09.00-09.15 Opening Address by Forum Chairman
09.15-10.00 Insights and Analytics over Big Data: Challenges, Opportunities, and Dangers in the Changing Data Landscape
Usama-gray Usama Fayyad
Chief Data Officer & Group Managing Director

Usama Fayyad is the Group Managing Director of Barclays. Fayyad was the industry’s first chief data officer, responsible for Yahoo!’s global data strategy, architecting Yahoo!’s data policies and systems, prioritizing data investments, and managing the Company’s data analytics and data processing infrastructure which processed over 25 Terabytes of data per day. Fayyad also founded and managed the Yahoo! Research organization with offices around the world and which became the premier scientific research organization to develop the new sciences of the Internet, on-line marketing, and innovative interactive applications.

10.00-10.45 Differentiating Customer Treatment through Segmentation and Personalization

  • Types of Segmentation and techniques for insight-based differentiation and targeting
  • Narrowing the segments, mass customization and ultimate ‘segments of one’: Personalization
vlad-112x128 Vladimir Dimitroff
Principal Consultant
Beyond Philosophy

Visionary strategist with hands-on operational experience. He has extensive management consulting career on a leading major transformation programmes at blue-chip clients (telecoms, financial services, retail, travel and transport, media and technology), resulting in record performance and winning prestigious awards. Often acting as interim executive on significant change programs.

10.45-11.00 Morning Refreshments
11.00-11.45 The Future of Customer Analytics

  • Trends in consumer attitudes to vendors
  • The ‘datafication’ of daily life is exposing previously -invisible customer activities to analysis and optimization


Natalino Busa
Streaming and Real-Time Data Analytics Technologist

Natalino is currently a data architect at Ing Retail in the Netherlands, where he leads the definition, design and implementation of big/fast data solutions for data-driven financial applications such as personalized marketing and predictive analytics. All-round Software Architect, Data Technologist, Innovator, with 15+ years experience in research, development and management of distributed architectures and scalable services and applications.

11.45-12.15 Customer Journey Mapping: Charting the Critical Touch Points of your Customers’ Lifecycle

  • Benefits and challenges of customer journey mapping
  • Engagement at every stage of the lifecycle
  • Identifying potential fail points and fixing it
Ben-Smithwell-112x128 Ben Smithwell

Ben has had a varied career in CX, Service Design, leadership, marketing, customer service, and business analysis. He’s worked internationally in Bulgaria and the Middle East, and has done award-winning work in the HE sector.

How to Create Customer Love Stories

All successful relationships take patience, understanding and devotion. Your relationship with your customers and the experience you provide is no different. Show them that you only have eyes for them and they’ll grow to love your brand.

What are the four essential items that you need to make your customers fall in love with you? A combination of Total Voice of the Customer; Customer Journey Mapping; Personalization and a Single Customer View can have a dramatic impact on the success of your customer experience program

Sheridan-gray Sheridan Orr
Director of Product Marketing
NICE Systems UK Limited

Sheridan Orr is the Director of Product Marketing for Customer Journey Solutions at NICE.   She has extensive experience working for technology companies including Cisco, Red Hat and ChannelAdvisor. However, it is creating engaging customer experiences that she is most passionate about. As a consultant, she has worked with companies like Starbucks, HP, Macy’s and T-Mobile to help them craft their multi-channel customer experience strategy. Sheridan received her MA from Vanderbilt and her MBA from Tulane. In her spare time, she’s an avid skier and soccer mom.

logo_color_ positive
12.35-13.30 Networking Lunch
13.30-14.15 Identifying and Rewarding Your Most Valuable Customers

  • Understanding each customer
  • Context of the empowered customer
  • Single view of the customer
  • Drives insight driven communication with your customers
Martin-112x128 Martin Squires
Head of Customer Insight

A highly experienced customer & marketing analytics professional, with over 20 years experience helping a number of blue chip organizations drive value from building a deeper understanding of their customers and prospects.

14.15-15.00 A More Meaningful Measure for Customer Experience

Customer Experience is on every board agenda. However, most programmes seek to achieve their potential and often cost more than they deliver. Why is this? Measuring the wrong performance indicators is a key reason. Christopher will introduce EXQ (Experience Quality Performance), a more reliable measure for customer experience which accounts for 80% of CX profitability. Lexden work with Dr Professor Phil Klaus, the award winning academic and best-selling Amazon author behind EXQ.

Christopher-112-x128 Christopher Brooks
Director & Customer Experience

He is a customer strategist with agency, client and consultancy experience working with companies across Europe mainly in financial services but as varied as utilities to hospitality. He has 20 years experience across several sectors and countries turning this philosophy in to a practice. Christopher demonstrates the practical application to businesses f adopting one of the world’s leading academics on CX measure for customer experience.

15.00-15.30 Afternoon Refreshments
15.30-16.15 Becoming a Customer-centric Organization

  • Creating a focused but flexible customer-centric game plan
  • Measuring consumer experience and satisfaction with the right metrics and benchmark
Gael-112x128 Gael Decoudu
Lloyds Banking Group

Gael is a seasoned global leader in analytics and statistics with 10+ years of experience. He has a solid track record of combining a strong business sense with analytical expertise and result focus to deliver significant value. He has demonstrated his high adaptability thorough his career, having lead several multicultural and multifunctional teams across the world, directly and remotely in various industries (financial services, banking, e-commerce), in high growth and mature environments alike.

16.15-17.00 Insights Driven Selling and Business Development

  • Selling with Insights rather than products
  • Getting internal stakeholders onboard
  • Best practises and challenges
  • The future of insights selling
Alex-112-x128 Alex Kewley, CFA
Director, Client Insights & Solutions
ANZ London
 ANZ logo
17.00 Closing Remarks by Forum Chairman

End of Day 1


09.00-09.05 Opening Address by Forum Chairman
09.05-09.45 Keynote Address: Taking the next step in Analytics – Measuring Customer Emotional Engagement
morris-112x128 Morris Pentel
Customer Experience Foundation

Morris Pentel is a Customer Experience and Contact Strategy Designer and runs one of the most respected private Customer Experience and Contact Strategy consulting businesses in the world. Based in the UK he has a track record for successful work for some of the largest institutions and government organisations all over the world. He has delivered workshops over the last 18 months in 11 Countries and his designs influencing billions of the world’s Customer Experiences.

logo CEX
09.45-10.20 Predicting Your Customer’s Next Move

  • Stay ahead of your customer with predictive and behavioral analytics
  • Reduce customer attrition by constantly surprising your customers
jamie-112x128 Jamie Turner
PCA Predict

Jamie Turner is the CEO and co-founder of PCA Predict, one of the leading providers of checkout optimisation tools. As the former CTO, Jamie has a considerable knowledge of how to develop a massively scalable SaaS platform which meets both the resilience and reliability requirements of the on-demand market. He also has significant experience on the subject of big data with over five billion queries hitting the PCA Predict platform each year.

PCA logo
10.20-10.45 Morning Refreshments
10.45-11.30 From Too-Late to Real-time Analytics in Financial Services

  • User experience centric predictive analytics and marketing
  • Personalization of applications and targeted offers
  • Social data analytics, sentiment analysis
  • Cybersecurity and fraud detection
  • Open stack and open data collaboration
  • Attracting data science talent via OSS opportunities
george-gray George Depastas
VP, Head of Product, Real Time Big Data Analytics

George is the Global Head of Product, Real-time Big Data Analytics at Barclays where he drives big data innovation and also focuses on emerging markets such as Africa. Being an engineer at heart and by education, George has launched data-driven, customer-centric products, combining big data product management with his background in digital innovation, design and customer experience. George is passionate about the start-up world of relentless disruption, and was part of the team that delivered the first-ever Accelerator programme for Barclays, in partnership with Techstars.

11.30-12.15 Creating a Seamless Multi-Channel Experience for your Customer

  • Maintain a unified experience for the customer across all channels
  • Identify breaks in multi-channel communication
  • Ensure your business has the right people, processes and culture to achieve multi-channel success
Barbara-Cominelli-112x128 Barbara Cominelli
Director of Commercial and Operations

Barbara is in charge of Customer Experience, Customer Operations, Customer Value Management, Products and Services Design, Digital and Social media. She has wide international experience in Italy, UK, USA, Spain, The Netherlands and a successful track record in managing culturally diverse organizations. She was awarded the “Merit and Talent” prize for women executives in 2014 and “Best Young Executive” in 2009.

12.15-12.45 Big data and marketing analytics? Don’t try to measure marketing ROI
lucien-112x128 Lucien van der Hoeven
MarketShare DecisionCloud

Lucien van der Hoeven is MarketShare’s MD for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Lucien brings a wealth of various industry background from his previous positions of Managing Director at global market research leader GfK and Board Member of Europanel (a Kantar World panel and GfK joint venture), where he guided sales operations and global account management implementation across Europe. One of his favorite “big data” projects was the “single source media efficiency panel”.

12.45-13.45 Lunch
13.45-14.15 Are you successfully engaging with your customers in a connected world?

  • How to get to the heart of what your customers think about the brand experience you deliver
  • How to apply behavioural science to drive customer behaviour
  • The best ways to get your organization to engage with customer feedback


Simon Wood
UK Head of Customer Experience

Accomplished research analyst and subject matter expert focused on issues dealing with loyalty, customer experience, client satisfaction, as well as other key stakeholder areas such as employee engagement, internal service quality and corporate reputation.

14.15-15.00 Optimizing and Analyzing the Digital & Social Channel of Today and Tomorrow

In a multichannel world, it is increasingly important for businesses to understand and link activity at all points of interaction, so that behaviour in one channel can be used to improve performance across the estate. The emergence of Big Data technology gives us the opportunity to achieve this by revealing the value in new data sources, which can not only deepen understanding but also directly enhance customer experience. In this session we will discuss how RBS has leveraged Big Data tools and techniques to unlock the power of unstructured data, and harness this to deliver improved experiences and new value streams, in digital channels and beyond.



Dan Jermyn
Head of Big Data & Innovation
Royal Bank of Scotland

Co-creator of the SiteTagger tag management system (acquired by Signal in 2012) and an experienced leader in analytics, with a rare combination of advanced technical skills, strong commercial awareness and extensive experience of building teams, both onshore and offshore.

15.00-15.30 Afternoon Refreshments
15.30-16.15 Exploring the Internet of Things (IOT)

  • New innovations and possibility
  • Taking the first step into your IOT project
  • Staying ahead of competitors by surprising your customers
Andreas-112x128 Andreas Galatoulas
Head of Learning Data
axa logo
16.15-17.00 Leveraging Analytics to Create a Single Customer View and Optimize the Customer Experience Of The Brand

  • Catching the consumer: exploring the evolving dynamics of the new digital
    consumer ecosystem
  • Leveraging analytics to create a single customer view:
    o What drives the customer experience?
    o What impacts the customer experience?
    o What are the customers’ expectations of the brand?
Nicolas-Deturck-112x128 Nicolas Deturck
Customer Intelligence & Marketing Manager

Nicolas Deturck oversees all day-to-day digital, mobile and social media operations for Volkswagen. He is a Marketing Manager with solid experience in driving ideation, defining strategies, product communications and creative customer services, matched by a wide range of work and experience in print, web, interactive and social media.

17.00 Closing Remarks from Forum Chairperson

End of Day 2


09.00-12.30 Workshop A: Predictive Analytics: Forecasting your Business’ Future

  • What are the potential benefits and challenges of predictions for your business?
  • Predictive Modeling – Analyzing current and historical data of customer data
  • Reducing the uncertainty inherent in decision-making using quantifiable decision analysis and optimization
  • Increase business agility and reduce risk and using predictive analytics
  • Extract meaningful information and anticipate your customer’s next move
peter-gray Peter O’Neil
L3 Analytics

He is the founder of L3 Analytics and his goal is to remove the barriers that prevent companies tapping into the incredible value they can get out of web analytics. He share his ideas in ideas on Digital Analytics around the world. I have keynoted and presented at Google Analytics User Conference Netherlands, eMetrics London & Chicago, Superweek Hungary and Marketing Festival Czech Republic among others.

L3 logo
13.30-17.00 Workshop B: Data Visualization Workshop: How to Turn Data Into Customer Stories

  • Understanding the importance and functions of visualization
  • Challenges and benefits of data visualization
  • Utilizing different types of data
  • Determining the objective of your presentation
  • Increase clarity and impact of data messages to your audience through different visualizations techniques (Thinking critically about
    visualization design)
  • Transforming your data presentation into convincing storytelling for stakeholder buy-in
steen-112x128 Steen Rasmussen
Google Partner Academy Program Trainer and Speaker

Steen have been in the analytics game for more than 15 years and have been nominated as one of the world’s leading analysts by the Digital Analytics Association for the last 3 year running. He have shared his thoughts on the subject from Silicon Valley to Budapest and from Oslo to Barcelona for IIH Nordic, the agency he co-founded more than 10 year ago. With more than 55 employees, clients all across EMEA, and a nomination for Global Analytics Agency of the year IIH Nordic is a Scandinavian data-driven force to reckoned with.