09:00 Opening Remarks by Conference Chairperson
09:15 Keynote: Intelligent Mines – Building an Autonomous Mine from Pit to Port
  • What would an automated mine of the future look like?
  • The Death of the Manual Mine?
  • What constitutes a Digital Mine?
  • Preparing for the digital reinvention of the Mine
Bill-Johnston-Photo-112x128 HON BILL JOHNSTON MLA
Minister for Mines and Petroleum
Member for Cannington
Government of Western Australia

Harnessing Digital Transformation to Achieve Top Quartile Performance in Mining

Global industry is focused on digital transformation, leveraging new technologies to boost project and operational performance. But there’s no consensus on how to get there, and it’s difficult for companies to know whether they are on the right track or when they’ve arrived. A clear and actionable roadmap tailored to business goals and readiness enables companies to gain clarity on their best opportunities for digital transformation and build a realistic implementation plan to accelerate time to results. Emerson’s Digital Transformation Roadmap is focused on business drivers and enablers around key areas of project and operational performance which, coupled with Emerson’s unique portfolio and expertise, enable top quartile results.


Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

10:15 Interactive Speed Networking Session
10:30 Morning Refreshments & Networking Session

How Rio Tinto Realizes Major Benefits in Automation: From Autonomous Drilling to Driverless Trains

Alastair-Matthias-112x128 ALASTAIR MATHIAS
General Manager – Automation & Technology, Productivity & Technical Support
Rio Tinto
11:15 Mining Robots: New Autonomous Drilling Delivering Significant Gains in Blast Accuracy and Drilling Performance While Driving Improvements in Productivity and Safety (Plus New Advances in Drilling Tech)
Hume-Saunders-112x128 HUME SAUNDERS
Manager – Automation & Technology Platforms
Rio Tinto
11:45 Future X Architecture for Mining: A Connected, Digital Platform for Creating Safer, More Efficient and Productive Mines
Learn how mining business can benefit from a new communications architecture, and discover how:

  • A mission-critical private LTE network will support robust wireless, multi-service coverage and capacity, offering a unified, future-proof infrastructure for mobile broadband, PTT/PTV, CCTV, IoT and future AR/VR applications.
  • Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) technologies provide the flexibility, scalability and universal availability of computing power, data and intelligence, while supporting ultra-low latencies required for automation and autonomy.
  • Digital value platforms ensure that mining companies can turn the masses of data collected from a vast multitude of sensors, cameras and systems into actionable insights from pit to port.
  • The above technologies are helping mining operators to create value, through business-centric applications and cross-domain collaboration with ecosystem partners along the full value chain.
Marc-Jadoul-112x128 MARC JADOUL
Strategic Marketing Director
12:05 Connecting Your Mine to the Future – Axon Digital Ecosystem
Connecting your mine to the future will require a flexible, integrated and open standard communications ecosystem.  Choosing the right digital ecosystem will determine how much data and what advanced applications a mine can deploy to ensure maximum flexibility and uptime.  We will review how miners are achieving scalable and flexible digital ecosystem, and how to avoid getting locked to one solution or technology when deploying the next generation productivity and safety optimisation systems.
Brett-Freeman-112x128 BRETT FREEMAN
General Manager APAC
MST Global
12:25 Networking Luncheon

Panel Discussion: What Does the Future of Mining Look Like for You and How Do Technologies Like Cloud & Machine Learning Play a Role in Allowing You to Adopt These Technologies Faster

Claire-Wildekamp-112x128 Moderator:

General Manager, Western Australia

 Christo-Visser-Covalent-Lithium-112x128 Panellists:

Superintendent Applications & S4HANA Program Manager
Covalent Lithium Pty Ltd

Covalent Lithium Logo
 Anton-Kroger-112x128 ANTON KROGER
Senior Director, Energy and Natural Resources
 Rebecca-Kerr-Roy-Hill-112x128 REBECCA KERR
General Manager Technology
Roy Hill
Roy Hill Logo Small
 Ryan-Morrison-OzMinerals-112x128 RYAN MORRISON
Applications Architect
Oz Minerals
14:00 Digitalisation – Creating Value and Visibility for the Mining Industry to Improve Productivity, Reduce Downtime and a Safe Environment
Paul_Barclay-112x128 PAUL BARCLAY
Sales Manager

How Resolute has Captured Advantages and is Leading the Industry in Commissioning the World’s First Fully Automated Underground Gold Mine at Syama in Mali

John-Wellborn-112x128 JOHN WELBORN
Managing Director
Resolute Mining Limited
 Resolute Mining
15:00 Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Session

Interoperability Enabling Autonomous Missions in Mining

Sharna-Glover-112x128 SHARNA GLOVER
Program Director Autonomous Operations

Building a World-class Autonomous Fleet Management System Plus Retro-fitting Existing Trucks, Loaders and Equipment’s to Autonomous Capabilities

Joe-Cronin-112x128 DR JOE CRONIN
Automation Project Manager
Resolute Mining Limited
Resolute Mining

Safety Regulation in the Autonomous Mines of Western Australia

Andrew-Chaplyn-112x128 ANDREW CHAPLYN
Director Mines Safety
Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety

17:00 Closing Remark by Conference Chairperson
17:15 End of Day One Cocktail Reception

After a long day of learning, benchmarking, and planning, unwind and mingle with your colleagues.


09:00 Opening Remarks by Conference Chairperson
09:15 Fortescue’s Values Based Approach to Innovation
 James-Herring-112x128 JAMES (JIM) HERRING
General Manager, Christmas Creek

Fortescue logo
09:45 The Best of Both Worlds: Edge and Cloud Combined for More Efficient and Effective Mining
Gary-Robertson-112x128 GARY ROBERTSON
Product Strategy – Manager

Antoine-Desmet-112x128 ANTOINE DESMET
Analytics Manager – Smart Solutions
10:15 Morning Refreshments & Networking Session
10:30 Digitising Drill and Blast, And Its Critical Role in The Mining Value Chain
Angelo-Labriola-112x128 ANGELO LABRIOLA
Head of Product, Digital Solutions
11:00 Case Study of Granny Smith Gold Mine IIoT Deployment Strategies. Why and How IIoT deployments succeeded
Michael-Place-112x128 MICHAEL PLACE
Projects Unit Manager
Gold Fields
11:30 Roundtable Discussion

Case Studies – Mining Tech Innovations and the exploration and processing of Minerals and Metals through:

a. Development of a Maturity Scale for Mining Performance and Maintenance Data Analytics.
Ali-Soofastaei-112x128 ALI SOOFASTAEI
AI Research Developer
AI Centre of Excellence, Vale, Australia
Vale Logo
b. The State’s Strategic Investment in the Future of the Mineral’s Sector: Focussing on Innovation and the Digital Economy.
Anil-Subramanya-112x128 ANIL SUBRAMANYA
Research Portfolio Manager
Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia

minerals research institute of western australia logo
c. What Does the Mine of the Future Look Like?
Paul_Barclay-112x128 PAUL BARCLAY
Sales Manager

d. Wi-Fi, LTE or 5G for Your Mining Network
Jaime-Laguna-112x128 JAIME LAGUNA
Sales Manager, Energy Practice

e. IoT Technology Developments and Cultural Enablers to Attain Top Quartile Performance
New Jon-Weidenbaum2-112x128 JON WEIDENBAUM
Automation Consultant

New Martin-MDW2-112x128 MARTIN VAN DER MERWE
Busines Director Systems and Solutions
12:30 Networking Luncheon
13:30 Artificial Intelligence in Mining and Metallurgical Operations, with Case Studies: Treating Rocks and Minerals as Data Objects using AI and Immersive Visualization
James-Batchelor-112x128 JAMES BATCHELOR
Superintendent Modelling Operations/Mining
Roy Hill Iron Ore
 Roy Hill_Higher Res
14:00 Pit to Plant Digital Twin Simulation Case Studies
Penny-Stewart-112x128 DR PENNY STEWART
Managing Director
Petra Data Science
14:20 The Application of Artificial Intelligence to Improve Productivity, and Energy Efficiency in Surface Mine Sites
Ali-Soofastaei-112x128 ALI SOOFASTAEI
AI Research Developer
AI Centre of Excellence, Vale, Australia
Vale Logo
14:40 The Future of Tailings Dam Management through Automation and Digitalisation
 Dan-Ward-112x128 DAN WARD
Mining Technology Manager
15:10 Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Session
15:30 Integrating IoTs with Miners to Track Efficiencies, Output and Productivity
Thao-Dh-Ngo-112x128 THAO DH NGO
Group Executive Chairman

First Indochina Group, Vietnam
Thao Dh Ngo_First Indochina Group logo
16:00 5G and High Resolution Positioning Services as Enablers for Mine Automation
Peter-Burman-112x128 PETER BURMAN
Program Manager, Mine Automation
16:30 Mining Chief Tech Officer Conference Panel Discussion:
Bringing Chief Transformation Officers, Chief Geologists, CTOs, Chief Data Officers, Chief Robotics Officers to discuss and debate on the latest tech disruptions and industry & market challenges faced by the international mining community
Thao-Dh-Ngo-112x128 THAO DH NGO
Group Executive Chairman
First Indochina Group, Vietnam
Thao Dh Ngo_First Indochina Group logo
 Peter-Burman-112x128 PETER BURMAN
Program Manager, Mine Automation
17:00  Closing Remark by Conference Chairperson

Digital Mining Automation Equipment Site Tour
 09:00-12:00 Morning

With rapid transformations to drone technology, the adoption and expansion of drone usage is increasingly cutting across industries. With these advances come challenges including how to conduct operations within Civil Aviation Safety Authority regulations, and manage various privacy and security issues.

Clariden Global have partnered with Global Drone Solutions to bring you this workshop, to learn about the latest industry advances in drone technology and hear from industry experts on how they utilise drones in their business. The workshop includes drone demonstration and attendees will also be given the opportunity to view various different drone platforms.

Site Tour Page 6_1

14:00-16:00  Afternoon

Data, technology, and new ways to use both are increasingly transforming the mining sector worldwide. From drones to automation to data collection and analytics and more, miners now have the cutting edge of science to help them slash down the inefficiencies and hazards that have long plagued mining operations. See it for yourself on a tour of Curtin University’s HIVE (Hub for Immersive Visualisation and E-research), an advanced facility dedicated to immersive data visualization and simulation. You will be treated to virtual reality tours of some Western Australian mining sites that are making strides towards digitization and automation, as well as get a glimpse inside the Pawsey Supercomputer Center, one of only two of its kind in Australia.

VR Mining