About The Conference

Executive Assistants (EAs) and Personal Assistants (PAs) are in a group of employees that are passionate, energetic, strong & committed, and play an integral role in the success of an organization. The role of EAs/PAs have long evolved beyond administrative roles to perfecting the art of scheduling, timing, prioritizing and productivity.

While performing several individual tasks, the EAs/PAs in the workplace structure must work closely with other team members to help meet corporate objectives as well, making the EAs/PAs an integral cross – functional asset to the organization that requires the highest standard in multi-tasking and efficiency.

The 7th Annual National EA/PA Conference is a brilliant networking opportunity for Executive Assistants (EAs) and Personal Assistants (PAs) from all over the region. We are gathering world-renowned professionals to share insights into their day-to-day routines, giving you hands-on tips on getting your tasks completed more efficiently.

Join us at the conference and build on your success and pave a meaningful corporate journey. You will understand how to handle different personalities, overcome stress, and become more resilient. You will experience what a personal brand is and increase your visibility in the digital age. The conference will also feature valuable strategies, techniques and tips to enhance the effectiveness of your executive support functions, see your profession through the eyes of your executives, and keep abreast of the latest must-have skills for your career development.

Why Join This Conference


  1. Knowledge: Discover powerful new skills on higher-level communications, project management, motivational and inner circle skills for personal success
  2. Inspirational Leadership: This conference will inspire you with powerful leadership and relationship skills to cultivate stronger alignment with your bosses
  3. Discover: How to build a standout career with passion and purpose, proven strategies to become a standout EA/PA and finding your voice to excel in challenging times
  4. Be the Ultimate Assistant: Learn from award winning executive assistants on their secrets to working with any high-powered employers
  5. Technology Upgrade: Update yourself with the latest task automation and productivity strategies within the workplace

At the end of the 3-day conference, you will return to your job refreshed, motivated, energized, and feeling valued by your organization.

Key Themes

  • The Diplomatic EA: Spotting Potential Conflict, Learning How to Defuse It
  • Developing a Powerful Inner Circle
  • Leadership Development for EA/PAs
  • Managing Multiple Projects and Multi-Task Effectively
  • Beauty Healthcare for Peak Performance
  • Branding Strategy for EAs
  • Finding Your Voice to Manage Adversity and ExcelManaging Multiple Managers & Bosses
  • How to Build a Standout Career with Passion and Purpose
  • Powerful Presentation and Facilitation Skills
  • Task Automation and Productivity with Technology
  • How to Improve Professional Relationship with Your Boss
  • How to Prepare for the Arrival of a New Boss

Post-Conference Activities

Workshop A: Task Automation and Productivity with Technology Masterclass for EA/PAs

Executive assistants are mastering technology within a variety of applications. By understanding how to apply this knowledge in a practical setting, EAs increase the bottom line by saving time. Through engaging demos with comedic flair, attendees will learn how to better utilize programs for the tasks at hand. This three-part course will focus on software as it relates to project management, data management, and task automation.

Workshop B: Sharpening Your Visual Brand in The Modern Business Era

In today’s fast-paced and disruptive economy, we need both substance and presence to make our mark in an ever-changing, competitive landscape. While our knowledge, experience and expertise enable us to carry out our functional roles, many individuals have lost opportunities because they fail to manage and be aware of how people perceive them – which is essentially taking charge of building a personal brand. Have you ever wondered why certain people seem to have more favor and influence with others at work and even in relationships?