3 December 2019, Tuesday 

Winning In Today’s Modern Software Factory

Join an exclusive gathering of thought, business and IT leaders for meaningful exchanges around the truth behind the buzzword of DevOps – and the various tools and methodologies that turn it into a key competitive edge. This lean and agile approach to software and application development and deployment has been hailed as the “gold standards” for IT and the way to go for the future.

The first day of the forum will kick-start with sessions exploring a look at how higher software delivery performance can generate powerful business outcomes and dos and don’ts for successful adoption of DevOps principles at your organization. The subsequent roundtable discussion will focus on DevOps tools to supercharge high-quality and timely software release. Leading organizations will also share their success in leveraging continuous integration and test automation in DevOps.

These will inspire delegates to push past the status quo and envision future transformative road-maps towards greater digitization and automation.
Day one of the forum also explores emerging disruptive IT innovations like virtualization, AI-accelerated DevOps and cloud computing. Through these sessions, delegates will be able to gain insights and be empowered with the tools needed to prepare their organizations for the impending digital disruptions.

09:00 Welcoming Speech, Opening Remarks & Thank You Sponsor Speech By Conference Producer
Nachu-Subramanian-112x128 Nachu Subramanian
Vice President 2 – DevOps
 Theme: DevOps’s Evolutionary Journey: Strategies For A New Economy
09:15 Visionary Keynote: A Look At The Current State Of Affairs: How Higher Software Delivery Performance Can Generate Powerful Business Outcomes
  • How DevOps serves as a powerful driver of value in a world where speed, agility, security and stability are business imperatives
  • The progress the industry has made over the years and the work that still lies ahead
  • Breaking new grounds on IT excellence – prescriptive steps to help you progress further in this journey
Peh-Choon-Whee-112x128 Choon Whee Peh
Head of Legal and Compliance System Solutions
Standard Chartered Bank
Standard Chartered
09:45 Deployment Patterns For API Gateways
  • Explore different deployment patterns for API Gateways, including: the centralized edge gateway, the multi-layer gateway, and the Microgateways, sidecars & service mesh
  • Discuss how the implementation and consumption of APIs can (and should) influence the selection of the most appropriate API gateway pattern when ti comes to production deployment, irregardless of the platform being used: On-premise, cloud, hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud
  • How the differences between API traffic and regular web traffic influences application and API delivery infrastructure
Jan-Chee-112x128 Yeo Jan Chee
Technical Solutions Architect
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10:15 Speed Networking Session
10:30 Morning Refreshment & Networking
10:50 The Future Of Change Management In Highly-Regulated Environments
The advancement of technology, especially in Singapore, is unbelievably mature. If you look at most organizations, the technology and tooling that is used to run infrastructure is not the biggest problem companies face; it’s the challenge of change management. During this talk, Nigel will focus on the challenge that change management or the lack thereof poses to progress.
Nigel-Kersten-112x128 Nigel Kersten
Field CTO
11:20 DevOps’ Lessons: Dos And Don’ts For Successful Adoption Of DevOps Principles At Your Organization
  • What successful adoption of DevOps looks like for an organization
  • Common misconceptions and pitfalls around DevOps and its implementation
  • Why getting DevOps and a deployment pipeline is only the beginning
  • The importance of ensuring that your developers are up to date with the latest technologies and methods
Ming Yao Chai
Deputy Director
11:50 Continuous Integration – Eliminating Intervening Windows Between Commit And Build
  • Avoiding merge conflicts, bugs, diverging code strategies and duplicated concerts in your development process
  • Helping your developers’ team to cultivate the habit of continuously integrating their changes with the rest of the team’s code base
  • Steps and best practices to master continuous integration and pave the way for the subsequent stages
Ion-Mudreac-112x128 Ion Mudreac
Head of Platform and SRE
12:20 Delphix – Silver Sponsor
12:40 Lunch & Networking
13:40 Roundtable Discussion: DevOps Tools To Supercharge High-Quality And Timely Software Release
  • Unique Journeys To Modern Application Delivery
    • Whether in monolith or in microservices, keeping pace or getting ahead of your users’ application delivery requirements
    • APIs: your journey to automation, visibility, and security
    • Challenge in managing your DevOps toolchain to deliver a seamless modern application infrastructure
Lim-Chin-Keng-112x128 Lim Chin Keng
Director of Strategic Office, ASEAN
F5 Networks
  • Containers & Microservices: The Evolution Of Delivery Pipelines Due To Microservices And Hybrid Environments
Peh-Choon-Whee-112x128 Choon Whee Peh
Head of Legal and Compliance System Solutions
Standard Chartered Bank
Standard Chartered
  • The Future Of Change Management In Highly-Regulated Environments
Nigel-Kersten-112x128 Nigel Kersten
Field CTO
  • Quality In The Intelligent Enterprise
Karl Wood Karl Wood
Director, Solution Architects APAC
  • How To Reduce Software Development Cycle Time
  • Accelerate Software Innovation To Deliver Value To Your Customer As High Speed
Danny-Petronio-112x128 Danny Petronio
Strategic Account Leader
gitlab-logo-gray-stacked-rgb (1)
14:40 DevOps’ Cornerstone: Achieving A Mature And Successful DevOps Practice Within Your Organization With Continuous Delivery
Laurence-Putra-Franslay-112x128 Laurence Putra Franslay
Engineering Manager and Lead of Education Outreach
PayPal Singapore

15:10 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking
15:30 AI-Powered DevOps: Reinventing Software Development And Deployment Lifecycles With Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning
  • Processing vast amounts of information and helping perform menial tasks, freeing the IT staff to do more targeted work
  • AI capable of learning patterns, anticipating problems and suggesting solutions
  • AI and ML smoothing out some of the tensions between Dev and Ops and unifying them for common business goals
Nachu-Subramanian-112x128 Nachu Subramanian
Vice President 2 – DevOps

16:00 Cultural Change With DevOps”- How To Bring Successful DevOps In Corporates
Pranav-Joshi-112x128 Pranav Joshi
Associate Director – UX, Global Software Engineering
MSD Pharma (Singapore) Pte Ltd
16:30 The New DevOps Hybrids: Prod-ify Your Stages And Stage-ify Your Prod
Andrew Gregovic
Senior Software Development Manager
17:00 Closing Remarks By Conference Chairman
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Champagne Networking Session

Enjoy a glass of champagne whilst networking with other like-minded individuals on topics that are of most interest to you and fellow delegates.

 4 December 2019, Wednesday 

Winning In Today’s Modern Software Factory

As DevOps continues its path of domination, key industry players and vendors are tackling questions of security, AI and machine learning as ways to advance the industry and provide further offerings for companies to leverage from this growing market.

Day two of the forum will further discuss strategies to leverage on disruptive technologies like AI, DevSecOps, Advanced Analytics and DevOps Automation to boost productivity, enhance efficiency and achieve continuous insights and improvements. The following sessions will then continue discussing leading local and global examples of organizations that have jumped on these bandwagons and reaped massive rewards in their IT journeys. These sessions allow delegates to learn from our top-notch speakers and tap into exclusive insights, case studies and solutions to create effective agile transformation plans.

Day two of the forum will then proceed with a series of exciting panels and keynote sessions, engaging and guiding delegates in maximising their investment in DevOps and gaining top management buy-in. The last session in the event on the evolving technology landscape of DevOps will benefit delegates by ensuring that they are well-equipped to handle the impediments to new business and operating models and derive long term and sustainable benefits.

09:00 Chairperson: Conference Introduction On Day 2
Highlights On Conference Day 2 Key Sessions
09:15 Visionary Keynote: Going Big With DevOps – Scaling Sustainable, Continuous And Solid Success
  • Cross-team sharing as the key to scaling DevOps success – how collaboration and knowledge sharing are the foundational practices that impact across the entire DevOps evolutionary journey
  • Helping organizations to spread their DevOps success enterprise-wide and progress to higher levels of automation and self-service
  • Letting the business impact of your DevOps success be felt where it matters
Xavier Bruhiere
VP, Data Engineering
Lazada Group
09:40 Paths To DevSecOps
Xiaogang-Wen-112x128 Xiaogang Wen
Solutions Architect
gitlab-logo-gray-stacked-rgb (1)
10:40 Speed Is The New Currency
Karl Wood Karl Wood
Director, Solution Architects APAC
10:20 Morning Networking Refreshment
10.35 Continuous Security: Implementing The Critical Controls In A DevOps Environment
  • Why you cannot apply DevOps sustainably without addressing application security along the way
  • Avoiding a buildup of hidden “technical debt” in the form of unidentified security defects and vulnerabilities in your applications
  • Honoring the crucial trust among your development, operations and security teams to motive them to work collaboratively to rapidly deliver business value
Steven-SIM-Kok-Leong-112x128 Steven SIM Kok Leong
Vice President
ISACA Singapore Chapter

11:05 Bronze Sponsor
11:25 Injecting Security With DevSecOps – Defined, Explained And Explored
  • What is DevSecOps and why it matters
  • Wrapping security into every step of development to safely deliver products
  • Preparing your organization for previously unprecedented collaboration between release engineers and security teams and cultivating a “Security as Code” Culture
Xavier Murias
Head Of Site Reliability Engineering
Prudential Assurance Company Singapore
11:55 Anatomy Of API Security
  • Deep-dive into the security layers fundamental in our API economy without sacrificing agility, scalability, and efficiency in a multi-cloud environment
  • Explore ways to secure fast changing APIs with distributed gateway deployment patterns and automation.
  • Security best practices that matter
Shahnawaz-Backer-112x128 Shahnawaz Backer
Security Solutions Architect
F5 Networks
(Gold Sponsor)
12:30 Networking Lunch
13:30 Automate Or Die – DevSecOps In The Age Of Software Supply Chain Attacks
  • The importance of picking trusted sources for Open Source Software (OSS) components and tips on free tools to begin checking for issues in components
  • Automate your OSS security, from 25 days of manual work, down to 5 minutes.
  • Live demo including Google hacking to find vulnerable frameworks on public websites, how to exploit vulnerable Apache Struts framework (Java/Maven) plus remediation workflow and release automation
Cameron_Townshend_HEADShot-(1)-112x128 Cameron Townshend
Solution Architect

14:00 Cloud Computing – From Racks And Cables To The Cloud
  • How cloud and DevOps work together to help businesses achieve their transformation goals
  • Cloud computing for speeding developer productivity and efficiency through automating the process of building, managing and provisioning the codes
  • Massive benefits of marrying cloud and DevOps: Speeding the development process, eliminating human error, achieving shorter time to market and establishing repeatability
Ravi S. Adhikarla
Asst Vice President, Group Operations & Solution Delivery
Credit Suisse
14:30 The What, Why And How Of Serverless Computing And Its Rising Popularity In Modern Software Development
  • Enabling developers to build modern applications with increased agility and lower total cost of ownership
  • Eliminating infrastructure management tasks such as server or cluster provisioning, patching, operating system maintenance, and capacity provisioning
  • Allowing developers to focus on the core product, reclaim time and energy to channel towards developing great and reliable products with scale
Hafeez Nazri
Head, Data Engineering/Operations
Media Prima Digital
15:00 Afternoon Networking Refreshments
15:20 Lucky Draw
15:30 Quality In The DevOps Age: DevOps Transformation With Continuous Testing
RajeshKumar-112x128 Rajesh Kumar Dharmalingam
Technical Program Manager
Funding Societes

Rajesh Kumar Dharmalingan Logo
16:00 Case Study: Security Automation In DevOps
  • Why automating security policy configurations is mission-critical to reaching the highest levels of DevOps evolution
  • Key tactics and techniques for achieving tangible security in your DevOps environment
  • Improved application security tricks, and also the growing need to secure your entire DevOps production system across the “full stack”
Reuben Athaide
Head DevOps And Cloud Programme
Standard Chartered Bank
16:30 The Culture Change Of Agile And DevOps
  • How Agile and DevOps fit together and the culture change required in organizations and development teams
  • Understanding the complementariness between Agile and DevOps principles
  • Gene Kim’s “Three Ways” – Flow, Feedback, and Continuous Learning: Keys to successful adoption and implementation of DevOps
Sha-Nawaz-Khan-112x128 Sha Nawaz Khan
Vice President, Digital Transformation | Wealth Management
Deutsche Bank
Sha Nawaz Khan
17:00 Closing Remarks By Conference Chairman   

5 December 2019, Thursday

9:00 – 12:30

Workshop A: Advanced GitLab CI/CD – The Hands-On Edition 

A hands-on demonstration of GitLab Continous Integration and Continous Deployment.
Xiaogang-Wen-112x128 Xiaogang Wen
Solutions Architect

gitlab-logo-gray-stacked-rgb (1)

12:30 – 13:30 

Networking Luncheon

13:30 – 17:00

Workshop B: My Code , My Environment and Yes, My Data – Empower The Developer With Data

Data is often the slowest part of your app dev process and many a times you don’t even know it or start living with it. Learn how removing data friction helps developers and testers to deliver value to customers faster. Address your data friction through your CI/CD pipeline to mature your devops practises to next level.