Summit Highlights

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  1. How Hydrogen Could Fuel Australia’s Next Export Boom?
  2. Where Are The Real Sources Of Hydrogen Demand Coming From?
  3. How Is Chiyoda Creating The World’s First Global Hydrogen Supply Chain?
  4. Latest Insights Into Australia’s First Hydrogen Superhub
  5. How Are Companies Raising Capital To Invest In The Hydrogen Boom?
  6. Case Study: World’s First Coal To Hydrogen Energy At Latrobe Valley
  7. When Will Australia’s Hydrogen Production Costs Be Competitive Enough For Sustainable Export?
  8. What Are The Latest Breakthroughs In Low-Cost Green Hydrogen Production Technologies?
  9. What Is New Zealand’s Latest Green Hydrogen Blueprint & Strategy?
  10. Insights And Learning Lessons For Australia’s First Hydrogen Export Terminal
  11. What Is NSW’s Latest Hydrogen Roadmap?
  12. What Are The Latest Government Incentives For Financing Of Hydrogen Production?

Hot Topics To Be Discussed

DAY 1: 5 FEBRUARY 2020

  • International Insights Into Japan’s And Korea’s Success In The Global Hydrogen Economy
  • Latest Hydrogen Initiatives From Australia’s ARENA
  • Case Study: The World’s First Coal To Hydrogen Energy In Latrobe Valley
  • Australia’s First Hydrogen Superhub: World’s Largest Co-Located Wind, Solar, Battery And Hydrogen Facility
  • Financing, Government Incentives And New Regulations On Hydrogen Production Roadmap
  • Insights Into Current And Future Cost Curve Of Hydrogen Electrolysis And Production

DAY 2: 6 FEBRUARY 2020

  • Innovations In Lowest-Cost Green Hydrogen Production Technologies
  • Hydrogen Innovations And Applications In Mining
  • New Zealand’s Green Hydrogen Blueprint & Strategy
  • Innovations In Large Scale Commercial Carbon Capture And Storage For Hydrogen Production From Fossil Fuel
  • Insights Into Woodside’s Strategic Investments Into Blue Hydrogen


  • Site Tour A: CSIRO Porous Materials Facility
  • Site Tour 2: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technological Innovations Showcase & Updates At The Center For Hybrid Energy Systems

Exclusive Post-Summit Site Tours

Site Tour A (new)

Site Tour A: CSIRO Porous Materials Facility

In this site tour, the delegates will have a glimpse of the CSIRO porous materials facility. CSIRO, Australia’s National Science Agency, lead research in the translation of porous materials to practical use. The facilities include industrial scale prototype for the production of porous materials, and their use in gas separation and storage. The tour will be led by A/Prof Matthew Hill, who has over 100 publications in the area, and a long track record of developing materials for the separation and storage of hydrogen.


Site Tour B: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technological Innovations Showcase & Updates At The Center For Hybrid Energy Systems

In this site tour, delegates will have a glimpse of the state-of-the-art facility of the new Centre for Hybrid Energy Systems (CHES) launched by CSIRO in Clayton, Victoria, showcasing the substantial expertise and capability of integrating energy storage, renewable energy, hydrogen, fuel cell technologies, fuel processing, systems design, and construction.