vehicle usage.

Project Opportunities and Case Studies of south32’s Groote Eylandt Manganese Mine in Nt; T Tasmanian Electro Metallurgical Company’s Manganese Ore Processing Plant

Senior Management
16:30 Focus: Titanium – Update on the Barrambie Project, WA
Darren-Townsend-112x128 Darren Townsend
Chief Development Officer
17:00 Meet The Investors I:
Financing Panel: Closer Look at Funding Critical Minerals and Mining Projects Including Nickel Sulphite, Rare Earths, Graphite, Cobalt, and Lithium. Investor Perspectives on Battery Metals and Rare Earth Projects in Australia and Overseas

  • What are the ideal parameters for investors when considering funding critical mineral projects?
  • Strategic approach for critical mineral projects: What makes good partnerships and why are they a vital component for investors?
  • Challenges and expectation management
  • Meeting New Capital Funding Needs & Finding New Sources of Market Supply
  • Structured Finance for new exploration projects
  • Debt financing for mine developers
  • Royalty finance versus stream finance
  • Recent funding success and expected returns for investors
  • Export credit and political risk insurance for mining projects & exports
  • Focusing from capital expansion to dividend returns
  • Which are the projects in Australia, Asia, Latin America, Europe, North America, Africa,
  • Central Asia, Middle East opening up for investments and production exports?
  • The trend of non-critical minerals mining majors diversifying into the critical minerals sector
Robert-D.-Mitchell-112x128 Robert D. Mitchell
Managing General Partner | General Partner
Portal Capital | Green Energy Metals Fund & Odysseus Funds
Ernie-Ortiz-112x128 Ernie Ortiz
Waratah Capital Advisors
Matt-Jurjevich-112x128 Matt Jurjevich
Vice President
Jett Capital Advisors, New York
Jett Capital Advisors. New York
Anthony Barton
Australian Heritage Group
Ian-Plimer-112x128 Ian Plimer
Company Director
Hancock Prospecting
Hancock Prospecting
18:00 Closing Remarks by Conference Chairman
18:05 Champagne Networking Session
19:00 Gala Dinner
Join us for an evening of celebration. Mix and mingle with global mining leaders and discuss about new mining commercial opportunities and technologies happening today! Bring the team, and enjoy an evening of dinner, drinks and music.

Australia and Global  Market Opportunities
08:55 Welcoming Speech, Opening Remarks & Thank You Sponsor Speech by Conference Producer
09:00 Australia
Update on the Western Australian State Government Future Battery Industry Strategy: National Strategies Promoting Lithium, Cobalt and Rare Earth Production in Australia
Western Australia is a significant hub for minerals used in the manufacture of renewable batteries. It is the leading producer of hard rock lithium in Australia, which is in turn the largest lithium producing country in the world, having overtaken Chile for the title last year. Western Australia currently accounts for around half of global supply for the metal, with seven producing mines currently in operation. WA also produces large volumes of nickel, cobalt and rare earth elements (REE), which are also used for renewable battery production. Update on the Lithium Valley and the new 12 strategic industry areas to host downstream processing activities – global cooperation to diversify the supply chain.
Bill-Johnston-MLA-112x128 WA Ministerial Keynote Address:

Hon Bill Johnston MLA
Minister for Mines and Petroleum
Government of Western Australia

Government of Western Australia
Colleen-Yates-112x128 Colleen Yates
Regional Development Australia Perth
Regional Development Australia Perth
Peter-Klinken-AC-112x128 Prof. Peter Klinken AC
Chief Scientist
Western Australia (invited)
Western Australia
Stephen Ellis
Chief Executive Officer
Future Battery Industries CRC (invited)
Spotlight Presentations-Innovations and Special Focus on Iron Ore & Gold
09:45 Case Studies on Operating Mines & Plants Looking at the Challenges, Solutions and Innovations That They Have Used to Get Their Projects off the Ground and Their Products to Market: Case Studies and Project Updates on New Lithium Processing Plants & Mines in Australia, Chile, Argentina, China; New Emerging Projects in Other Critical Minerals
Jaime San Martin
Lithium New Business Manager
Codelco, Chile
Morning Refreshments & Networking Session
10:30 Spotlight Presentations & Meet the Investors II: Project Updates, Strategic Collaboration & Capital Raising Opportunities for all Critical Minerals Mining Companies from Australia, Africa, Latin America, Asia, North America, Central Asia – Limit to Not More than 20 Companies. Latest Update on Australia’s Junior Minerals Exploration Incentive (JMEI) for the critical minerals sector.
  • Graphite in Australia

Tom Revy
Managing Director
BlackEarth Minerals

BlackEarth Minerals
  • Cobalt in DRC

Olivier Kalal
Senior Mining Expert
Kamoto Copper, Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Lithium in Chile

José Gustavo de Castro Alem
Lithium Chile Inc.

Lithium Chile Inc.
  • Brine Lithium in Argentina

Carlos Galli
Chief Operating Officer
LSC Lithium Corporation, Argentina

LSC Lithium Corporation
  • Lithium in Zimbabwe, Africa

Nick Rathjen
General Manager
Prospect Resources

Prospect Resources
  • Graphite in Tanzania

Andrew Spinks
Managing Director
Kibaran Resources

Kibaran Resources
  • Lithium in Argentina

Jerko Zuvela
Managing Director
Argosy Minerals

Argosy Minerals
  • Tin in Europe

Richard Williams
President & CEO
Strongbow Exploration

11:30 Smart Mining Innovations and Advances in Drilling and Explorations On Critical Minerals in Australia – A South32 Perspective
Vanessa-Torres-112x128 Vanessa Torres
Chief Technology Officer
12:00 Global Geologists, Geochemists & Metallurgists Roundtable: 
  • Maximisation of mining assets and productivity
  • Cost minimization in extraction & production
  • Testing and Assays for Critical Minerals
Jeffrey-Haworth-112x128 Jeffrey Haworth
Executive Director, Geological Survey and Resource Strategy
Geological Survey and Resource Strategy Division
WA Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety
Ben-Li-112x128 Dr Ben Li
Senior Exploration Geologist
Corazon Mining
Mark-Merry-112x128 Mark Merry
Principal Metallurgist
Tungsten Mining NL
Tungsten Mining

Special Focus: Iron Ore
Tackling Supply Risks and Long-Term Demand Potential

Australia is the largest supplier of iron ore into the seaborne export market. It is dominated by three major producers; BHP Billiton, FMG and Rio Tinto who account for 87% of total ore produced. Australia’s mining costs are the second lowest worldwide due to a combination of large scale operations that afford economies of scale, high grade material that requires little to no beneficiation, and owner-operated infrastructure. Iron ore prices have recently spiked above $100 on supply crunch due to shutdown of several mines and healthy demand from steel plants across the world
Special Focus: Gold – Price, Demand, Supply
How is Australia continuing to solidify its position as the No. 2 Gold Producing nation in the world, after China, year after year? What are the future prospects and new projects in the pipeline? The Safe Haven Metal in our present era: Investments, Exploration, Refining, Processing, Trade, New Tech. Gold as Australia’s main export, overtaking coal, in the future. Investment diversification by critical minerals mining companies into Gold?
12:50 Lunch & Networking
 Battery, EV Investments and Financing Opportunities / Innovations in Critical Minerals Metals Upstream to Downstream Processing
13:40 Why Big Tech, Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage Companies Including Tesla are Considering Investing in Mining Nickel and Lithium to Secure Minerals for Electric Batteries

  • How have the lithium producers adapted to the evolving lithium market to meet the long-term demand?
  • Challenges and opportunities of the lithium supply chain arising from the rapid growth of the industry
  • Impact of weather and regulatory frameworks on lithium producers.
  • Lithium-ion battery market, key opportunities and challenges for lithium?
  • What could we expect to see changing in the next 5 years?
Mark-Saxon-112x128 Mark Saxon
President and CEO
Leading Edge Materials
Leading Edge Materials
Chris-Burns-112x128 Chris Burns
President and CEO
Novonix, Canada
Critical Minerals Downstream Processing & Refinery Innovations, with Case Studies of the Different Minerals:

  • New Plant and Refinery Requirements & Planning: Design Considerations
  • Process Modelling and overcoming Control & Operational Challenges
  • Managing OPEX Cost Management
  • Reducing energy costs in the separation of critical minerals
  • New Technology Applications in different mineral sectors
  • Operationalizing Productivity Gains
  • New Manufacturing Opportunities from the Mineral Value Chain

Special Focus: Timor Leste
Inca: Why East Timor Is Emerging as Battery Minerals Target – Opportunities for Mining Investors

East Timor is showing battery minerals potential across the country, leading Inca Minerals to lodge an applications for three exploration licences. Forty kilometres east of the capital city Dili, inland from the northern coastline of East Timor, marks the base of the Manatuto project area within Inca’s licence application. The area is considered prospective for nickel, cobalt and chromium.
Ross-Brown-112x128 Ross Brown
Managing Director
Inca Minerals (invited)
INCA Minerals
Afternoon Refreshments & Networking Session

Critical Minerals Buyers, Users, Key Players Panel Discussion: Lithium & Rare Earths
Lithium Panel: Perspectives from South Korea (LG Chem), Japan (Panasonic) and China (CATL, China Minmetals, BYD, Gangfeng) on Long Term Lithium Demand


Panel Discussion
Lithium Panel: Current Practices and Pitfalls with Lithium Off-Take Agreements and Pricing Discovery in the Lithium Industry

Luke McShane
Mining Lawyer
Wright Legal
16:30 Electric Vehicles & EV Batteries Sector Focus – Drivers and Demand

  • Growth potential of the Chinese EV market
  • Impact on future EV market, with the removal of subsidies on new sales of EVs in China
  • Case Studies – EV initiatives by Volkswagen and BMW
  • Breakthrough on the Lithium-Oxygen battery by US Department of Energy
Dr Frank Houllis
Chief Executive Officer
Subhabrata Ghosh
Project Head, Electric Vehicle Business
Singapore Electric Vehicles
Singapore Elec
17:00 Closing Remarks by Conference Chairman