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  1. Discover the key technological drivers and trends for DevOps applications in an increasingly digital ecosystem
  2. Harness unparalleled insights on the latest uses and applications of DevOps-powered solutions to boost agility, break siloes and improve efficiency
  3. Gain a 360-degree overview about the latest DevOps technologies and tooling from the key players in the scene and their corresponding tremendous economic potential
  4. Envision and digitally transform your IT Development and Operation processes to reap massive rewards
  5. Get your pressing questions answered from insightful, engaging and thought-provoking keynotes, discussions, workshops and networking sessions
  6. Ready your organization for the next battle ground through developing strategic DevOps roadmaps and effective teams in a cross functional technology environment
  7. Tap into exclusive insights, market-leading case studies and solutions from IT experts and thought leaders for successful adoption of DevOps principles at your oganization
  8. Study the case studies of local and global market leaders that have multiplied growth through successfully embarking on automation and digitalization
  9. Learn from best practices and pitfalls to avoid when making the business cases for DevOps and obtaining enterprise-wide buy-in
  10. Engage and strike mutually beneficial partnerships with decision makers, industry experts and other stakeholders

Hot Topics to be Discussed


  • Creating World-Class IT Agility, Reliability and Security with DevOps
  • DevOps Success Stories – How Successful Companies Are Embracing and Leveraging DevOps to Increase Agility, Break Siloes and Improve Efficiencies
  • Continuous Cycle: Testing, Integration, Delivery and Feedback
  • DevOps at Scale: How Containers, Microservices and DevOps are Revolutionizing Enterprise IT Architectures and Processes
  • Marrying Cloud Computing and DevOps To Speed Development Process and Achieve Shorter Time to Market
  • Building the Talent Pipeline DevOps – Developing New Mindset and Perspective


  • Eliminating the Dev versus Ops Mentality – Developing Teams in a Cross Functional Technology Environment
  • Applying Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to Solve Operations Issues Across the Board
  • AIOps – What, Why and How of AI disruptions in DevOps
  • Big Data Analytics: How Big Data & Analytics Will Empower the Future of DevOps
  • From DevOps to DevSecOps – Learning Lessons for Continuous Compliance via Code
  • ROI: How to Maximise your Investments in DevOps and Reduce Initial Investment Costs

Post-Forum Workshop


Workshop A: A Complete Guide: Developing a Successful DevOps Implementation Roadmap with Continuous Development, Testing, Integration and Deployment

Workshop AThis workshop serves as an all-rounded introduction session on the essentials of DevOps in today’s digital ecosystem. Hear from our exceptional workshop leader on:

  • Steps to introduce and embrace DevOps in your organization: Continuous Development, Continuous Testing, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment.
  • Adjusting and adapting suitable team structures for DevOps
  • Understanding the architectural changes required to introduce testability and continuous deployment and different open source tools available for DevOps.
  • Aligning the end-goal of your DevOps projects with organisational objectives and goals
  • Setting clear benchmarks, KPIs for project evaluation and sustainability
  • Avoiding potential pitfalls in DevOps project implementation

Developing a squad of cross-functional DevOps practitioners can be extremely challenging – especially to meet the ever increasing demand of quality at speed & to shift testing to the left to make deployments faster, better and smarter. One tool may not be sufficient for our testing needs – we may have to select a range of toolsets to automate the functional and non-functional elements (performance & security) & orchestrate the solutions in the build pipeline. This will ensure early detection of bugs & foster a culture of collaboration as well. Production deployment can be reduced to mere non-events by deploying values in smaller chunks but continuously. Targeted test automation can also assist in Post production monitoring.

Participants will get a hands-on exposure of working in a team & finding out scenarios using modern techniques like Specification By Example, automating the testing scenarios, integrating functional & non-functional testing solutions to the CI/CD pipeline, deploying the code to Pre-Production & subsequently to Production environments. We’ll create an environment of failing fast & delivering quality customer outcome.

Expert Workshop Leader: Subrata Bhattacharjee, Engineering Manager at Bankwest

Workshop B – Scaling the DevOps Success: Powering a Continuous Delivery Environment at Large, Traditional Enterprises through Effective Change Management and Tooling Strategies

Workshop B

While DevOps has long been identified as a source of competitive advantage in a digital ecosystem, very few organizations have successfully delivered on the promises of this evolutionary way of working for technology teams. This is especially the case for traditionally large and siloed organizations where scaling is an uphill battle of cultural resistance, disparate tooling and legacy systems, deep-rooted silos, and thousands of recommendations from across the web.

This workshop will provide one the opportunity to learn how leaders of the world’s top software teams get a massive return on investment from their engineering efforts by focusing on developer automation. Gain insights, tips and simple, yet comprehensive, leadership blueprint that you can use to scale quick wins across your organization, get buy-in and investment from your company, and align your team.