09:25 Welcoming Speech, Opening Remarks & Thank You Sponsor Speech By Conference Producer
09:30 Navigating The Roadblocks To The Vision Of Autonomous Operations

Autonomous Operations is the gold standard and incorporates current industry trends such as digital transformations, Digital twins and autonomous assets with predictive maintenance. This session will show you how to develop and implement a plan, how to engage operations, how to apply technologies and what the solution may look like.

Paul-Howat-112x128 Paul Howat
Director Digital Transformation
Emerson Logo
10:00 Artificial Intelligence For Mining
Ali-Soofastaei-112x128 Dr. Ali Soofastaei
AI Research Developer
Vale Logo

How Autonomous Drones Are Transforming Mining Operations Around The World

Tom-Pils-Photo-112x128 Tom Pils
Australian Certified UAV Operators Association
John Urli Logo

Is Mining Transformation Strategy Being Derailed At The Edge?

Alan-Seery-112x128 Alan Seery
Chief Technology Officer
Aqura Technologies

11:20 Morning Break

Zoom Breakout Sessions:

Zoom Breakout Session A:
Understanding The Benefits Of A Digital Twin In A Mining Digital Transformation

Jon-Weidenbaum-112x128 Jon Weidenbaum
Automation Consultant

Martin-Van-Der-Merwe-112x128 Martin Van Der Merwe
Business Director Systems and Solutions


Zoom Breakout Session B:
Sustainable Mine To Mill – Digital Solutions Enabling End-to-end Integrated Simulation And Operational Workflow

An end to end Mine to Mill (M2M) value chain focus approach has proven through multiple examples worldwide to drive substantial mill productivity benefits. Yet despite the economic uplift realised through this holistic mining to processing approach, M2M projects typically involve intense efforts over a period of months and fail to become permanently embedded in everyday workflow. Advances in digital capability are changing this, creating the enabling technologies to efficiently undertake simulation and optimisation from the block model all the way through to the end of the processing circuit, and also to tailor the application of explosives energy to varying orebody properties to produce optimum fragmentation in a sustainable operational workflow.

Angelo-Labriola-112x128 Angelo Labriola
Senior Manager, Digital Solutions

Nick-Beaton-112x128 Nick Beaton
General Manager – Integrated Extraction Simulator


Zoom Breakout Session C:
Decarbonising Mining Through Digital Mining Infrastructure

Paul-Barclay-112x128 Paul Barclay
Sales Manager
ABB Mining Solutions

12:30 Lunch Break

Making Digital A Reality: What It Actually Takes To Build A Digitally Connected Mine

There’s a lot of theory around what digitalisation should look like, but what are the steps to get there? Join ABB for a hands on presentation, where we will discuss our strategy and our progress to building one of the most digitally connected mines, here in Australia.

Jonathan-Maher-112x128 Jonathan Maher
Sales Manager, Mining Systems
ABB Australia


Orebody Knowledge To blasting Outcomes In Tomorrow’s Mine, Today

Roy Hill and Orica have been working in a close strategic partnership since 2017 aimed at delivering Roy Hill’s Smart Future Pit-Port vision of creating Tomorrow’s mine, today. This program leverages new technology and the application of innovative thinking to maximise efficiency to meet the needs of the future. To date, Roy Hill and Orica’s partnership has largely focussed on Smart Orebody, Smart Assets and Integrated and Intelligent systems. In particular the application of data science and machine learning to data from the geological model, autonomous drills, blasts, and the fleet management system to deliver Smart blasting. The companies have jointly collaborated to create and operationalise the technologies that enable the data-led application of explosives energy matched to enhanced orebody knowledge, targeting consistent and predictable blast outcomes that deliver sustainable profit improvement.

Eden-Paki-112x128 Eden Paki
Senior Manager – Global Accounts (Auspac)

Karl-Keys---Roy-Hill-112x128 Karl Keys
Manager Mine Scheduling
Roy Hill

roy hill logo

Sustainability In Mining

Geoffrey-Bhat-112x128 Dr. Geoffrey Batt
Research Portfolio Manager
Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia

minerals research institute of western australia logo

Regulating Autonomous Equipment In WA – The Journey To So Far

Peter-OLoughlin-112x128 Peter O’Loughlin
Senior Inspector of Mines – Mines Safety Directorate
Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety
Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety

Moonshot Thinking: Making Space Mining A Reality

Joshua-Letcher-112x128 Joshua Letcher
Chief Executive Officer
Space Industries
Joshua Letcher's logo

Digital Ore Tracking And Real World Applications

Mitin-Hirani-112x128 Mitin Hirani
Principal Data Scientist
Roy Hill
Roy Hill Speaker Image
15:30 Global Mining Guidelines Group: Implementation Of Autonomous Technology On Large Scale
Michelle-Ash-112x128 Michelle Ash
Michelle Ash Logo
16:00 Closing Remarks By Conference Chairperson
Kate-Dickson's-photo-112x128 Kate Dickson
Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC)
AMEC BLUE Transparent background FULL Logo

09:25 Welcoming Speech, Opening Remarks & Thank You Sponsor Speech By Conference Producer
09:30 Technology Driving Mining In WA
Bill-Johnston-Photo-112x128 Hon Bill Johnston MLA
Minister for Mines and Petroleum
Member for Cannington
Government of Western Australia

Bill Johnston logo
10:00 Future Smart Mines With Artificial Intelligence:  Case  Study  Of  Vale’s  New Artificial Intelligence Mining Centre
Malcolm-McRae-112x128 Malcolm McRae
Head of Advanced Analytics
10:20 Adaptive Mine Planning On The Fly

Join ABB as they run through a live demo of its digital mine planning system. In this session, ABB will simulate a real-life scenario of responding and adapting to unforeseen situations on the fly. As miners, we all know that things don’t always go as planned. How will the digitalisation of mining systems improve the way we respond to such unplanned events, and improve overall productivity?

Clinton-McKinnon-112x128 Clinton McKinnon
Product Manager – Digital Mines
Jonathan-Maher-112x128 Jonathan Maher
Sales Manager, Mining Systems
ABB Australia

Improving Lithium Mining & Processing With Advanced Technologies

Carlos_new-112x128 Carlos Galli
Norlab SRL (Argentina)
Logo Norlab
11:00 Morning Break
11:10 Augmented Reality And Enabling Technologies Of The Mining 4.0 Revolution
Nicolas-Jubera-112x128 Nicolas Jubera
TIMining (Chile)
Nicolas Jubera's logo
11:30 The Role Of Technology Vendors In Digital Technology Adoption
Technology delivery requirements to enable industry adoption within end market operations.
Adrian-Beer-Image-112x128 Adrian Beer
Chief Executive Officer
METS Ignited
11:50 Connected Products And Big Data, A Vital Part In Achieving Autonomous Mining Operations
Connected products and big data are the heart and soul for autonomous operations. To achieve this operational data needs to be available and trusted. We are building the next generation industrial world to be open, sustainable, data driven and efficient, moving you from reactive to predictive outcomes from your pit to port.
Craig-Scott-112x128 Craig Scott
State Manager QLD, Industrial Automation
Schneider Electric SE
Craig Scott's logo
12:10 Sustainability In Mining
Emerson’s insight into mining sustainability and a deep dive into the broader market to see what is driving sustainability.
Mike-Train-112x128 Mike Train
Chief Sustainability Officer
Emerson Logo
12:30 Lunch Break
13:30 Zoom Breakout Sessions:
Zoom Breakout Session A:
Is Mining Transformation Strategy Being Derailed At The Edge?
Alan-Seery-112x128 Alan Seery
Chief Technology Officer
AQURA Technologies
Craig-112x128 Craig Copes
Principal Solutions Architect Australia
AQURA Technologies
Zoom Breakout Session B:
FLIR Ex Series Cameras – Powerful Troubleshooting Tools For Building, Electrical, And Mechanical Applications
Steven-Blott---FLIR-112x128 Steven Blott
State Manager Western Australia for FLIR System
RS Components + FLIR
BN MasterLogo (WA) CMYK

Innovation Delivering Safety And Productivity Improvements For The Mining Industry

Mark-Thomas-112x128 Mark Thomas
Group Manager Technology & Autonomy
Fortescue Metals Group
Fortescue logo
14:50 7 Lessons On Mining Automation Whilst Driving Digital Transformation At BHP
Coert-Du-Plessis-112x1287 Coert Du Plessis
Data Chief
Coert's logo
15:10 Afternoon Break
15:20 Mining With Responsibility: Using The Latest Technology To Address Environmental Concerns In Latin America Mining – The SQM Experience
Stefan-Debruyne-112x128 Stefan Debruyne
Director, Iodine and Lithium
SQM International
Stefan Debruyne's logo - SQM
15:40 Sustainability In Mining: How Technology Is Rapidly Improving Sustainability In Mining And Successful Mine Rehabilitations Case Studies
Thao-Dh-Ngo-112x128 Thao D.H. Ngo
Group Executive Chairman
First Indochina Group, Vietnam
Thao Dh Ngo_First Indochina Group logo
16:00 Closing Remarks By Conference Chairperson
Kate-Dickson's-photo-112x128 Kate Dickson
Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC)
AMEC BLUE Transparent background FULL Logo

Autonomous Mining Workshops
10:00-11:30 Workshop A:

Experience How A Digital Mine Will Work For You

Digital transformation, IIoT, Industry 4.0, Big Data, analytics, wireless sensors, digital twin, mobility, KPI, dashboard, wireless sensors and augmented reality, what do they all mean and what can they do for you? Join this virtual tour of Emerson Solutions Center in Singapore and experience how these digital technologies will transform the way you run and maintain your mine site(s).

Workshop A image 1

Mei-Wan-112x128 Mei Wan
Solution Architect
Emerson Automation Solutions, Melbourne, Australia
Jonas-Berge-112x128 Jonas Berge
Senior Director of Applied Technology
Emerson Automation Solutions, Singapore
11:30-12:30 Lunch Break

Workshop B:

Accelerating The Development Of Autonomous Solutions Through Industry Collaborations

Like many sectors, the mining industry is being reimagined with robotics, automation, artificial intelligence, big data and the Internet-of-Things transforming the mining value chain. The imperative for collaboration across the METS ecosystem to develop future technologies and solutions is more pronounced than ever. This panel will showcase how the world’s largest provider of explosives technology brought key industry stakeholders and partners together to develop a specific needs-driven solution that will improve both safety and productivity for mining operations.


Nick-Harrison_Orica-112x128 Nick Harrison
Senior Manager Services & Automation Technology
Ben-Taylor_Orica-112x128 Ben Taylor
Manager, Underground Automation
Camilla-Spangberg_Epiroc-112x128 Camilla Spångberg
Global Product Manager
Lars Bergkvist's logo
Lars-1-112x128 Lars Bergkvist
Global Key Customer Manager
Lars Bergkvist's logo

Workshop C:

Digital Twins Within The Resources Sector: A Spatial Perspective

With industry starting on or already a way down a digital twin path, the presentation explores the use of spatial data as a key component to a digital twin.

Examining the form of which a digital using spatial datasets can form, concepts such as Level of Detail and spatial datasets are explained and applied to real word examples.

It is also described that even the basic of digital twins can be used to optimise plant performance, either through personnel time savings or using connectivity with smart sensors.


Nicholas-Davies-112x128 Nicholas Davies
Digital & Spatial Manager VIC / SA / TAS
Veris Australia
Nicholas Davies's logo