Summit Highlights

Key Themes Of The Summit

12 Key Themes That Are Powerfully Relevant To Your Organization:

  1. Key Development Of World’s Largest Green Hydrogen Project That Produces 3.5 Million Tonnes Of Green Hydrogen Per Year
  2. Financing The Future Of Hydrogen
  3. Enabling Infrastructure For Hydrogen Exports
  4. Engie’s Solar Powered Green Ammonia Plan To Leverage On Hydrogen Electrolyzer In Producing Green Ammonia
  5. Integrating Green Hydrogen For Mine Decarbonization
  6. How ATCO Is Blending Renewable Hydrogen Into The Gas Network
  7. How Hydrogen Is Delivering Australian Gas Infrastructure Group’s Gas Vision 2050
  8. Analyzing The Green Hydrogen Exporting Opportunity For Australia
  9. The Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain (HESC) Project In Gippsland, Victoria
  10. Australia’s First Hydrogen-Powered Trucks And Refueling Station In Decarbonizing The Road Freight Industry
  11. Developing Utility Scale Bankable Solar And Hydrogen Projects
  12. Advancing Underground Hydrogen Storage In Australia

Hot Topics To Be Discussed

Day 1: Wednesday, 19 January 2022 | Main Virtual Summit

  • Updates On Australia’s Latest Initiatives On Hydrogen Development
  • Insights On Australia’s Policies And Regulation Update On Hydrogen Commercialization
  • Discussion On Technological Solutions As Key Enabler To Hydrogen Production
  • Driving Australia’s Hydrogen With Its Hydrogen Certification Scheme
  • Case Studies From Various Green Hydrogen Projects And How It Produces Hydrogen For Industrial Usage

Day 2: Thursday, 20 January 2022 | Main Virtual Summit

  • Enabling Large-Scale Hydrogen Storage In Underground In Preparation For Australia To Be The Largest Hydrogen Exporter
  • Discussion On The Future Of Green Hydrogen Exporting Opportunity For Australia
  • Best Practices And Case Studies On Hydrogen Storage and Distributions From Various Organizations
  • Boosting Transport Sector With Renewable Green Hydrogen
  • Integrating Green Hydrogen for Mine Decarbonization
  • Developing Utility Scale Bankable Solar And Hydrogen Projects 

Why Join This Summit

8 Reasons To Join Us At The 3rd Hydrogen Production, Storage And Infrastructure Development Global Summit!

  1. Accelerate the deployment and commercialization of hydrogen production and storage technologies as a key solution on the pathway to net-zero carbon emissions
  2. Understand government incentives, financing schemes and policies supporting the rise of the hydrogen economy
  3. Get the latest updates on new hydrogen projects in the various successful organizations
  4. Discover an exciting showcase of innovative products and solutions for hydrogen production, storage and other infrastructure development
  5. Discuss real, major challenges for a newcomer to find a niche within the hydrogen sector of the future
  6. Gain familiarity with the latest hydrogen innovations, technological breakthroughs and advances, time to market and hydrogen commercialization
  7. Engage and learn from some of the industry’s most innovative minds and build valuable partnerships in striving the vision of net-zero emission by 2050
  8. Get your pressing questions answered in insightful, engaging and thought-provoking keynotes, discussions and networking sessions