About The Forum

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Seaports currently represent one of the most important logistics centers for each territory due to the fact that more than 80% of worldwide freight is transported using this method.

As global trade has increased, vessel sizes and cargo volumes have surged upwards, placing additional pressure on ship berths and yards. Ports are therefore becoming increasingly interested in smart solutions that will help optimise operations, promote efficiency and reduce logistics costs, all without requiring major investment in new infrastructure and equipment.

In an ever changing, innovative and evolving climate, ports are yet another part of the global mechanism undergoing this ongoing transformation to meet the needs of port users with a greater level efficiency, transparency, and value. The move towards Internet of Things (IoT) technologies has led to speculation about the potential of truly futuristic technologies, from augmented and virtual reality solutions, to autonomous ships.

Understanding your need to stay ahead of the technology curve and prepare your organization for successful transformation, transition and implementation, Clariden Global cordially invites you to our ANZ SMART PORTS AND AUTONOMOUS SHIPPING FORUM: Building a Fully Autonomous Port from Terminal to Group this coming October 2020 at Sydney, Australia.

Throughout the 2 days of thought leadership content-filled event, there will be plenty of opportunities for networking and experience sharing. You can maximize your forum experience by attending the keynote sessions, panel discussions, interactive roundtables and site tours providing actionable takeaways to bring back to the office. You will also acquire insights, solutions and strategies that governments and organizations across the globe are using to accelerate their transformations of Smart Port.

Why You Must Join Us At This Forum

5 Powerful Reasons  To Attend The Forum

  1. Inspirational case studies and best practices on creating and retrofitting next-generation ports
  2. Impactful discussions around the most pressing challenges and inefficiencies in digitizing and automating ports
  3. Actionable takeaways on applying current and emerging technologies, such as IoT, digital twins and robotics, for highly efficient port planning and management
  4. Valuable networking and partnership opportunities with some of the most innovative minds at the forefront of the smart port revolution
  5. An exciting glimpse at growing new frontiers of shipping and port handling, such as fully autonomous ships

The Forum At A Glance


  • Keynote: How Rotterdam is Building the Most Automated Port in the World
  • Australia’s First Fully Automated Port Case Study: Victoria International Container Terminal
  • How AGVs and Automated Container Handling Helps to Boost Efficiencies and Reduce Labour Costs in Port Operations
  • Hamburg Vessel Coordination Centre Case Study: Reducing Vessel Turn Time and Increasing Port Capacity with AI Technology, IoT and Autonomous Trucks
  • Enabling a Smart Port Vision with 5G Network


  • How Port of Brisbane is Leveraging Blockchain to Cut Out $1 Billion Unnecessary Logistics Costs
  • Port of Rotterdam creates the World’s Smartest Port with Digital Twin
  • How Terminal Drones can Drive Further Automation in Port Operations
  • Building Australia’s Next Generation Logistics Hub – The melding of Infrastructure, Markets and Technology
  • Exploring The Limits With Autonomous Ships – What Does The Future Hold

Unique To This Year's Event


SITE TOUR A: Port Botany Automated Container Terminal & Automation Technology

Apart from being safer than conventional ports, automated ports can benefit from productivity increases of up to 35% and operating expense reductions of up to 55%, according to McKinsey research. 80% of shipping leaders expect at least half of all greenfield port projects to be semi- or full automated in the next few years. Get a glimpse of this future in this exclusive tour of Sydney’s Port Botany, where autonomous machines have taken over the labor previously done by dockworkers. You will see how automation delivers highly efficient terminal operations 24/7, with less fuel, maintenance costs and human risk.

SITE TOUR B: World’s First State-Of-The-Art Intermodal Automation At Moorebank Logistics Park, Sydney 

As the world’s first automated intermodal terminal, Sydney’s Moorebank Logistics Park will help reduce emissions and safety risk through the use of world-first, fully automated, electrically powered container handling equipment and automated systems. The efficiency of this technology will also provide certainty that containers leave from a ship and arrive at the warehouses in a single day, instead of four days as in the past. Join us for a visit to Moorebank to see the gains it is reaping from state-of-the-art automated transport, rail and more, and how your operations can benefit from similar rollouts of port automation.