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Why Join This Forum

2nd Robotics Process and Intelligent Automation Forum

8 Reasons to Attend the Forum:

  1. Capitalize on experts’ evaluations on RPA for your business in areas such as Finance, Procurement, HR, Outsourcing, Automation, and Insurance
  2. Inspirational case studies and solutions on how to effectively scale robotics efficiently and embedded automation into your business culture
  3. Prepare and customize the RPA journey for your business in early adoption stage
  4. Understand how Centre of Excellence could engage people and utilize change management for an effective automation program
  5. Transform business processes and operations by leveraging on RPA and IA
  6. Explore the potential and capabilities that RPA and IA will bring to organizations
  7. Be informed of the advances in RPA and IA and the potential in integrating RPA with AI
  8. Socialize with our global experts to exchange knowledge and experiences in the RPA and IA space

Hot Topics To Be Discussed

Pre-Forum: Monday 25 November 2019

  • Masterclass A
    Establishing Effective Governance Model and Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Enterprise Wide Adoption
  • Networking Luncheon
  • Masterclass B
    Scaling From Traditional RPA to Cognitive Automation

DAY 1: Tuesday 26 November 2019

  • Practical Insights On RPA Transformation To The Next Level For Enterprise Wide Adoption
  • Key Strategies On RPA Cost Of Deployment, ROI, Maintenance And Suitability Assessment Matrix
  • Scaling Your RPA With Effective Governance And Centre Of Excellence (Coe)
  • Thought-Provoking Panel Discussion How Failures, Learning Lessons And Challenges On RPA Implementation
  • Interactive Discussion On Various Strategies In RPA Optimization
  • Success Case Studies On RPA Journey From MSIG, OCBC, SP Services, Toll Group And So On

Day 2: Wednesday 27 November 2019

  • Accelerating Rule-Based RPA To Intelligent Cognitive Automation
  • Leveraging Cognitive RPA To Automate New Processes With AI And Machine Learning
  • Interactive Discussion On Various Industry RPA Use Cases Such As Finance & Accounting, Data Processing, Operations, Customer Services And HR
  • Live Demonstration On Streamlining Process Discovery & Optimization For Automation With RPA
  • Success Case Studies On Industry Transformation And Use Cases From Credit Suisse, Grab, American Express, P&G, Volvo And So On

Pre-Forum Masterclasses

Pre-Forum: Monday 25 November 2019

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Masterclass A –  Establishing Effective Governance Model and Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Enterprise Wide Adoption

According to the Capgemini Research Institute, large organizations will achieve savings of almost $500 billion dollars in aggregate by 2022 using intelligent process automation (IPA) and thus a lot companies are employing these tools to optimize their operations and process delivery by leveraging the benefit of RPA. However, often we hear questions from organizations on how to industrialize RPA to deliver benefits faster, what a good support model to benchmark is and what governance process should be established. To address these doubts, it is important to establish an effective RPA Centre of Excellence (CoE). Join us at this masterclass to understand how to establish an effective RPA Operating Model Framework by designing a powerful governance model and Centre of Excellence (CoE) that drives alignment with your business improvement and reengineering team.

Networking Luncheon

Masterclass B – Scaling From Traditional RPA to Cognitive Automation

RPA has been in the market for the past few years and many companies who have deployed RPA is benefiting the value of automation. Despite from the impact that strive many companies to save time and cost, there are many companies are still struggling to remove human intervention in some complex process thus not maximizing the benefit of RPA. Cognitive Automation is the solution to this by mimicking the way human brain works to assist humans in making decisions and completing tasks. Join this masterclass to learn on key strategies in upgrading your rule-based RPA to strategic RPA with Cognitive Automation. By attending this masterclass, you will be enlighten with insights on setting up an optimal RPA solution by scaling your RPA platform to be self-learning, scalable in managing various volume of processes, automate any complicated tasks easily and most importantly the ability to process and transform unstructured data into strategic insights to your organization.