About The Forum

Australia’s population is expected to grow to at least 35 million by 2050 and two third of the population are concentrated and living in the metropolitan areas. The need for better infrastructures, transports and cities that are intelligent are of utmost priority to ensure and sustain the quality of living of all Australians. The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull’s visionary Smart Cities Plan details the development plans to shape the future cities by leveraging on disruptive technologies and infrastructures to create the cities of the future.

Clariden is proud to invite you to the groundbreaking Australia Smart Cities and Infrastructure Forum, to be held from 5 – 7 December 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. This forum is specially curated as a platform to bring together government agencies, city councils and industries to discuss strategies that can help you build your city of the future. The forum will also provide an unprecedented avenue for industries to meet with key departments in local, state and federal government.

This forum will explore the key initiatives, issues and opportunities lying ahead in developing the Future Cities of Australia. There has never been a more transformational time where the convergence of technologies and ecosystems is bringing policymakers and businesses together to collaborate to the success of the cities. The Forum will also feature an impressive international speaking panel, allowing you to draw references from the success stories in other smart cities from around the world and localizing it for successful implementation in Australia. Leverage on this forum to hear solutions to key challenges from international thought leaders and policy makers and exchange ideas with senior decision makers and international thought leaders and policy makers.

Join us and be part of the impressive gathering at the Australia Smart Cities and Infrastructure Forum and spearhead your smart city transformation.

Why Join This Forum


  1. Optimize the ROI of Smart Cities investments and initiatives
  2. Adopt the best practices from successful smart city developments all around the world
  3. Leverage on innovative technologies to optimize performance of the city’s infrastructures
  4. Achieve consensus and project buy in among key stakeholders in the city development plans
  5. Mitigate cyber security risks to safeguard massive amount of confidential and personal data
  6. Engage your citizens in co-creating the future sustainable cities

Featured Speakers

  • Gordon Falconer
    Director, Smart Cities
    Schneider Electric Singapore
  • Ben Chung
    Innovation Centre Lead
    CISCO Korea
  • Michelle Fitzgerald
    Chief Digital Officer, Smart City Office
    City of Melbourne  
  • Paul Pisasale
    City of Ipswich Queensland Australia
  • Peter Seamer  
    Chief Executive Officer
    Victorian Planning Authority 
  • Sendur Kathir
    Chief Information Officer
    Public Transport Victoria (Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources)
  • Brook Dixon
    Director, Smart City and Regulatory Reform
    ACT Government
  • Ric Clarke
    Director, Emerging Data & Methods, Methodology Transformation Branch
    Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • Amy Brown
    Partner, Infrastructure Advisory
  • Kane Thornton
    Chief Executive
    Clean Energy Council
  • Arno Brok
    Chief Executive Officer
    Australian Information Security Association
  • Steven Kastanias
    Assistant Director
    Department of Treasury and Finance, Victoria
  • Michael Comninos
    Executive Director, Infrastructure and Analytics
    Greater Sydney Commission 
  • Andrew McDougall  
    Principal and Partner
    SGS Economics and Planning
  • Frank Tudor
    Managing Director
    Horizon Power
  • David Klingberg 
    Chief Executive Officer
    David Lock Associates
  • Catherine Caruana-McManus
    IoT Alliance Australia
  • Peter Newman
    Professor of Sustainability
    Curtin University
  • Philip Edney 
    Acting Director Community Development
    City of Canada Bay
  • Stephanie Kelly 
    Manager, Place Management
    City of Canada Bay
  • Terry Rawnsley 
    Principal and Partner
    SGS Economics and Planning
  • Andrew Spencer 
    SGS Economics and Planning
  • Julian Szafraniec
    Principal and Partner
    SGS Economics & Planning

Who You Will Meet

Industries (including but not limited to): 

  • Government Administration
  • Government Relations
  • Architecture and Planning
  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction
  • Information Technology and Services
  • Investment Banking
  • Management Consulting
  • Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
  • Oil and Energy
  • Public Policy
  • Railroad Manufacture
  • Real Estate
  • Renewable & Environment
  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities

C-Suites / Directors / Presidents / Heads / Managers In the Roles of: 

  • City Planning
  • Data Analytics
  • Digital Transformation
  • Energy Solutions
  • Engineering
  • Information Management and Security
  • Infrastructure
  • Investment
  • Policy
  • Project
  • Research
  • Technical Advice
  • Transport