About The Forum

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To prepare your organization to face the current and ongoing disruptions in the warehousing and supply chain industry, join us at the 4th Humanless Warehouse And Digital Supply Chain Forum 2021 this 1 – 3 February 2021 to be held virtually (via Zoom). After a successful run of the past editions, this year’s forum will focus on how you can take advantage of technologies such as artificial intelligence, drones, robotic process automation, machine learning, blockchain, predictive analytics and many more to accelerate your organization’s journey to optimize supply chain and warehousing operations, particularly in a time where there are many disruptions to supply chains across the globe.

Hear from highly acclaimed supply chain and warehousing experts as they elaborate on how they successfully rolled out the latest technologies to transform their logistics operations. This forum is an exciting opportunity for you to engage and forge partnerships with thought leaders and business experts in the supply chain and warehousing space.

Key Takeaways From This Forum

5 Key Takeaways From Attending This Forum:

  1. Demystify recent paradigm shifts towards digital supply chains and automated warehouses
  2. Discover how warehouses of the future can be fully automated with manpower optimized for strategic tasks
  3. Strive for supply chain and warehouse operational excellence with adoption of innovations such as autonomous mobile robots, drones, AI, Big Data and Blockchain
  4. Engage and forge partnerships with thought and business leaders in the supply chain and warehousing space
  5. Stay ahead of the curve with actionable insights, proven solutions and effective strategies from industry experts to address major challenges to logistics technology rollouts, and share solutions

Key Themes

  • Designing Next Generation Autonomous Warehouse
  • How Autonomous Robots And Drones Are Automating Warehouse Inventory Inspections
  • How Machine Learning & AI Improves Supply Chain Forecasting
  • Leveraging AI For Intelligent Robotic Sorting In Warehouses
  • How Robots Are Automating Picking Process In Our Warehouses
  • How GSK Optimized Its Supply Chain And Demand Forecasting With AI And Machine Learning
  • Employing Blockchain To Monitor The Entire Supply Chain & Deliver End-To-End Transparency

Hot Topics To Be Discussed


Main Forum

  • Redefining Humanless Warehousing With Advance Robotics
  • Real Life Best Practices In Robotic Warehouse Journey From Various Organizations
  • How Autonomous Warehouse Robots And Drones Help In Inventory Inspections
  • Leveraging AI-Powered Intelligent Robotic Sorting In Warehouse Optimization
  • Increasing Warehouse Efficiency With Goods-To-Person Automated Mobile Robots


Main Forum

  • Building Next Generation Digital Supply Chain With AI And Machine Learning
  • Creating Supply Chain Visibility & Transparency With Blockchain
  • Redefining Last Mile Delivery With Autonomous Robot And Drones
  • Building A Resilient Supply Chain In Managing Future Supply Chain Disruption
  • Transforming Supply Chain Efficiency And Visibility With Integration Of IoT, Blockchain And Smart Contracts


Post-Forum Wokshops

  • Workshop A: 7 Steps To Get The Best From Your Digital Supply Chain
  • Workshop B: Leveraging On Smart Technologies To Optimize Your Warehouse Processes For Higher Productivity And Lower Operational Cost