15 August 2018, Wednesday 


Day 1 – 15 August 2018 

The Rise of AI & The Next Generation Marketing and CX

2017 was the year in which marketing technologies really took off, where both consumers and marketers alike started to experience the limitless potentials of AI to create lasting impacts on our personal and professional lives. From voice-operated companions like Alexa, Siri and Google Home to advanced analytics tools powered by machine learning and deep learning, we caught a glimpse of the exciting future driven by AI.

The first day of the forum will begin with sessions exploring local, regional, and global trends in AI applications in the marketing and CX spheres and providing a better understanding of the current landscape. The subsequent sessions will focus on the massive benefits of using famed AI-powered technologies like chatbots. Case studies of local and global organizations in different verticals who have successfully adopted chatbots will also be showcased and discussed in great details. These will inspire delegates to push past the status quo and envision future transformative roadmaps towards greater digitalization and automation.

Day one of the forum will also explore emerging disruptive CX innovations like ARVR, hyper-personalization, and voicebots. Through these sessions, delegates will be able to glean insights into preparing their organizations for the impending digital disruptions.`

9:00am Opening Address and Day 1 Highlights by Chairperson
9:15am CXO Visionary Keynote: How AI Will Have a Game Changing Impact on the Marketing and CX Landscapes

  • AI – The long-awaited game changer for marketing and CX
  • Understanding how AI will impact marketing, advertising, consumers, and the future of business and work
  • Key technological drivers and trends for AI applications in marketing and CX industries
  • Disrupt or be disrupted – Preparing for a successful transition to an AI-dominated era
9:45am Success Stories of AI in CX and Marketing – Crossing the AI Chasm

  • AI – From Sci-fi to a reality for Marketing and CX
  • Brands hits and misses in effectively embracing and leveraging on AI to achieve business goals
  • Making the business case for AI and obtaining buy-in from top management
  • Developing strategic AI roadmaps to build a unique competitive advantage in a world of disruptions
Morning Refreshments & Networking Session
CMO Panel: How Organizations Are Gaining an Edge with AI in Marketing

  • Building your digital capabilities to serve the next generation customers
  • Identifying and effectively handling major management hurdles and risk in AI adoption
  • Restructuring your business model to enable seamless incorporation of AI
11:15am How to Use AI, Predictive Intelligence and Machine Learning to Deliver the Right Message to the Customer at the Right Time

  • Capitalizing on Machine Learning applications and sophisticated analytics to micro-segment customer groups
  • Monitoring customers’ behavior, profiles and patterns in real time to discover deeper, more powerful actionable insights
  • Providing more personalized and tailored customer service and marketing content to different customer segment groups and reducing marketing waste
  • Best practices in leveraging on Machine Learning to minimize customer loss and optimize retention
carol-hargreaves-rounded Carol Hargreaves
Director of Data Analytics Consulting Centre
National University of Singapore
National University of Singapore logo
nikolay-novozhilov-rounded Nikolay Novozhilov
Head of Digital Products
Nikolay Novozhilov is the Head of Digital Products at NTUC Link, one of the largest and most successful consumer rewards programs in Singapore. Nikolay worked as a Chief Data Scientist at Wego. He is using advanced statistics and machine learning techniques to create business value from data. He is a strong believer in machine learning and Big Data as a way to build great eCommerce products. Nikolay holds an MBA degree from INSEAD.
Networking Luncheon
1:00pm AI & Content Marketing: Utilizing AI and Predictive Analytics in Curating Personalized Content

  • How AI aids content marketers in narrowing the gap in content discovery through predictive intelligence
  • AI-created content that is both actionable and efficient to appeal to changing customer demands and preferences
  • Smart Content: Self-aware, self-adjusting and enhancing its discovery and engagement from inception
will-hanschell-rounded Will Hanschell
Director of Strategy & Analytics
Iris Concise

Iris Concise
1:45pm Integrating AI and Chatbots to Create Hyper Personalized Customer Experience

  • How AI and the rapid growth of messaging apps empower chatbots to be the next viable customer service channel
  • AI’s latest innovations to assist chatbots in effectively recognizing the content and context of customers’ demands and requests
  • Measuring the success of your chatbots through engagement levels, sentiment analysis, response rates, bot mentions, and click through rates
  • Case studies on successfully executing a sustainable bot strategy
ravi-madavaram-rounded Ravi Madavaram
Head of Marketing and Customer Experience – Analytics Centre
 2:30pm Chatbots: How Chatbots Will Shape Call Centres of the Future to Deliver Personalized Customer Experience

  • Chatbots ushering in the era of the digital employee
  • Understanding the messaging platform of the future
  • Creating personalized interactions and approximating insightful conversations between the consumer and your brand
  • Massive benefits of chatbots adoption: Costs reduction, improvements in back-office efficiency, better customer cares, and a boost in customer satisfaction
sasin-lerdsurasakda-rounded Sasin Lerdsurasakda
Social Marketing Manager & Global Lead (Adwords Education & Chatbots)

Google logo
3:15pm Learning Lessons from Early Adopters of Chatbots

  • The best and worst from chatbots: How AI manages to transcend the “gimmick” status
  • Learn why conversational commerce is the key to future customer experience
  • Case studies on pitfalls to avoid and best practices from prominent brand players in chatbots today
santhosh-basker-rounded Santosh Basker
Executive Director – Digital Transformation
Standard Chartered Bank
Standard Chartered logo
paulin-tay-straughan-rounded Paulin Tay Straughan
Dean of Students
Singapore Management University
Singapore Management University logo
Afternoon Refreshment and Networking
4:00pm Roundtable Discussion
  • Chatbots ROI – How to Quantify the Investment
jason-tamara-widjaja-rounded Jason Tamara Widjaja
Associate Director, Global Data Science (AI and Data Products)
MSD logo
  • Natural Language Processing – The key to more successful & human-like chatbots
lu-wei-rounded Wei Lu
Assistant Professor
SUTD logo
Wei is interested in designing mathematical models and efficient machine learning algorithms for solving fundamental data processing problems, with a specific focus on natural language processing (NLP). He is particularly interested in natural language semantics (in a broad sense) and fundamental problems related to structured prediction. Prior to joining SUTD, he worked as a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and was a Ph.D. student at the Singapore-MIT Alliance of the National University of Singapore. Even earlier, he received my Bachelor’s degree (1st class) from School of Computing, National University of Singapore.
  • Chatbots in Financial Services: The Move Towards Greater Automation and Efficiency
  • Chatbots in FMCG: Unleashing chatbots to automate instantaneous responses to customer queries
  • Chatbots in E-commerce and Retail: Disrupting traditional retail with novel and hyper-personalized shopping experiences
  • Chatbots in Telecommunications: Unleashing chatbots to automate instantaneous responses to customer queries
anila-fredericks-rounded Anila Fredericks
Head of Customer Service Operations
T-Right TelstraPos-Blue
Anila Fredericks is Head of Customer Service Operations at Telstra. She leads teams managing the Network Operations Centre and the Service Desk that are focused on building, managing and developing end-to-end operational capability to deliver a world-class customer service experience to Telstra customers. She strives to drive significant systemic improvements delivering uplifted capability, ensuring her team exceeds the customer’s expectations. Starting out as a graduate trainee, Anila went through job rotations in different parts of the business and a career focused on enhancing customer experience is what she chose. Keeping the customer at heart, Anila has built great credibility in managing high performing teams. She is passionate about diversity and is an active member of Telstra’s International D&I council. Anila has an Undergraduate Degree in Pharmacy and an MBA and Postgraduate Diploma in IT Systems. Spanning 20 years, her career has covered sales and service operations in highly competitive, high volume environments, consistently exceeding sales/service objectives and retaining client loyalty. These achievements have been built on sound planning and organizational ability, pragmatic decision-making, effective competitor analysis and innovative solutions to customer service and staffing problems.
  • Chatbots in Education: Transforming the student experience
paulin-tay-straughan-rounded Paulin Tay Straughan
Dean of Students
Singapore Management University
Singapore Management University logo
  • Chatbots in personal services: Easing the process of obtaining and understanding information, rights and options
johnthan-wong-rounded Jonathan Wong
Lawguide Singapore logo

Jonathan is a specialist criminal defense lawyer in Singapore. He was called to the Bar of England and Wales (Gray’s Inn) in 2003 and admitted as an Advocate & Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore.

Jonathan worked as a Prosecutor in the Attorney-General’s Chambers and the Ministry of Manpower prior to entering private practice. He is experienced in civil and criminal litigation and dispute resolution matters and has represented clients for a diversity of cases at all levels of the Singapore Courts.

He believes that access to information ultimately leads to and is necessary for access to justice, and it’s something that he is committed to fulfilling in both his personal and professional life.

With LawGuide Singapore, Jonathan is on a small, personal mission to help make information on basic, but essential, areas of Singapore law easier for the public to find, understand and use.

4:45pm Closing Remarks by Forum Chairperson   
5:00pm image-3
Champagne Networking Session

Enjoy a glass of champagne whilst networking with other like-minded individuals on topics that are of most interest to you and fellow delegates.

 16 August 2018, Thursday 


Day 2 Morning – 16 August 2018

Gaining an Edge with AI-powered innovations in Marketing and CX

While AI has shown it has immense potential and burgeoning prospects in the marketing and CX spheres, the practical applications we already see today in precision targeting, dynamic ad creation, and marketing automation are just the tip of the iceberg. As the new frontier, AI is capable of powering more revolutionary solutions and innovations that can transform the industries and redefine the relationship between consumers and brands.

Day two of the forum will delve deeper into strategies to leverage on AI and Predictive Intelligence to improve campaign analytics, digital asset management, and insight collection. The following sessions will then continue discussing leading local and global examples of brands that have jumped on the AI bandwagon and reaped massive rewards in content marketing and ad buying decisions. These sessions allow delegates to learn from our top-notch speakers and tap into exclusive insights, case studies, and solutions to create effective and customer-centric plans.

Day two of the forum will then proceed with a series of exciting panels and fireside chats, engaging and guiding delegates in preparing their workforce and data infrastructure for AI adoption. This session in the event will benefit delegates by ensuring that they are well-equipped to handle the impediments to new business and operating models, and derive long-term and sustainable benefits.

9:00am Forum Introduction and Day 2 Highlights by Chairperson

Hyper-Personalization: Delivering Powerful Personalized Experiences with Data, Analytics, and AI

  • Why Hyper-Relevance is the new baseline for success for addressing customer demands for tailored experiences.
  • How the combined forces of Predictive analytics, AI, and machine learning provide a hyper-relevant capability that is delivered in real-time using digital devices
  • Moving from a personalization strategy to delivering contextual, real-time, and hyper-relevant interactions

Getting Ready for Voice Apps & VoiceBots: Voice as the next disruptive technology that application leaders must contend with across apps and devices

  • Voicebots for automation and retail – how brands are creating voice assisted bots for making purchases, providing product suggestions or extending brand experience with services
  • Eliminating customer pain points and elevating customer service through easy, frictionless two-way communication
  • Moving ahead of the competitors by placing a premium on customer convenience and gaining a piece of their mindshare
Morning Refreshments & Networking Session
Augmented and Virtual Reality: The Next Major Revolution for the Customer Experience

  • Transforming how customers interact with your brand and products
  • Leveraging on the power of AR & VR to respond to consumers’ increasing demand for novel and emotionally engaging experiences
  • Creating a differentiated and personalized shopping experience for your customers
11:45am Case Study: How Artificial Intelligence is Utilized for Ad Buying Decisions

  • How AI proves to be significantly more effective than media agencies
  • Customized media buying strategies for each of your product line for the best possible returns
  • Seeing greater sales uplift and conversion with lower ad investments
Networking Luncheon
1:30pm Editor’s Panel: The Future of Marketing, Media Creative Industries with AI and Machine Learning

  • How AI will impact marketing, advertising, consumers, and the futures of business and work
  • Coming to terms with and taking advantage of the potential power of data-driven approaches to marketing decision making
  • Shifting mindsets: Working collaboratively with AI to increase efficiency and productivity and drive goal-oriented results
2:15pm Building Next Gen Marketing and CX Data Infrastructure

  • How advances like cloud computing allows businesses to tap into big data without heavy investments in massive on-site storage and data processing facilities
  • Investing in 4 key infrastructure elements: Data collection, data storage, data analysis, and data visualization
  • Best practices in maintaining your data infrastructure to derive long-term and sustainable benefits
Afternoon Refreshments & Networking Session
3:15pm Marketing Data Scientist Panel: Creating a Data-Driven Customer Experience Culture

  • Discovering massive benefits of evolving to data-driven CX: Enhancing revenue generation, enabling cost reduction, and accelerating process efficiencies and quality improvements
  • How to achieve greater alignment of people, processes, and technology across enterprises to implement data-driven CX
  • Gaining top management buy-in on the importance of enterprise-level data analytic for supporting brand and customer-focused initiatives
4:00pm Panel: Attaining Employee Buy-in and Minimizing Change Resistance for Enterprise-Wide Adoption of AI

  • Recognising how AI will transform the workforce and how best to harness it to enhance performance and improve productivity
  • Communicating the true objectives and value of AI, minimizing resistance and alleviating associated concerns to encourage employee adoption of AI
  • Best practices to transform your business model to facilitate the integration of Humans and Technology and build a technology-first culture
  • Providing holistic training to allow employees to work better with AI applications
5:00pm Closing Remarks by Conference Chairman, David Francis   

Improving Digital Marketing & Customer Experience Forum with AI, Predictive Analytics and Chatbots Post-Forum Workshops – 17 August 2018, Friday

Workshop Timetable: Workshop A will run from 9:00 am – 12:30 pm with a mid-morning and luncheon breaks. Workshop B will run from 1:30 pm – 5:00 pm with a mid-afternoon refreshment break. Registration begins 30 minutes before each workshop commences.
9:00 am – 12:30 pm

Post-Forum Workshop A: Building and Designing a Chatbot in 3 Hours

  This workshop provides an introduction to chatbot development. Taking a rapid prototyping and lean development approach in chatbot creation, it will debunk the notion that building a chatbot requires major financial and time commitments. The workshop leaders will guide delegates step-by-step on how to build a chatbot from scratch in less than three hours. The delegates will first start out with creating the main parts of any chatbot: the muscles (technology stack) and the brain (machine intellect) before proceeding with adding some customizations unique to their use cases.
1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Post-Forum Workshop B: Advanced Marketing Predictive Analytics: Using Human Data and Insights to Transform Marketing, CX, and Personalization


By learning from businesses’ abundant historical data, predictive analytics provide something beyond standard business reports and sales forecasts: Actionable predictions for each customer. This workshop will provide delegates with the techniques, tips, and pointers crucial in running a successful predictive analytics and data mining initiative. Learn from the leading experts on how to strategically position and tactically deploy predictive analytics and data mining at your organization, bridge the prevalent gap between technical understanding and practical use, and create an effective predictive model to aid in building unique competitive advantages for CX and marketing.