15 August 2018, Wednesday 


Day 1 – 15 August 2018 

The Rise of AI & The Next Generation Marketing and CX

2017 was the year in which marketing technologies really took off, where both consumers and marketers alike started to experience the limitless potentials of AI to create lasting impacts on our personal and professional lives. From voice-operated companions like Alexa, Siri and Google Home to advanced analytics tools powered by machine learning and deep learning, we caught a glimpse of the exciting future driven by AI.

The first day of the forum will begin with sessions exploring local, regional, and global trends in AI applications in the marketing and CX spheres and providing a better understanding of the current landscape. The subsequent sessions will focus on the massive benefits of using famed AI-powered technologies like chatbots. Case studies of local and global organizations in different verticals who have successfully adopted chatbots will also be showcased and discussed in great details. These will inspire delegates to push past the status quo and envision future transformative roadmaps towards greater digitalization and automation.

Day one of the forum will also explore emerging disruptive CX innovations like ARVR, hyper-personalization, and voicebots. Through these sessions, delegates will be able to glean insights into preparing their organizations for the impending digital disruptions.`

9:00am Opening Address and Day 1 Highlights by Chairperson
9:15am CXO Visionary Keynote: Disrupting Marketing and CX with AI and Analytics

  • Disrupt or be disrupted: key traits of successful CMOs
  • Advanced Analytics: the new normal in Marketing
  • How AI is enabling new CX
lucadeste-rounded Luca Destefanis
Services & Industry Marketing Leader
IBM Asia Pacific
9:45am Creating a Data-Driven Customer Experience Culture

  • Discovering massive benefits of evolving to data-driven CX: enhancing revenue generation, enabling cost reduction and accelerating process efficiencies and quality improvements
  • How to achieve greater alignment of people, processes and technology across enterprises to implement data-driven CX
  • Gaining top management buy-in on the importance of enterprise-level data analytic for supporting brand- and customer-focused initiatives
nikolay-novozhilov-rounded Nikolay Novozhilov
Head of Digital Products
Morning Refreshments & Networking Session
Why Brands cannot do without Chatbots: The next Era for Marketing and CX

  • Chatbots giving rise to the new era of technology: Conversational era
  • How investing in chatbots now can help you get ahead of your competitors
  • Case studies: How brands utilize chatbots to transform their marketing and customer services
kester-rounded Kester Poh
Co Founder & CEO
AI Chat
11:00am AliMe: Chatbot as a Game Changer in the Age of the Customer

  • Imagining possibilities and market potential: An introduction to Alibaba’s intelligent interaction technical practice
  • Capturing business opportunities by utilising chatbots in customer service, shopping guides and assistant applications
  • Embracing artificial intelligence and chatbots in preparation for a digital-first future
Jim-Zhang-rounded Jim Zhang
Staff Algorithm Engineer
Alibaba logo
11:30am Natural Language Processing – The Key to Successful & more Human-like Chatbots

  • How the ubiquity of Natural Language capabilities like sentiments analysis and natural language understanding has finally made conversational applications feasible at scale
  • Improving the customer experience exponentially through communicating in mutually understandable languages and formats
  • How NLP pushes chatbots status quo and enables decrease in time and resources, increase in accuracy and boost in productivity
lu-wei-rounded Lu Wei
Assistant Professor
Singapore University of Technology and Design
12:00pm Managing People and Robots in an Analytics & A.I. Transformation

  • Future-proofing your workforce for the imminent AI disruption: Recruiting and retaining talent
  • Creating a business case driven strategy for analytics
  • Analytics Organization as a Living Organism and the role of the Chief Data Officer
pedro-uria-rounded Pedro Uria Recio
Head of Axiata Analytics Center
Axiata Group Berhad
Networking Luncheon
1:30pm Telstra Case Study: Chatbots in Telecommunications: Unleashing Chatbots to Automate Instantaneous Responses to Customer Queries

  • Key concerns when establishing key features and functionalities
  • Pros and cons of outsourcing vs developing chatbot in house
  • Steps to fast-track chatbot pilot to commercialisation and ensuring continuous improvements
anila-fredericks-rounded Anila Fredericks
General Manager, Customer Service Operations
Telstra Enterprise
T-Right TelstraPos-Blue
2:00pm OrangeTee & Tie Case Study: Chatbots in the Real Estate – The Move Towards Greater Automation and Efficiency in a “High Touch” Industry

  • How chatbots help create a tech edge for OrangeTee & Tie by catering to global customers’ queries 24/7
  • Creating valuable customer interactions to ensure positive customers’ experience through chatbots
  • Delivering outstanding benefits: potential improving operational efficiency, customer engagement and revenue growth
Darren-ROUNDED Darren Thang
Senior Manager, Digital Marketing & Communications
Orange Tee & Tie
OrangeTee corporate logo
 2:30pm Building a Successful Chatbot Ecosystem within your Organisation

  • Ensuring readiness in your infrastructure for chatbot adoption
  • How to access, utilise and distribute knowledge via chatbots
  • Exploring limitless technology innovation and growth opportunities beyond bot’s conventional capabilities
Nur-Izzati-Abdul-Hakim-rounded Nur Izzati Abdul Hakim
Axiata Group Berhad
Afternoon Refreshment and Networking
3:30pm Dos and Don’ts for Successful Adoption of Chatbots at Your Organizations

  • Success and failures stories of chatbot journeys
  • Common misconceptions and pitfalls around Chatbots and its goals and implementation
  • Evaluating how to accurately leverage on chatbots to accomplish your business goals
Deborah-Kay-ROUNDED Deborah Kay
Head of Digital Transformation
Singapore Sailing Federation
Singapore Sailing
 4:00pm Chatbots in Education: Transforming students’ experience

  • SMU as the first IHL to adopt 24/7 AI-enabled chatbot to better serve its students
  • Learn why conversational approach is the key to future customer experience
  • Pitfalls to avoid and best practices in chatbots adoption today
paulin-tay-straughan-rounded Paulin Tay Straughan
Dean of Students
Singapore Management University
Singapore Management University logo
Lau-Kei-Cheong-rounded Lau Kei Cheong
Chief Information Officer & Vice President, IT
Singapore Management University
Singapore Management University logo
Gregory-Krygsman-rounded Gregory Krygsman
Head, Student Services Hub
Singapore Management University
Singapore Management University logo
4:45pm Closing Remarks by Forum Chairperson   
5:00pm image-3
Champagne Networking Session

Enjoy a glass of champagne whilst networking with other like-minded individuals on topics that are of most interest to you and fellow delegates.

 16 August 2018, Thursday 


Day 2 Morning – 16 August 2018

Gaining an Edge with AI-powered innovations in Marketing and CX

While AI has shown it has immense potential and burgeoning prospects in the marketing and CX spheres, the practical applications we already see today in precision targeting, dynamic ad creation, and marketing automation are just the tip of the iceberg. As the new frontier, AI is capable of powering more revolutionary solutions and innovations that can transform the industries and redefine the relationship between consumers and brands.

Day two of the forum will delve deeper into strategies to leverage on AI and Predictive Intelligence to improve campaign analytics, digital asset management, and insight collection. The following sessions will then continue discussing leading local and global examples of brands that have jumped on the AI bandwagon and reaped massive rewards in content marketing and ad buying decisions. These sessions allow delegates to learn from our top-notch speakers and tap into exclusive insights, case studies, and solutions to create effective and customer-centric plans.

Day two of the forum will then proceed with a series of exciting panels and fireside chats, engaging and guiding delegates in preparing their workforce and data infrastructure for AI adoption. This session in the event will benefit delegates by ensuring that they are well-equipped to handle the impediments to new business and operating models, and derive long-term and sustainable benefits.

9:00am Forum Introduction and Day 2 Highlights by Chairperson

Bringing Back Retail Delight Using AI

  • Consumer industry is under onslaught by changing customer preferences, digital savvy competition, and step-changes in technology
  • AI is poised to turn many of these challenges into opportunities
  • How an Asian Retail major is using AI to their advantage in achieving consumer delight

Dr Sandipan Sarkar
IBM Distinguished Engineer & CTO – Artificial Intelligence & IoT Practice


AI and The Future of Content

  • The creativity deficit – how adtech has caused problems adtech must solve
  • Pick three – how AI can get brands closer to content that’s cheap, fast and good
  • Copy, art and AI – how machine-human teams outperform either on their own
will-hanschell-rounded Will Hanschell
Co-Founder & CEO
Morning Refreshments & Networking Session
Case Study: How Artificial Intelligence is Utilized for Ad Buying Decisions

  • How AI proves to be significantly more effective than media agencies
  • Customized media buying strategies for each of your product line for the best possible returns
  • Seeing greater sales uplift and conversion with lower ad investments
Ian-Chapman-Banks-rounded Ian Chapman-Banks
SQREEM Technologies
11:45am Augmented and Virtual Reality: The Next Revolution for the Customer Experience

  • Transforming how customers interact with your brand and products
  • Leveraging on the power of AR & VR to respond to consumers’ increasing demand for novel and emotionally engaging experiences
  • Creating a differentiated and personalized shopping experience for your customers
Lionel-Chok-rounded Lionel Chok
Founder & Creative Technologist
Networking Luncheon
1:30pm Editor’s Panel: The Future of Marketing, Media Creative Industries with AI and Machine Learning

  • How AI will impact marketing, advertising, consumers, and the futures of business and work
  • Coming to terms with and taking advantage of the potential power of data-driven approaches to marketing decision making
  • Shifting mindsets: Working collaboratively with AI to increase efficiency and productivity and drive goal-oriented results
Szeki_rounded Szeki Sim
Head of Brand
will-hanschell-rounded Will Hanschell
Co-Founder & CEO
adam-good-rounded Adam Good
Chief Digital Officer
Dentsu Aegis Singapore
 Dentsu Aegis
Aleksandr-Farseev-rounded Aleksandr Farseev
matthias-rounded Matthias Kraaz
Chief Operating Officer

Transforming Customer Targeting and Predicting Buying Behavior with diverse Machine Learning models

  • Buyer’s Profile and its applications
  • Predicting Next Product to Purchase for cross selling and upselling applications
  • Customers’ Grouping to detect hidden pattern and inform appropriate decisions
Jarrod-rounded Jarrod Teo
Catalytics Dantum
3:00pm How to use Data Analytics, Predictive Intelligence & Machine Learning to deliver the Right message to the customer at the right time

  • Capitalizing on data analytic modelling techniques to micro- segment customers
  • Monitoring customer buying patterns in real-time, to discover powerful & actionable insights
  • Providing more personalized & tailored customer service and marketing content to different customer segment groups and reducing marketing waste.
  • Best practice to leverage on machine learning to minimize customer loss and optimize retention
carol-hargreaves-rounded Carol Hargreaves
Director of Data Analytics Consulting Centre
National University of Singapore
National University of Singapore logo
Afternoon Refreshments & Networking Session

Hyper-Personalization: Delivering Powerful Personalized Experiences with Data, Analytics, and AI

Anuvrat_Kottamasu_Rao-rounded Anuvrat Rao
Head of Product Partnerships, APAC
Google logo

Getting Ready for Voice Apps & VoiceBots: Voice as the next disruptive technology that application leaders must contend with across apps and devices

  • Voicebots for automation and retail – how brands are creating voice assisted bots for making purchases, providing product suggestions or extending brand experience with services
  • Eliminating customer pain points and elevating customer service through easy, frictionless two-way communication
  • Moving ahead of the competitors by placing a premium on customer convenience and gaining a piece of their mindshare
Suresh-Babu-rounded Suresh Babu
DevOps Manager
Raja-rounded Raja SP
Product Manager
5:00pm Closing Remarks by Forum Chairperson