Conference Highlights

10 Key Reasons to Join Us at This Conference

Reasons to Attend the Conference:

  1. Learn about the latest AR/VR technologies from the key players in the scene and their corresponding tremendous economic potentials
  2. Harness unique AR/VR uses and applications that organizations have strategically and successfully implemented
  3. Gather inspiration from thought-provoking sessions to future-proof your business strategies in the competitive, fast moving and continuously evolving markets
  4. Examine best practices of local and global organizations that have successfully embarked on AR/VR
  5. Tap into exclusive insights, market-leading case studies and solutions from AR/VR experts to strive for operational excellence and boost bottom lines
  6. Envision and make the business case for Augmented and Virtual Reality immersive technologies through ROI evaluation
  7. Unveil ground-breaking initiatives enabled by AR/VR that have reaped massive rewards
  8. Develop strategic AR/VR plans and learn how to leverage them in your business
  9. Explore strategic considerations around adopting AR/VR and methods to overcome common existing barriers with comprehensive troubleshooting sessions
  10. Engage and strike mutually beneficial partnerships with organization decision makers, industry experts and other stakeholders

Hot Topics to be Discussed

  1. AR/VR for Customer Experience, Marketing and Product Development
  2. Multi-sensory Immersive Experience – ARVR’s Next Big Move
  3. How AR/VR Will Revolutionize the Education and Training Industry
  4. How AR/VR Transforms Customer Experience with Immersive and Experiential Engagement
  5. AR/VR in Re-Shaping Immersive Training and Safety and Emergency Response
  6. Industrial ARVR Enabling new Heights for Manufacturing, Operations and Maintenance
  7. How VR is Changing the Dynamic of Customer Experience in Real Estate
  8. How Healthcare Teams can Gain an Edge by using VR & AR for Surgery and Training
  9. Using AR/VR’s Immersive Experience to Transform Entertainment, Tourism and Gaming 
  10. Creating the Perfect ARVR Experience
  11. How ARVR Furthers Customer Education and Cultivates Engaging Brand Interactions
  12. Designing Powerful ARVR Experiences with Smart User Interface

Attaining the Next Frontier for Competitive Advantage with the Game-Changer AR/VR