Conference Highlights

10 Reasons to Join this Conference

  1. Dispel negative perceptions against off-site construction and ascertain its benefits
  2. Evaluate the strategic impact of adopting modularization and prefabrication in your organization
  3. Develop organizational roadmap for implementing modularization and prefabrication
  4. Identify high-potential niche sectors that the prefabrication industry can tap into amid economic rebalancing
  5. Learn about DfMA through exclusive international case studies and best practices
  6. Understand the full spectrum of BIM adoption and develop actionable organization-specific BIM strategy
  7. Understand and learn to formulate a financing strategy for modular projects
  8. Conceptualize risk analysis and mitigation strategy of modular projects to refine company’s investment strategy
  9. Gain practical insights from industry leaders on how to transform and prepare your organization for the future
  10. Explore the world of intelligent building materials and components and BIM technology solutions

Hot Topics to be Discussed


  • Project-Centricity: The Problem with Over-emphasizing on Individual Projects Instead of the Organization as a Whole: Xsite Modular
  • DfMA – International Case Studies in Hospital and Infrastructure Construction: Mott MacDonald
  • Project Cost Minimization and On-schedule Delivery: Choosing the Right Project Delivery Method


  • Winning Strategies to Obtain Greater Funding and Gain Financiers’ Buy-in: CIMC Modular Systems
  • Innovations in Designing for Resilient and Sustainable Prefabricated Modular Buildings
  • Overcoming Transport & Logistics Issues for Seamless Installation: Sarens Australia


  • Workshop: Developing Prefabrication Components for Different Types of Projects to Reduce Costs

Speakers' Quotes

  • “The question is not do we go prefabricated or not, but which elements of each project are well suited to prefabrication and how is this best achieved.” Warren McGregor, CEO, prefabAUS
  • “By breaking the nexus between site location and the place of construction, prefabrication of complete buildings means that construction is now a global rather than localized industry.” – Warren McGregor, CEO, prefabAUS
  • “People often only think of prefabrication as only volumetric boxes. Prefabrication or off-site is actually a continuum of elements ranging from intelligent materials, components, subassemblies and also volumetric modules. Many of these elements are invisible to the design and are integrated at the system level …” –   Amy Kulka- Marks, Off-Site and Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) Consultant and Speaker, Consultant to Singapore Building & Construction Authority (BCA), President and Founder of XSite Modular
  • “Clients must engage with experienced MMC/off-site consultants at the earliest phases (I like to say Moment Zero) of their projects to understand potential constraints, like funding, and provide solutions.”Amy Kulka- Marks, Off-Site and Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) Consultant and Speaker, Consultant to Singapore Building & Construction Authority (BCA), President and Founder of XSite Modular
  • “You reduce your labor force on-site, you manufacture in a controlled factory environment – not the situation where you have got guys walking everywhere, inclement weather and site access, all the extra cribbing that you need to cater for the site crew, all the OH&S that is so strict on a construction site and all this sort of stuff… It just makes so much more sense.”- John Smoulders FAIB MAIPM JP, Conjoint Professor, University of Newcastle