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DevOps: Winning In Today’s Modern Software Factory

Conference Highlights:

  1. DevOps Success Stories: Credit Suisse, Lazada, Standard Chartered And More
  2. Lazada: Continuous Integration, Delivery & Deployment With DevOps
  3. Prudential’s DevSecOps Best Practice: Marrying DevOps With End To End Security
  4. Implementing The Critical Controls In A DevOps Environment
  5. From DevOps To DevSecOps – Learning Lessons For Continuous Security Integration
  6. Integrating AI Into DevOps (AIOps)
  7. How Containers, Microservices And DevOps Are Revolutionizing Enterprise IT Architectures And Processes
  8. Continuous Testing Automation – The Secret To DevOps Success
  9. Credit Suisse: Integrating DevOps With Cloud Computing
  10. How Serverless Computing Will Take DevOps To Next Level
  11. Site Reliability Engineering Best Practices
  12. Successful Application Performance Monitoring In DevOps
  13. Implementing Successful Culture Change Required In DevOps
  14. Award Winning DevOps Speakers And Success Stories

Hot Topics To Be Discussed

Day 1: Tuesday, 3 December 2019

  • Visionary Keynote: A Look at the Current State of Affairs: How Higher Software Delivery Performance Can Generate Powerful Business Outcomes
  • DevOps’ Lessons: Dos And Don’ts For Successful Adoption Of DevOps Principles At Your Organization
  • Roundtable Discussion: DevOps Tools to Supercharge High-Quality And Timely Software Release
  • A DevOps Journey to Collaborative & Continuous Software Delivery
  • Monitor, Track and Troubleshoot – The Importance of DevOps Transparency And Visibility
  • Understanding the CI/CD Pipeline: What It Is and Why It Matters
  • Quality in the DevOps Age: DevOps Transformation With Continuous Testing
  • Continuous Integration – Eliminating Intervening Windows Between Commit And Build
  • Case Study: Test Automation – The Secret to DevOps Success
  • DevOps’ Cornerstone: Achieving a Mature And Successful DevOps Practice within Your Organization with Continuous Delivery
  • Crossing The Chasm: Automating Test For Continuous Delivery
  • AI-Accelerated DevOps Making Inroads for Future CI/CD Pipeline
  • Case Study: Virtualization and Containers for Automated Web Testing
  • Cultural Change with DevOps- How to Bring Successful DevOps In Corporates
  • The New DevOps Hybrids: Prod-ify Your Stages And Stage-ify Your Prod

Day 2: Wednesday, 4 December 2019

  • Visionary Keynote: Going Big with DevOps – Scaling Sustainable, Continuous And Solid Success
  • AI-Powered DevOps: Reinventing Software Development and Deployment Lifecycles with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Big Data Analytics: How Big Data & Analytics Will Empower the Future of DevOps
  • Taking DevOps To The Next Level With Assembly Lines
  • The Culture Change Of Agile And DevOps
  • Injecting Security With DevSecOps – Defined, Explained and Explored
  • Cloud Computing – From Racks and Cables to The Cloud
  • From DevOps To DevSecOps – Learning Lessons for Continuous Compliance via Code
  • The What, Why and How of Serverless Computing and Its Rising Popularity in Modern Software Development
  • Continuous Security: Implementing the Critical Controls In A DevOps Environment
  • Case Study: Why Infrastructure-As-A-Service is Critical for DevOps Automation
  • Case Study: Security Automation In DevOps
  • Case Study: Bringing DevOps to Your Enterprise with Platform-As-A-Service
  • Case Study: Preventive Technical Controls for Application Security
  • Cloud Security & Cloud Compliance – Staying Secure on An Intangible Infrastructure
  • Panel: Looking Ahead – The Effect Of The Rapidly Evolving Technology Landscape On DevOps Practices And Culture

Post-forum Workshops

Post-forum Workshops: Thursday, 5 December 2019

Workshop A – Build & Secure – Baking Security Into Every Step Of Your Software Development Cycle

Workshop B – DevOps – A New Approach To Cloud Development