The Immersive Theatre will run from 9:00 am – 12:30 pm with a mid-morning and luncheon breaks. Site Tour will run from 1:30 pm – 5:00 pm with a mid-afternoon refreshment break.
9:00 am – 12:30 pm

Immersive AR/VR Experience Showcase

Unique to this year’s conference is the pre-conference Immersive AR/VR Experience Showcase, a presentation showcase that provides an unprecedented stage for top production studios in Asia to share their creative content developed using AR/VR. In this showcase, you will experience how powerful content with AR/VR will engage audiences like never before. Some of the content you will experience include how VR is used to improve student experience, how companies are innovating novel AR/VR experiences to create an immersive retail shopping, 360 travel location tours, virtual show rooms and more.
 L8005 Pre-Conference Warrior9 Logo  Abhi-Kumar_rounded

Abhi Kumar, Chief Creative Director


 L8005 Pre-Conference TaKanto VR_Logo Ariel-Talbi_Takanto-rounded

Ariel Talbi, Managing Director

TaKanto Virtual Reality

 L8005 Pre-Conference Meshminds logo Dean-Reinhard_rounded

Dean Reinhard, Co-founder


 L8005 Pre-Conference 3bode_logo    Deitrich-Mohan-rounded

Deitrich Mohan, Director

3bode Media

 L8005 Pre-Conference Hiverlab Logo  


Ender Jiang Shutao, Founder & Chief Marketing Technologist


 L8005 Pre-Conference 360VR logo Nick-Tan_rounded

Nick Tan, Founder & Managing Director


 L8005 Pre-Conference_Playware logo Siddarth-Jain_rounded

Siddharth Jain, Chief Creative Director 

Playware Studios

1:30 pm – 5:00 pm

AR/VR Product Development Site Tour at Eon Reality

Hosted by:


Sridhar Sunkad, Managing Director

EON Reality Singapore

In this site tour, EON Reality will show you how to develop new products with AR/VR and showcase some of the most progressive and exciting AR/VR products that have been developed for major industries including education, healthcare, safety and more. Be up-close with the latest AR/VR innovations at a scale never seen before, discover the diverse industrial applications,  scalability and versatility of EON’s cutting-edge R&D platform and experience hands-on how EON Reality’s technologies assist in further strengthening training methodologies and productivity initiatives within companies such as Boeing and BP.


 23 January 2018, Tuesday 


Day 1 – 23 January 2018

The Rise of AR/VR

Despite being in the early stages of development, AR/VR technology has the potential to spawn a multibillion-dollar industry and be as game-changing as the advent of smartphones. Their use has evolved from being merely in niches like games and sports to a wide range of industries like real estate, retail, education, etc. There’s no shortage of how AR and VR can disrupt and reshape existing ways of doing things, from picking furniture for your apartment to visiting a museum.

The second day of the conference will kick start with sessions exploring local, regional and global trends in AR/VR and providing a better understanding of the current landscape. The subsequent sessions will showcase diverse business benefits of AR/VR and how they can go on to be the game changer in Marketing and Customer Experience. Case studies of local and global organizations who have successfully implemented AR/VR strategies will also be showcased and discussed in great details. These will inspire delegates to push past the status quo and envision future transformative AR/VR plans.

At the end of day two, the conference features a panel discussion, which will examine the possibility of the demise of smartphones, following the rising success of AR/VR. Through this panel discussion, delegates will be able to glean insights into preparing their organizations for the next stage of developments in AR/VR.

9:00am Opening Address and Day 1 Highlights by Conference Chairman
Low Mun Yew
Samsung Gear VR Evangelist, Samsung Singapore
CEO & Co-founder, TapTalents
9:15am Visionary Keynote: Regional Trends in AR/VR and Why Mixed Reality will Drive Massive Adoption

  • 2017- The Pivotal year for AR/VR
  • Why AR/VR is more than a fad and here to stay
  • Understanding the AR/VR landscape and trends in local, regional and global contexts
  • Gearing up for AR/VR success in coming years
Amit Mangwani
Director of Retail Marketing – APJ
Intel Corporation
10:00am Disrupt or be Disrupted – The Business Reality of AR/VR

  • Why adopting AR/VR can help businesses to strengthen their competitive advantage
  • Informing and educating your business of AR/VR opportunities
  • Restructuring your business model to enable seamless incorporation of AR/VR
  • Global insights into brands that have successfully utilized AR/VR to reap massive rewards
Dillon Seo
CEO & Founder
VoleR Creative
Morning Refreshments & Networking Session
Bridging the Gap Between Virtual and Reality: Pushing the Boundaries and the Possibilities for Singapore and Asia

  • AR/VR as one of Singapore’s key frontiers technology focus areas for the development of the digital economy
  • How Singapore is stepping up to be Asia’s key hub for AR/VR innovation, development and production
  • Combined efforts of tech titans and government regulators to support and grow Singapore’s AR/VR scene
Vanessa Radd
Founding Member of XR Alliance & President
VR/AR Association, Singapore Chapter
11:45am Panel Discussion ROI: How to Maximise your Investments in AR/VR and Reduce Initial Investment Costs

  • Why brands are investing in AR/VR and where the ROI adds up
  • How to convince top management to prioritize AR/VR over more cost-friendly options
  • Restructuring your budget to accommodate the adoption of immersive media 
  • Identifying best practices for engaging customers and driving ROI with AR/VR 
Dr Antonio Feraco
Head of Business Development
Fraunhofer Singapore,
Nanyang Technological University
Dillon Seo
CEO & Founder
VoleR Creative
Tejas Damania
Director of Digital Technology
Deloitte Digital
Networking Luncheon
1:45pm AR/VR Marketing and CX Masterclass by HP Inc Singapore and 360VR

  • Progress through different stations to understand how VR and AR are changing the way we work, market and how consumers experience brands
  • Experience the latest AR/VR technologies by HP Singapore
  • Learn from diverse cases to find the right fit for your organization
Frederick Chong
Market Development Manager
HP Inc Singapore
Nick Tan
Founder & Managing Director
2:45pm Experiential: VR as the Next Game Changer in Luxury Goods Retail

  • The potentialities of VR and why we didn’t see traction before
  • VR’s value proposition: Luxury industry seeks what VR does best
  • VR as the next Game Changer in Luxury Goods retail
  • The revolution is already happening: The latest global case studies in Real Estate, Superyacht, and Luxury Cars markets
Zeca Carvalho
SW Interactive
Afternoon Refreshments & Networking Session
3:45pm Holo-porting: from Sci-fi to a Reality for Customer Experience

  • How VR allows CX professionals and customers to communicate directly and efficiently in real time
  • Removing neuropsychological and spatial constraints to build lasting relationships and gain loyalty
  • Utilizing holographic telepresence, together with available data, AI and connected IoT devices to achieve more efficient customer care process
Darren Hubert
Chief Technology Officer
Microsoft Services APAC
4:30pm Turning Personalization on it Head – AR to Pioneer a New Era of Customer Experience

  • Heightening target customer awareness of your brand and products
  • Keeping customers continuously excited by creating carefully thought out, memorable interactions at every touch point
  • Turning  consideration to action and optimizing conversion
Klaus Allisat
Regional Director Sales
BMW Group Asia
Robert Kubon
Project Manager
5:15pm Closing Remarks by Conference Chairperson
5:30pm image-3
Champagne Networking Session

Enjoy a glass of champagne whilst networking with other like-minded individuals on topics that are of most interest to you and fellow delegates.

 24 January 2018, Wednesday 


Day 2 Morning – 24 January 2018

Overcoming Hurdles to AR/VR Adoption and the Long-term Outlook of AR/VR

While AR and VR have shown they have immense potential and burgeoning prospects, they still face major challenges on their road to mass adoption in the consumer and enterprise spaces. Organizations have expressed reservations that hinder them from jumping on the bandwagon, be it ROI, legal or content concerns. With AR/VR being a tremendous financial and human resources commitment, it is vital that proven solutions and tried-and-tested strategies be addressed to facilitate and realize the significant success predicted.

Day three of the Conference will discuss common barriers to adopting AR/VR as well as practical solutions and best practices to resolve them. These sessions allow delegates to learn from our top-notch speakers and tap into exclusive insights, market-leading case studies and solutions to create effective and customer-centric AR/VR plans. Moreover, delegates will also examine the various benefits of AR/VR when employed in conjunction with other innovations like artificial intelligence and machine learning, from uncovering hidden relationships and actionable knowledge to gathering greater customer insights. Lastly the Conference will wrap up with a panel discussion, guiding delegates in devising strategies to ensure the longevity and sustainable ongoing value of their AR/VR investment. This session will benefit delegates by ensuring that they are well-equipped with insights on how to prepare their organizations for emerging trends in the industry.

9:00am Conference Introduction and Day 2 Highlights by Chairperson
Theo Valich
Head of Growth, Datum Foundation
Executive Advisor, VR First
9:15am Digital Reality is Here. Are You Ready?

  • How would a maturity curve for digital reality look like?
  • Ensuring your organization is ready to adopt and integrate digital reality into your business
  • Case studies on past challenges faced and takeaways
Amer Iqbal
Director of Digital Strategy
Deloitte Digital
Tejas Damania
Director of Digital Technology
Deloitte Digital
10:00am National Museum of Singapore Case Study: Marrying Art, Culture and Technology

  • VR Technology – The next big thing at museums and cultural institutions
  • National Museum Singapore’s newest and boldest initiative DigiMuse
  • Long-term outlook of the importance of VR in further engaging museum visitors in truly immersive experiences
 Jervais Choo
Senior Assistant Director, National Museum of Singapore
Project Director, DigiMuse
Morning Refreshments & Networking Session
Managing the Dark Side of AR/VR: Patent, IP, Information Security & Liability

  • Protecting your AR/VR intellectual property rights
  • What can and cannot be included in your AR/VR content
  • Dealing with claims by users against your AR/VR products
  • Navigating contract terms and customer rights
Matt Pollins
Partner, Head of Commercial/TMT
CMS Singapore
11:45am The Challenges of AR/VR for Businesses and How to Overcome Them

  • Why businesses are not adopting ARVR
  • The consideration of software/content versus hardware
  • Overcoming the many challenges with adopting AR/VR
Lionel Chok
Founder/ Creative Technologist
Networking Luncheon
1:30pm The Art of Storytelling and Narrative in AR/VR

  • Achieving strong emotional connection with customers, unobtainable in traditional passive marketing strategies
  • AR/VR to prompt higher reaction in customers and longer engagement with less distractions
  • Successfully conveying your unique value proposition and message to effectively differentiate yourself
Jason Teo
Associate Director
ArtScience Museum
2:15pm Building unique value through capitalizing on big data and real-time information

  • Combining VR/AR data visualization, AI and machine learning to identify multidimensional relationships and actionable knowledge in complex datasets
  • Allowing digital customization of products to gather insights into popular, sellable functions and features
  • Serving up more relevant, hyper-personalized, location-based advertisements and information to improve the customer experience
Dr Antonio Feraco
Head of Business Development
Fraunhofer Singapore, Nanyang Technological University
Afternoon Refreshments & Networking Session
3:15pm The Future of AR/VR – What’s Next?

  • ARVR 2020 – what’s in place for us and what you need to be aware of
  • Exploring novel innovative practices and emerging trends in the industry
  • Prepping your business to respond to customers’ changing tastes and preferences
Dr Frank Guan
Assistant Director
Nanyang Technological University
4:00pm Panel Discussion: Sustainability of AR/VR as a Long-term Strategy

  • Discussing the long-term prospects of AR/VR
  • Developing strategies to ensure longevity and ongoing value from AR/VR investment
  • How to ensure your business build up the “muscle memory” to react to changes in this exciting industry
Amit Mangwani
Director of Retail Marketing – APJ
Intel Corporation
Nicholas Ng
Product Innovation Manager – SEA, Oceania, Taiwan
Samsung Electronics
Ng Lai Xing
A*STAR Institute for Infocomm Research
Sahil Kumar
Assistant Manager
5:00pm Closing Remarks by Conference Chairman