About the Conference

It is without a doubt that 2019 will be a pivotal year for Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), confirming its potential to become the next big computing platform. Market researcher IDC projected worldwide revenue from AR/VR would grow from $5.2 billion in 2016 to $162 billion by 2020. AR and VR are exhibiting extraordinary capabilities to push past niche spaces like gaming and entertainment to become an essential part in various industries like education, healthcare, manufacturing and customer experience. More than 150 companies in multiple industries, including 52 of the Fortune 500, are testing or have deployed AR/VR solutions.

The time has arrived for enterprises to begin experimenting with these immersive technologies. With the drop in headset costs and the new generation of hardware and software applications aimed at enterprise uses, momentum is building for augmented and virtual reality in the enterprise with an ever-wider range of businesses finding applications for ARVR technologies to aid workflow operation, encourage collaboration and boost productivity and efficiency.

Understanding your need to stay ahead of the technology curve and prepare your organization for successful ARVR adoption and implementation, Clariden Global cordially invites you to the 2nd Immersive Augmented and Virtual Reality World Conference: Attaining the next frontier for competitive advantage with the game-changer AR/VR this coming February. Following the smashing success of the first edition, this year’s event is a global gathering of AR/VR experts and thought leaders to better understand, incorporate and devise strategic customer-centric AR/VR strategies. This event is carefully researched and crafted with the most desired insights in the AR/VR industry featuring latest innovations, challenging issues and insightful keynote sessions that will help you devise your future AR/VR plan.

Mark 18 – 20 February 2019 in your calendar and book your seat now! Join us in harnessing the promising potential of the 2nd Augmented and Virtual Reality Conference by tapping into the expertise of industry thought leaders, experts and digital innovators with local and global case studies and proven solutions. We look forward to welcoming you!

Key Themes

  1. AR/VR for Customer Experience, Marketing and Product Development
  2. Multi-sensory Immersive Experience – ARVR’s Next Big Move
  3. How AR/VR Will Revolutionize the Education and Training Industry
  4. How AR/VR Transforms Customer Experience with Immersive and Experiential Engagement
  5. AR/VR in Re-Shaping Immersive Training and Safety and Emergency Response
  6. Industrial ARVR Enabling new Heights for Manufacturing, Operations and Maintenance
  7. How VR is Changing the Dynamic of Customer Experience in Real Estate
  8. How Healthcare Teams can Gain an Edge by using VR & AR for Surgery and Training
  9. Using AR/VR’s Immersive Experience to Transform Entertainment, Tourism and Gaming
  10. Creating the Perfect ARVR Experience
  11. How ARVR Furthers Customer Education and Cultivates Engaging Brand Interactions
  12. Designing Powerful ARVR Experiences with Smart User Interface

5 Key Takeaways

5 Key Takeaways from Attending the 2nd Immersive Augmented and Virtual Reality World Conference

  1. Stay ahead of the technology curve and prepare your organization for the AR/VR disruptions
  2. Discover latest immersive augmented and virtual technologies for cutting-edge business applications
  3. Acquire practical insights, proven implementation solutions and customer-centric strategies powered by AR / VR
  4. Uncover the best ways to transform customer experience, workflow operations, training and simulations enabled by AR/VR
  5. Network and optimize partnerships with fellow professionals and digital innovators and pioneers in the AR/VR scene

Companies Expected at the Conference

  • BMW Singapore
  • Far East Organization
  • Wing Tai
  • Sephora
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Coty Singapore
  • Guardian
  • Mapletree Investments
  • Kimberly Clark
  • Hiton Hotel Hospitality
  • Toyota Singapore
  • L’oreal
  • Keppel Land
  • DFS Venture
  • Uniqlo
  • Propnex
  • Adobe Systems
  • Huttons
  • Muiji Singapore
  • Watson
  • Honda Singapore
  • Scoot
  • HP