Summit Highlights

Why Join This Summit

14 Key Themes That Are Powerfully Relevant To Your Business:

  • Australia’s Critical Minerals Strategy 2019 & Beyond
  • Future Development of Australia’s Lithium Valley
  • Uncovering Rare Earths Market Opportunities
  • Increasing Lithium Market Opportunities
  • New Vanadium Market Opportunities
  • Funding Critical Minerals and Mining Projects
  • Smart Mining Innovations In Critical Mines
  • Cobalt Commercialization Opportunities in Australia: A Geologist’s Perspective
  • Why East Timor is Emerging as a Battery Minerals Target?
  • New Challenges for Cobalt in the Marketplace
  • Graphite Investment Outlook and Projects in Africa
  • A New Era for Nickel
  • Titanium Development Opportunities in Western Australia
  • Long Term Electric Vehicles Drivers and Demand

Hot Topics to be Discussed

DAY 2: 21 November 2019

  • How to profit from Australia’s government incentives, tax credit benefits and policies promoting the Critical Minerals Sector
  • Critical Minerals & Mining Outlook, New Projects Pipeline, Project Expansion Updates, New Financing and Investment Opportunities
  • Meeting New Capital Funding Needs & Finding New Sources of Market Supply
  • Latest Project & Market Updates
    – Rare Earths
    – Lithium
    – Vanadium
    – Nickel
    – Manganese
    – Cobalt
    – Graphite
    – Iron Ore
    – Palladium & More

DAY 3: 22 November 2019

  • Find out the latest on the Western Australian State Government Future Battery Industry Strategy: National Strategies Promoting Lithium, Cobalt and Rare Earth Production in Australia
  • Spotlight Presentations & Meet the Investors: Project Updates, Strategic Collaboration & Capital Raising Opportunities for all critical minerals mining companies from Australia, Africa, Latin America, Asia, North America, Central Asia
  • Find out why Big Tech, Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage Companies including Tesla are considering investing in Mining Nickel and Lithium to Secure Minerals for Electric Batteries

Critical Minerals Technical Briefings

  1. Innovations in Critical Minerals Extraction, Processing Technology and Production Technologies
  2. Case Studies of Latest Trends and Technological Advances in Lithium Processing and Spodumene Refining
  3. Direct Extraction and Mineralisation of A Lithium Mine:
    – Extraction of lithium from spodumene through roasting with additives
    – Extraction of lithium from lepidolite by alkali roasting and leaching
    – Ways to reduce cost of extraction
    – Minimizing environmental impact of separation of critical minerals
  4. Optimising Plant Performance and Minimizing Downtime: Applications for Lithium Processing Plants and Refineries
  5. Asset and Fuel Management in a Critical Minerals Plant: Case studies in Latin America, Africa and Australia
  6. Logistics, Palletizing, Packing for High Value Critical Minerals