7 April 2021, Wednesday

09:00 – 12:00




Lief Lundin
Head of Food Innovation Centre


According to the World Health Organization, food contamination affects almost 1 in 10 worldwide every year, killing some 420,000 – 125,000 of those being children under the age of 5. With food supply chains now crossing multiple national borders and carrying the risk of creating major public health incidents, the need for technology to create more transparent and traceable farm-to-fork journeys has never been greater. Join us for an exclusive tour of one of the world’s premier food manufacturing laboratories: CSIRO’s $50m food innovation center in Werribee, Victoria. In this state-of-the-art facility, you will get up close with a unique range of conventional and innovative processing technologies and equipment, and see how the latest advances in chemical, biochemical, physical and sensory analysis are revolutionizing food safety.

13:30 – 17:00



Blair Keating
Head of Innovation

Less than 20 years ago, 90% of all food sorting was still done using manual labor. Machines are now increasingly taking up this task, and are even being upgraded year-on-year to ensure higher food safety and less food waste. These include sensor-based sorters that can determine the suitability of a food product for rework rather than disposal, steam peelers that can deskin large quantities of produce efficiently without the use of chemicals, and mixflow evaporators for high-quality puree concentration. Witness some of these technologies in action on this exclusive tour of SPC Ardmona, and learn more about the role the latest advancements in processing machinery are playing in creating a safer, less wasteful food chain.


*Space In Each Site Visit Is Limited. Registrations Will Be Available On First Come, First Reserved Basis.

8 April 2021, Thursday

09:00 Welcoming Speech by Conference Producer & Chairman
09:10 Food Safety And Sustainability – Changing The Conversation To Achieve A Common Goal

Blair Keating
Head of Innovation
SPC Ardmona Logo
09:45 Woolworths: The Promise And Potential Of End-To-End Traceability For Australian Food And Agriculture Sector

Richard Plunkett
General Manager, Business Enablement
Woolworths Group
 Ram-Akella-rounded Ram Akella
Business Partner, Woolworths Food Group
Woolworths Group
10:25 Morning Refreshment & Networking
10:50 How GS1 Standard Is Transforming The Food Supply Chain And Traceability
Peter-Carter-rounded Peter Carter
Director, Business Development & Innovation

GS1 Australia

11:25 Food Recalls – What’s Actually Being Recalled?
Gabrielle-Weidner-rounded Gabrielle Weidner
Food Recall Manager, Food Safety & Response Section
Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ)
 12:00 How Fonterra Is Embracing Technology To Guarantee 100% Authenticity In Its Dairy Exports
 Rekha-photo-2-rounded Rekha Baptista
Manager, Traceability Centre of Excellence
Fonterra Logo
12:35 Lunch & Networking
13:45 Food Inspection & Traceability Equipment In The Production Line: Current State Of The Art And Our Vision For The Future

X-Ray and Vision inspection systems as well as modern metal detectors are today state of the art to prevent mechanical contamination in food products. However, there are still many misconceptions about X-Ray systems throughout the global market. For example, it will be shown why it might be the better solution to use X-Ray scanning technologies at the very beginning of the production process instead of only at the end.

Technological development is already well advanced and continuing to step forward – so what is the vision from Wipotec-OCS for advanced product inspection technologies to come? Besides product inspection, there is also an increasing need in traceability solutions for the food industries. Can this industry learn from the improvements and principles already applied in the pharmaceutical industries?

  Joachim Ott
Business Development Manager – Product Inspection
WIPOTEC-OCS GmbH (DiverseCo)
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14:10 Interactive Roundtable Discussion
  • Tightening The Net Against Counterfeit Seafood
Anita-rounded Anita Lee
Senior Commercial Manager, Oceania
Marine Stewardship Council
 English Portrait Blue CMYK
  • Combatting Fraud Honey With Technologies

Liz Barbour

Cooperative Research Centre
 crchbp-logo_v2i DIIS_CRC-Business-AusGov-Industry-CMYK
  • Food Regulation’s Pivot: Food Innovation Vs Food Safety
15:10 Afternoon Refreshment & Networking
15:30 Managing Food Safety In Aged Care

Stephen Light
Food Safety and Hospitality Manager
IRT Group
16:00 AFGC: Food Allergen Management
 Kim-Tonnet_AFGC-rounded Kim Tonnet
Regulatory Manager, Scientific & Technical

Australian Food & Grocery Council (AFGC)
16:30 Fighting Food Fraud With Blockchain

How Blockchain Is Helping To Fight Food Fraud And Transform Traceability Of Beef From Australia To China

Warwick Powell
Founder & Chairman
17:00 Closing Remarks By Conference Chairman


9 April 2021, Friday

09:00 Opening Remarks By Conference Chairman
09:10 How Predictive Microbiology Can Be Used To Enhance Food Safety

Dr. Ian Jenson
Food Safety & Market Access Science & Technology Manager
Meat & Livestock Australia
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Latest Advances In Detecting Salmonella Real Time

How Whole Genome Sequencing Is Revolutionizing Food Safety In Salmonella Detection

Amy-Jennison-rounded Dr. Amy Jennison
Acting Chief Scientist
Queensland Health
Queensland Health
10:20 Morning Refreshment & Networking
10:45 Department Of Health & Human Services Perspective: Food Safety With Next-Generation Sequencing
Sally-Symes-photo-2017-rounded Dr. Sally Symes
Senior Food Officer
Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria
11:20 Food Microbiology For The Future
David-Miles-rounded David Miles
Product Compliance Manager

12:00 Regulatory Monitoring Of Exported Meat – Using And Improving The Product Hygiene Indicators Program
 Mark-Salter-rounded Mark Salter
Principal-Microbiology & Laboratory Oversight
Department of Agriculture, Water & The Environment
 AWE logo
12:30 Lunch & Networking
13:30 Panel: How To Prepare For, Manage And Survive A High-Profile Food Safety Crisis
14:30 CSIRO: High-Pressure Thermal Processing – An Innovative Solution
 Sandra-Olivier_2-rounded Sandra Olivier
Team Leader – Applied Food Microbiology
15:05 Afternoon Refreshment & Networking
15:25 Sodexo Case Study: How Sodexo Plays A Vital Role In The Food Value Chain When It Comes To Food Safety
Ben-Thomas-rounded Ben Thomas
National HSE Manager

16:00 How Langdon Ingredients Controls Food Allergens In The Supply Chain?
 Jo-Price-Bio-Photo-rounded Joanne Price
Head of Quality, Innovation & Projects
Langdon Ingredients
16:30 Food Safety Culture: What Is It And How Do We Influence It?
Shayna-Street-rounded Dr. Shayna Street
Quality Assurance Manager
 Fonterra Logo
17:00 Closing Remarks By Conference Chairman