About the Forum

To prepare your organization for the forthcoming digital transformation in the warehousing and supply chain industry, join us at the 3rd Digital Supply Chain Innovation And Humanless Warehouse Forum this 28 – 30 October 2019 at The Langham Melbourne. After a successful run of the 1st and 2nd edition, this year’s forum will focus on how you can take advantage of technologies such as artificial intelligence, drones, robotic process automation, machine learning, blockchain, predictive analytics and many more to accelerate your organization’s journey to optimize supply chain and warehousing operations.

Hear from regional and international experts from companies like P&G, JD.com, DHL, Catch Group, Coles, Nufram and others as they elaborate on how they successfully rolled out the latest technologies to transform their logistics operations. This forum is an exciting opportunity for you to engage and forge partnerships with thought leaders and business experts in the supply chain and warehousing space.

Key Takeaways From This Forum

5 Revolutionary Takeaways From Attending This Forum:

  1. Join an exclusive gathering of thought and business leaders for meaningful exchanges around the various technologies and methodologies disrupting the warehousing and supply chain scene
  2. Acquire actionable insights, proven solutions and effective strategies to accelerate your organization’s journey to optimized supply chain and warehousing operations
  3. Discover new ways for internal stakeholders to collaborate in the pursuit of a better supply chain and fully autonomous warehouse
  4. Forge valuable partnerships with some of the most innovative minds at the forefront of logistics robotics, IoT, blockchain, AI, sustainability and more
  5. Learn more about how various organizations have successfully rolled out the latest technologies to transform their logistics operations

Key Themes

  • AI and Advanced Predictive Analytics: Empowering Next Generation Digital Supply Chain
  • Blockchains: Improving Transparency And Efficiency Across Entire Supply Chain
  • Machine Learning: Improving Demand Forecasting And Production Planning
  • Building Sustainable Global Supply Chain
  • Making Supply Chains Ethical and Sustainable With Blockchain
  • IoTs: Transforming Complex Supply Chains Into Fully Connected Network
  • Building A Fully Autonomous Warehouse Of The Future
  • Autonomous AI Drones: Automating Warehouse Inventory Management
  • AI For Intelligent Robotic Sorting In Warehouses
  • Self-Driving, Packing, Scanning And Sorting Robotics in Warehouses
  • Autonomous Forklifts: Case Study Of Automation In Distribution Centers
  • FedEx: Unveiling Last Mile Autonomous Delivery Robots
  • Autonomous Trucks Platooning: Cutting Logistics Costs
  • Supply Chain Control Towers: Improving Overall Agility And Visibility
  • Cognitive Procurement: Automating Future Procurement with AI And RPA
  • Autonomous Warehouse Site Tour

Hot Topics To Be Discussed

29 October 2019, Tuesday

Main Forum

  • Keynote: How AI And Advanced Predictive Analytics Allows Greater Contextual Intelligence And Empowers The Next Generation Digital Supply Chain
  • P&G Case Study: How Machine Learning And Advanced Predictive AnalyticsImproves Demand Forecasting And Production Planning
  • Carrefour invests €2 billion in AI For Its Supply Chain To Optimize Inventory Management And Reducing Waste
  • How Port Of Brisbane And Australian Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Are Operationalizing Blockchain To Improve Transparency, Visibility And Efficiency Across Entire Supply Chain
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Network Design: How Dell Built A Sustainable Global Supply Chain That Translates To Lower Costs, Zero Waste And Enhanced Business Innovations
  • Sustainability In Sourcing: How Cotton On Became An Ethical Sourcing Leader

30 October 2019, Wednesday

Main Forum

  • Keynote: How JD.com Built A Fully Autonomous Warehouse The Size Of 7 Football Fields With Nearly Zero Employees
  • Innovation Showcase: Using Autonomous AI Drones To Track And Automate Inventory Management In Warehouses
  • Leveraging AI For Intelligent Robotic Sorting And Visual Inspections In Warehouses
  • Toll Case Study: Learning Lessons From Deployment Of Autonomous Forklifts In Distribution Centers
  • DHL Innovation Showcase: How Autonomous Picking Self Driving Robots Streamlines Logistics Operations
  • FedEx Unveils Future Autonomous Delivery Robots
  • RPA Case Study: How Unilever Automates And Streamlines Its Procurement With Intelligent Process Automation