Forum Highlights

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend The Forum

  1. Compelling case studies shared by prominent speakers who have played imperative roles in infusing their supply chain and warehousing operations with technology, efficiency and sustainability
  2. Proven best practices and practical insights on what organizations need to do to cost-effectively implement optimized supply chains and autonomous warehouses
  3. Interactive, outcome-focused roundtable discussions and panels aimed at answering pressing questions and assisting delegates in mapping out successful supply chain and warehousing transformations
  4. An exclusive platform for industry experts to address major challenges to logistics technology rollouts, and share solutions
  5. A valuable opportunity to engage and forge partnerships with thought and business leaders in the supply chain and warehousing space

The Forum At A Glance


Main Forum

  • Redefining Humanless Warehousing With Advance Robotics
  • Real Life Best Practices In Robotic Warehouse Journey From Various Organizations
  • How Autonomous Warehouse Robots And Drones Help In Inventory Inspections
  • Leveraging AI-Powered Intelligent Robotic Sorting In Warehouse Optimization
  • Increasing Warehouse Efficiency With Goods-To-Person Automated Mobile Robots


Main Forum

  • Building Next Generation Digital Supply Chain With AI And Machine Learning
  • Creating Supply Chain Visibility & Transparency With Blockchain
  • Redefining Last Mile Delivery With Autonomous Robot And Drones
  • Building A Resilient Supply Chain In Managing Future Supply Chain Disruption
  • Transforming Supply Chain Efficiency And Visibility With Integration Of IoT, Blockchain And Smart Contracts


Post-Forum Automated Warehouse Tours

  • Site Tour A: Australia’s Largest Implementation Of Autonomous Mobile Robots
  • Site Tour B: Australia Automated Distribution Centre: State-of-the-Art Automated Sortation Systems And Racking In Labor Saving Process

Post-Forum Automated Warehouse Site Tours


You are invited to join us to discover how warehouse and distribution centers utilize state-of-the-art technology such as automated sorting systems and AMRs to transform their warehouse operations with full or semi-automation. AMRs can help to enhance the efficiency of logistics and warehousing operations by improving floor operations such as throughput and picking rates. This in turn enables warehouses and distribution centers to improve productivity by focusing manpower and skills on more strategic tasks.

SITE TOUR A (9:00am – 12:30pm)

Australia’s Largest Implementation Of Autonomous Mobile Robots To Meet Demand Of Same-Day Delivery 

SITE TOUR B (1:30pm – 5:00pm)

Australia Automated Distribution Centre: State-Of-The-Art Automated Sortation Systems And Racking In Labor Saving Process

*Space In Each Site Tour Is Limited, Registrations Will Be Available On First Come, First Reserved Basis