About The Forum

Managing workers in the 21st century has become challenging, especially when the business crosses one or several borders. As globalization opens companies to new and profitable opportunities, there lies an increasing complexity in people management and grievance handling. HR professionals in global companies are thus tasked with the crucial and difficult role of navigating through differing employment laws and regulations in enforcing the right policies that can facilitate the growth of the organization.

To meet this challenge and help you develop actionable and impactful solutions which add value and strategically align with your organizational goals, Clariden Global is pleased to bring together a selected group of leading HR Professionals for the Certificate in Regional HR Employment Law Conference Covering Singapore, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia & Thailand on 3 – 7 February 2020 in Singapore.

Attend this forum and discover the latest updates on employment laws and regulations in various countries to avoid costly legal disputes and improve worker relations. Hear from the stellar line-up of speakers from National Trades Union Congress, Drew & Napier LLC, SSEK Legal Consultants, Soemadipradja & Taher, Asia Legal, Pisut & Partners, ZICO Law and many more as they share with you ways and means to incorporate the latest policies and strategies in cultivating a dynamic working environment and a healthy relationship with your workforce.

Key Themes

  1. Discover Latest Updates on Employment Act to Avoid Employment Breach
  2. Navigating Through MOM’s Employment Standards Compliance Audit
  3. Creating Job Advertisements: What You Need to Know to Be Compliant to Singapore’s Labour Regulations on Recruitment
  4. Formulating Compensation and Benefit Package That Is Compliant to the Latest Indonesia Employment Law
  5. Surviving a Labour Strike: Case Study of PTFI Grasberg Copper Mine Strike in Indonesia
  6. Alarming Trend in Employment of Expatriates in Indonesia
  7. Performing Labour Due Diligence Before Investing in Vietnam
  8. Briefing on New Social Insurance Scheme for Expatriate Workers in Vietnam
  9. Post Termination Restrictive Contracts
  10. Knowing the Employer’s Duties in Effecting Relocation of Employee’s Workplace Within the Company and Transferring Employees to Another Company in Thailand
  11. Coordinating and Collaborating with Thailand Labor Unions
  12. Protection of Thai Employee’s Personal Data During and After Employment
  13. Drafting Myanmar Employment Contracts to Work for You
  14. Working in a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Myanmar: Understanding the Ins and Outs of the Special Labour Rules and Requirements for the SEZ
  15. Impact of New Employment Law in Safeguarding Workers Safety Standards
  16. Managing a Global Workforce

5 Reasons To Attend This Forum

5 powerful reasons to attend the Certificate in Regional HR Employment Law Week

  1. Receive latest updates on the relevant Employment laws Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar
  2. Acquire in depth knowledge on relevant regulations on termination, wages, and dispute resolutions and latest employment and labour law
  3. Acquire practical insights, proven solutions and effective emerging systems in HR employment law to aid in managing risks during labor disputes
  4. Determine the best methods and strategies in managing a global workforce
  5. Engage and network with Human Resource practitioners from various industries that share the same objective in striving for organizational excellence

The Forum At A Glance

Day 1: Monday, 3 February 2020 – Singapore HR Employment Law Forum

  • Discover Latest Updates On Employment Act To Avoid Employment Breach
  • Navigating through MOM’s Employment Standards Compliance Audit
  • Creating Job Advertisements: What you Need To Know To Be Compliant To Singapore’s Labor Regulations on Recruitment

Day 2: Tuesday, 4 February 2020 – Indonesia HR Employment Law Forum

  • Surviving a Labour Strike: Case Study of PTFI Grasberg Copper Mine Strike
  • Alarming Trend In Employment of Expatriates

Day 3: Wednesday, 5 February 2020 – Vietnam HR Employment Law Forum

  • Performing Labour Due Diligence before Investing in Vietnam
  • Briefing On New Social Insurance Scheme for Expatriate Workers

Day 4: Thursday, 6 February 2020 – Thailand HR Employment Law Forum

  • Knowing the Employer’s duties in Effecting Relocation of Employee’s Workplace Within the Company and Transferring Employees To Another Company
  • Protection of Employee’s Personal Data During and After Employment

Day 5: Friday, 7 February 2020 – Myanmar HR Employment Law Forum

  • Drafting Employment Contracts To Work For You
  • Working in a Special Economic Zone (SEZ): Understanding the ins and outs of the special labour rules and requirements for the SEZ