13 February 2019, Wednesday

09:00 Welcoming Speech, Opening Remarks & Thank You Sponsor Speech by Forum Producer
09:05 Forum Introduction
Highlights on Forum Day 1 Key Sessions
09:15 State of the Art Address: DevOps for AI/Data-driven pipelines, also addressing Critical Security Concerns
  1. There are new DevOps challenges in AI/Data-driven pipelines
    1. Application behaviours are increasingly data and algorithmic learning driven (rather than fixed business logic). This makes reliability engineering and debugging more difficult.
    2. Increasing data regulations requiring data and algorithmic decisions to be tracked and governed better throughout the DevOps pipeline.
    3. The emergence of blockchain and the challenges in development and deployment smart contracts that cannot be rolled back or changed.
  2. Complex collaboration among data scientists, machine learning/data engineers and DevOps engineers.
  3. Some solutions and case studies may include integrated data, software, runtime system provenance management, leveraging computational law to embed regulatory requirements into the pipeline and adopts standards in managing consumer data rights.
Dr-Liming-Zhu-rounded Dr Liming Zhu
Research Director, Software and Computational Systems
Co-Author, “The First Complete Guide to DevOps for Software Architects”
CSIRO Data61
09:45 Executive Roundtables (sponsorship opportunities available)
  • Re-evaluating legacy application, IT infrastructure modernisation & migration, with application testing
  • Achieving Resilience at the Edge and Cloud Computing
  • The DevOps Strategic Critical Path: Transitioning from Waterfall and/or Unify
  • Breaking into Serverless Microservices
  • Building your CI/CD pipelines in the Cloud
  • New approaches & best practices for hybrid cloud architectures
  • Solving Reliability Fears with Site Reliability Engineering
  • Security Testing for DevOps
  • Cloud security: How to keep your users & their data safe
  • Strategic DevSecOps
  • DevOps in Retail: Getting ready for the imminent DevOps disruptions
Daniel-Roberts-rounded Daniel Roberts
Agile Coach & Scrum Master

Lion Group of Companies
Lion Co
  • DevOps in Aviation
Andrew-Myers-rounded Andrew Myers
Principal DevOps Engineer

  • DevOps in Energy
Jeremy-Nigel-rounded Jeremy Nagel
FullStack Developer

  • DevOps in Healthcare
The use of abstraction in DevOps technology and the use of abstraction in team design and  how those design patterns both lead to successful outcomes for DevOps when they are understood and intentionally designed
Chris-Harwood-rounded Chris Harwood
Service Director (Directories)
Healthdirect Australia
Healthdirect Australia
  • DevOps in Mining
  • DevOps in Education
10:30 Morning Refreshments & Networking (sponsorship opportunities available)
10:45 The CIO, CTO, Program & Project Directors, Solution Providers, Cloud Infrastructure Megas Forum (sponsorship opportunities available)
  • As IT leaders, CIOs and CTOs struggle with maintaining existing operations, while at the same time adapting to an ever-increasing introduction of new technologies by business leaders, they rarely have time to look beyond short planning horizons. The “new job” of CIO must grow and evolve as digital business spreads, and disruptive technologies, including smart machines and advanced analytics, reach critical mass. The complication is, for many CIOs, the path forward is unclear. What powerful practices should CIOs and IT leaders adopt to position themselves and their organizations to face the coming challenges and opportunities?
  • Future Digital Business Model Exploration: Copying the same digital business models that competitors or disruptors are playing, is a game of endless catch-up you may never win. A new generation of entrepreneurial digital CIOs could help their companies break out of that trap by exploring virgin business model space. Is it possible to discover new models that nobody has used before?
  • IT Monitoring Insight to Support Your Businesses’ High-Velocity Future. Enterprises clinging to IT monitoring just to understand the health of IT resources will be tomorrow’s digital business losers. The simple truth is that IT monitoring will increasingly become a critical element in an organization’s overall digital business service delivery strategy. Learn not only to survive, but to thrive with the rapid pace of change occurring on the path toward an increasingly digital future.
  • The Next Wave of Innovation Will Come from Ecosystems: Enterprises seeking to improve processes, experiences, products, and services will increasingly find solutions outside of their enterprise. They have the choice to leverage ecosystem partners and build their own ecosystems to become platform businesses. Some car makers, municipalities, banks, and other enterprises have learned to leverage digital ecosystems. The next source of scale, execution and value will likely come from ecosystems.
  • Develop “System of Systems” Thinking to Manage Platforms and Products: The old regime of large monolithic on-premise applications is ending. Software delivery is fragmenting, blending commodity services with custom Agile code to deliver digital business solutions. This change in software architectures demands a radical rethink of how the CIO organizes the IT function and business relationships to optimize value delivery whilst minimizing cost and risk.  Every CIO should know about Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). Digital businesses work in a hyper-connected world where cloud services, enterprise applications, data structures, and even “things” must seamlessly operate together to support business goals. How do you leverage iPaaS, a cloud-based integration technology and a market with phenomenal growth over the last three years for addressing the perennial integration issues and new opportunities that digitization brings.
For each CIO & Project Director, ask:

  • Why Should I Adopt DevOps and Agile/Lean Principles?
  • Where should I start?
  • Case Studies: What successes have DevOps practices helped others achieve?
  • Tools to aid DevOps adoption
  • What do the current & emerging Cloud Infrastructure Providers have to offer? At what price?
  • In the name of Cloud: Embracing the Edge
  • Cloud Readiness
  • What ROI can I expect?
  • How do you get Management Buy-In?
Mitra-Bhar-rounded Mitra Bhar
Chief Information Officer
NSW Education Standards Authority
NSW Education Standards Authority
Katherine-Squire-rounded Katherine Squire
General Manager, Software Engineering
nbn Australia
nbn Australia
David-Lochrie-rounded David Lochrie (invited)
General Manager, Digital and Integration
ME Bank
ASX Dan Chesterman (invited)
Chief Information Officer
NSW Finance Services and Innovation Dr Vladas Leonas (invited)
Director Technology and Architecture
NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation
Schroders Nick Goldsmith (invited)
Head of IT
DevOps Success Stories – How Successful Organisations Are Embracing and Leveraging DevOps to Increase Agility, Break Siloes and Improve Efficiencies
  • Brands hits and misses in effectively embracing and leveraging on DevOps to increase agility, break siloes and improve efficiencies
  • Making the business case for DevOps and obtaining buy-in from top management
  • Dos and Don’ts for successful adoption of DevOps principles at your organization
Story 1 – Government takes the DevOps Lead: Breaking down barriers in an organization and preventing silos, working for a government organization for a while and fully understand the pains of playing silos. To influence people adopt DevOps practices, one have to through many tunnels and understand the most important factor in the whole journey is ‘human’. DevOps helps as it encourages people to deliver business value. How can one be a DevOps Influencer to engage the organization in the DevOps transformation journey?
Tom-Liu-rounded Tom Liu
Cloud Architect/DevOps Lead

NSW Department of Justice
NSW Department of Justice
Story 2 – The ICONIC DevOps Experience:  Embracing a DevOps everywhere culture across our engineering teams. How we have make DevOps everyone’s job and used it to take deployment of new services from days/weeks to minutes, through building CI/CD pipelines and implementing Kubernetes
Ollie-Brennan-rounded Ollie Brennan
Head of Engineering and IT
Piers-Warmers-rounded Piers Warmers
Senior Technical Manager
11:45 Continuous Testing Case Study: DevOps Transformation with Continuous Testing
  • The need to recognize that continuous testing is no longer just a QA function
  • Continuous testing in a fast-paced agile and DevOps world on the dual mandate of increasing operational agility and speeding products’ time to market
  • Incorporating testing and automation into IT processes to boost quality and commercial viability of deployments
Pooja-Sethi-rounded Pooja Sethi
Senior Test Consultant, Qantas/NLP Coach
12:15 Practical Steps to Transition to a DevOps Environment: How Collaborative and Continuous DevOps Integration Can Reduce Integration Issues and Conflicts Compared to Traditional Waterfall Development
  • Continuous integration to champion transformative changes in product development
  • Best practices to facilitate effective, open and frequent communication among developers team
  • Continuous integration principles that all organizations must contend with
Mitra-Bhar-rounded Mitra Bhar
Chief Information Officer
NSW Education Standards Authority
NSW Education Standards Authority
12:45 Lunch & Networking (sponsorship opportunities available)
13:45 Continuous Delivery Case Study: Why Enterprises are Embracing Continuous Delivery and Automation to Deliver Updates Faster with Fewer Errors – The Case of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • How to enable continuous testing in complexity delivery environment. Some large company such as CBA has a very complexity IT system, and each system may following different delivery schedule. How did CBA enable continue testing to support continue delivery in such a environment?
  • From Agile to DevOps to Continuous Delivery
  • Steps to implement a successful enterprise wide continuous delivery strategy
  • Extending automation across the complete application delivery lifecycle, beyond just the development team
Yi-Chen-rounded Yi Chen
DevOps Expert
14:15 ROI: How to Maximise your Investments in DevOps and Reduce Initial Investment Costs
  • Why organizations across industry verticals are investing in DevOps and where the ROI adds up
  • How to convince top management to prioritize the advancement of DevOps over more cost-friendly status quo
  • Restructuring your budget to accommodate DevOps
  • Identifying best practices for measuring and driving ROI with DevOps
Ashish-Tiwari-rounded Ashish Tiwari
Consulting Architect (Digital, Strategy & Planning)
14:45 DevOps at Scale: How Containers, Microservices and DevOps are Revolutionizing Enterprise IT Architectures and Processes
The World of Containers: Containers are a technology that’s new to IT Professionals and can be a little baffling. Many IT Professionals have questions on how they differ from VMs and are trying to come to terms with questions such as when it makes sense to deploy a workload in a container and when it makes sense to deploy a workload in a separate VM.  There’s a lot to think about for teams looking to move to a container based architecture. What problems exist that we aren’t aware of? How many times will we need to adjust our approach before we’re ready to go to production? What happens once we’re there? What about our team workflows? Are we even ready for this? If any of this sounds familiar, or you’re just wanting to get a grip on what containers might mean for your organisation in the near future.

  • From Simple to Enterprise Level – The Evolution of Delivery Pipelines due to Microservices and Hybrid Environments
  • Making the strategic move away from legacy systems and onto cloud-native applications
  • Enable organizations to thrive by delivering features, services, and solutions independently of each other on different delivery timelines
  • Breaking your monolith into serverless microservices
  • Addressing security and network challenges of containers: Bots and other security breach issues
  • Delivering high quality products at high velocity
15:15 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking (sponsorship opportunities available)
15:30 Marrying Cloud Computing and DevOps To Speed Development Process and Achieve Shorter Time to Market
The future in the cloud. Learn about how to make the most of scalability and flexibility of cloud without sacrificing security and control of your on-premises infrastructure. Cloud Native/Cloud Immigrant: Modernizing the Enterprise. Bring together leaders from “born in the cloud” companies, along with enterprises modernizing their legacy application and infrastructures to discuss what it means to be “cloud native”, the different challenges they have faced, best practices and a forward view on what’s coming on the Cloud Native horizon.

  • How cloud and DevOps work together to help businesses achieve their transformation goals
  • Cloud computing for speeding developer productivity and efficiency through automating the process of building, managing and provisioning the codes
  • Massive benefits of marrying cloud and DevOps: Speeding the development process, eliminating human error, achieving shorter time to market and establishing repeatability
Adelle-McDonald-rounded Adelle McDonald
Senior Consultant, Engineering & DevOps
National Australia Bank
National Australian Bank
16:30 ScrumMasters and Agile Panel Discussion: Building the Talent Pipeline DevOps – Developing New Mindset and Perspectives for Future Improvement
  • Future-proofing your workforce with the advent of agile development, design thinking and DevOps
  • Talent Harvesting and Management for DevOps
  • How Continuous Feedback Allow DevOps to Bring IT Organizations Closer to Their Customers and Users
  • Infusing Customer Feedback in Agile Development, Design Thinking and DevOps
  • Feedback loops as a key enabler for next generation modern delivery
  • Fuelling data-driven decisions and offering entirely new levels of precision and rapid adjustment to more types of events, variables, and needs*
  • Evolving service level definitions as architecture evolves
  • Ephemeral architectures require durable visibility
  • Agile development requires predictable performance
  • Transformation of Delivery Systems using Agile and Dev.Ops
  • How Dev and Ops teams collaborate and work together
  • The Value & Effectiveness of Scrum Coaching for DevOps and how to measure it, and why is it so important
Steve-Lawrence-rounded Steve Lawrence
Senior Agile Delivery Specialist
Daniel-Roberts-rounded Daniel Roberts
Agile Coach & Scrum Master
Lion Group of Companies
Lion Co
Ashish-Tiwari-rounded Ashish Tiwari
Consulting Architect (Digital, Strategy & Planning)
Maria-Mercedes-Sarubbi-rounded Maria Mercedes Sarubbi (invited)
Scrum Master, Native Digital & Mobile Banking
Macquarie Group
Macquarie Group
17:30 Closing Remarks by Forum Chairman
17:40 image-3
Champagne Networking Session (sponsorship opportunities available)
Enjoy a glass of champagne whilst networking with other like-minded individuals on topics that are of most interest to you and fellow delegates.


14 February 2019, Thursday

9:00am Forum Introduction
Highlights on Forum Day 2 Key Sessions
9:05am Case Study – The Delivery of Things: DevOps Transition – Perspective from ING
Integration Case Study: How Collaborative and Continuous DevOps Integration Can Reduce Integration Issues and Conflicts Compared to Traditional Waterfall Development

  • Continuous integration to champion transformative changes in product development
  • Best practices to facilitate effective, open and frequent communication among developers team
  • Continuous integration principles that all organizations must contend with
Roy-Shiladitya-rounded Roy Shiladitya
Head of Delivery
ING Australia
ING Australia
Henry-Gao-rounded Henry Gao
Continuous Delivery Manager
ING Australia
ING Australia
10:00 Eliminating the Dev Versus Ops Mentality – Developing Teams in a Cross Functional Technology Environment
  • Roadmap to building a collaborative culture: integrating tools used and unifying the metrics monitored
  • Achieving cohesive equation between the two functions and minimizing change resistance for enterprise-wide DevOps adoption
  • Ensuring tools and procedures implemented align with the organization’s goals and objectives
DevOps Expert
10:00 AIOps – How Machine Learning can optimize DevOps
  • The road to AIOps: How AI can help in the predictive analytics
  • The key drivers and elements of AIOps to optimize DevOps
  • How AIOps can help in Improved data access, superior execution efficiency & smarter resource management
Chhavi-Raj-Dosaj-rounded Chhavi Raj Dosaj
ISTQB Certified Test Expert & Author
Former Senior Test Consultant – NPP (Reserve Bank of Australia)
10:30 Morning Refreshments & Networking (sponsorship opportunities available)
10:45 Ethics in software development, Combatting algorithmic discrimination
Cambridge Analytica, Volkswagen, Facebook, Uber – all of these organisations have been in the spotlight in recent years for writing software that misused consumer data. It’s no surprise in an industry that has been characterised by a “move fast and break things” mentality. Things have been broken, in particular the trust of users. Going forward, it is high time that we develop ethical principles for software development.

  • ethical use of user data
  • combatting algorithmic discrimination
  • ethical open source licenses (e.g. Just World License) which bar organisations from using open source projects if they are involved in sex trafficking, slavery, gambling, tobacco and other unethical industries
  • industry blacklisting where SaaS companies refuse to provide service to certain industries
Jeremy-Nigel-rounded Jeremy Nagel
FullStack Developer
Big Data Analytics & AI : How Big Data Analytics and AI Will Empower the Future of DevOps
  • Why including data experts within the continuous delivery process can be a big boon for DevOps and all stages of the delivery pipeline
  • Improving capture, collection and analysis of data to its full potential
  • How big data analytics enable better planning of software updates, lower error rates, higher consistency between development and production environments
Michael-Hamilton-rounded Michael Hamilton
Morpheus Asset Management
Morpheus Asset Management
12:15 Lunch & Networking (sponsorship opportunities available)
13:15 DevOps Tools, with Demos
Building  Python Restful API working with React as front end (demo)
Sandy-Zhang-rounded Sandy Zhang
Solution Architect & Senior Software Engineer
IAG Australia
13:45 Business-led Transformation or ITOps?  – How IT Operations Analytics Can Supercharge DevOps
  • ITOps delivering on the promise of DevOps and riding on the spirit of collaboration
  • Understanding different ways of applying ITOps technologies: Root cause analysis, anomaly and pattern detection and health analysis
  • Better together: ITOps analytics and DevOps working hand in hand to help organizations develop unique competitive advantages and get ahead of the game
Andrew-Haddad-rounded Andrew Haddad
Executive General Manager, Systems Engineering
nbn Australia
nbn Australia
14:15 Delivery of Things? DevOps: Integration with the Internet of Things (IOT), Case studies in Mobile Application Development, Driveless and other IoT applications
Case in Point: Tesla’s IoT connectivity in its vehicles allows its DevOps teams to deliver software updates wirelessly, and remotely fix problems that would previously have required complex and expensive product recalls. While vehicles are an extreme example, the trend of utilising IoT data as part of the DevOps process is becoming not just more efficient, but essential, and will continue to grow in popularity throughout 2019 and beyond.
Renowned IoT and DevOps Experts
14:45 Afternoon Refreshment & Networking (sponsorship opportunities available)
15:00 The Path to DevSecOps in a Highly Regulated Enterprise Environment
  • Ensuring security is baked in from the beginning and not simply an afterthought
  • Dealing with external and internal legislative requirements e.g. segregation of duties, changing of control boards and handling external (outsourced) providers
  • Migration from project based to delivery to an embedded cross functional DevSecOps asset team in a highly regulated environment
Alex-Omilian-rounded Alex Omilian
Director (Engineering), Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC)
Australian Government
 australian government
15:30 Case Study: How ASIC successfully iImplemented DevOps to Streamline Workplace Operations
  • Automation
  • Continuous deployment and integration
  • People – the Agile/Culture
  • Biggest challenges
  • Recent successes and the way forward
16:00 What is NFR (Non-functional Requirements) Testing and can it be automated?
  • All user stories that go to production are fully tested/NFR  tested in one sprint
  • Can we automate all NFR Test cases?
  • All the knowledge to prepare and execute the NFR test cases should be available in the DEVOPS team
  • Do we really have to do NFR testing? Or is monitoring of NFR’s in production enough?
Renowned Test Automation Expert
16:30 Grand Panel : Looking Ahead – Learning Lessons on DevOps Implementation
  • Overcoming change and resistance especially with legacy and new systems
  • Current DevOps Bottlenecks
  • DevOps is not only for Unicorns, using DevOps in industrial environments
  • Overcoming challenges with resource management and efficiency to deliver profitable ventures
  • DevOps – Bullshit or Blessing?
  • HumanOps: Human Aspects – critical role in a DevOps organisation
  • From Buzzword to Living Culture – DevOps
  • The emergence of new tools for DevOps: Cluster Computing
  • Balancing agility goals with security and stability in the delivery and scaling process
  • The Next Hurdle
Invited Speakers of the Summit
17:00 Closing Remarks by Forum Chairperson


15 February (Sydney)


Workshop A: A Complete Guide: Developing a Successful DevOps Implementation Roadmap with Continuous Development, Testing, Integration and Deployment
Workshop A

This workshop serves as an all-rounded introduction session on the essentials of DevOps in today’s digital ecosystem. Hear from our exceptional workshop leader on:

  • Steps to introduce and embrace DevOps in your organization: Continuous Development, Continuous Testing, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment.
  • Adjusting and adapting suitable team structures for DevOps
  • Understanding the architectural changes required to introduce testability and continuous deployment and different open source tools available for DevOps.
  • Aligning the end-goal of your DevOps projects with organisational objectives and goals
  • Setting clear benchmarks, KPIs for project evaluation and sustainability
  • Avoiding potential pitfalls in DevOps project implementation

Developing a squad of cross-functional DevOps practitioners can be extremely challenging – especially to meet the ever increasing demand of quality at speed & to shift testing to the left to make deployments faster, better and smarter. One tool may not be sufficient for our testing needs – we may have to select a range of toolsets to automate the functional and non-functional elements (performance & security) & orchestrate the solutions in the build pipeline. This will ensure early detection of bugs & foster a culture of collaboration as well. Production deployment can be reduced to mere non-events by deploying values in smaller chunks but continuously. Targeted test automation can also assist in Post production monitoring.

Participants will get a hands-on exposure of working in a team & finding out scenarios using modern techniques like Specification By Example, automating the testing scenarios, integrating functional & non-functional testing solutions to the CI/CD pipeline, deploying the code to Pre-Production & subsequently to Production environments. We’ll create an environment of failing fast & delivering quality customer outcome.

Subrata-Bhattacharjee-rounded Expert Workshop Leader: Subrata Bhattacharjee, Engineering Manager at Bankwest
Workshop B: Scaling the DevOps Success – Powering a Continuous Delivery Environment at Large, Traditional Enterprises through Effective Change Management and Tooling Strategies
Workshop B

While DevOps has long been identified as a source of competitive advantage in a digital ecosystem, very few organizations have successfully delivered on the promises of this evolutionary way of working for technology teams. This is especially the case for traditionally large and siloed organizations where scaling is an uphill battle of cultural resistance, disparate tooling and legacy systems, deep-rooted silos, and thousands of recommendations from across the web.

This workshop will provide one the opportunity to learn how leaders of the world’s top software teams get a massive return on investment from their engineering efforts by focusing on developer automation. Gain insights, tips and simple, yet comprehensive, leadership blueprint that you can use to scale quick wins across your organization, get buy-in and investment from your company, and align your team.