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12 Key Themes That Are Powerfully Relevant To Your Organization:

  1. How ThyssenKrupp Produced The World’s First Hydrogen Steel By Eliminating Coal
  2. Low Emissions Hydrogen And Graphite Production With The Hazer Process
  3. Safety Considerations For Hydrogen And Fuel Cell Applications
  4. Western Australia’s Renewable Hydrogen Strategy: The Development Of A Local Green Hydrogen Economy
  5. Transporting The Fuel Of The Future With Pure Hydrogen Extracted From Ammonia
  6. How Investment Strategies Can Help Accelerate Hydrogen Developments
  7. How BOC Plans To Progress The Commercialization Of Hydrogen For Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles In Queensland
  8. Fueling The Future Of Mobility: Hydrogen And Fuel Cell Solutions For Transportation
  9. How Cost-Effective Green Hydrogen Is Produced With Solid Oxide Electrolysis (SOE) Technology
  10. The Export Opportunity For Australia’s Hydrogen Future
  11. The Roles Of Fuel Cells In The Stationary, Automotive, Rail And Maritime Sectors
  12. Driving Commercial-Scale Deployment Of Renewable Hydrogen For Australia

Hot Topics To Be Discussed


  • Western Australia’s Renewable Hydrogen Strategy: The Development Of A Local Green Hydrogen Economy
  • Hydrogen And Fuel Cell Solutions For Transportation
  • Fuel Cells And Their Role In The Stationary, Rail And Maritime Sectors
  • Hydrogen Battery Breakthrough Offers Mass Hydrogen Storage Options For Zero Future Emissions
  • Transporting The Fuel Of The Future With Pure Hydrogen Extracted From Ammonia
  • Safety Considerations For Hydrogen And Fuel Cell Application


  • How Tasmanian State Government Plans To Facilitate Opportunities For The Production And Use Of Renewable Hydrogen
  • How ThyssenKrupp Produced The World’s First Hydrogen Steel By Eliminating Coal
  • Driving Commercial-scale Deployment Of Renewable Hydrogen For Australia
  • The Hazer Process: Low Emissions Hydrogen And Graphite Production
  • Commercializing Solid Oxide Electrolysis (SOE) Technology To Produce Cost-Effective Green Hydrogen


  • Workshop A: Hydrogen Safety Training
  • Workshop B: Hydrogen – Production, Delivery, Storage, And Use

Exclusive Post-summit Workshops

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Workshop A: Hydrogen Safety Training

As the hydrogen economy grows, so do the risks. Anyone who works with systems that use hydrogen must be aware of the potential hazards involved and the protective measures they may need to take. The workshop will cover hydrogen fire and explosion safety through practical industry examples of real incidents related to hydrogen. This workshop is intended for personnel who directly handle hydrogen or work around hydrogen systems, including individuals involved in the use, specification, procurement, assembly, operation, maintenance, instrumentation, safety, management or incident investigation of systems, components, and fires or explosions involving liquid or gaseous hydrogen or hydrogen gas mixtures.


Workshop B: Hydrogen – Production, Delivery, Storage, And Use

Hydrogen holds the potential to provide clean, safe, affordable, and secure energy from abundant domestic resources. However, there are several technical challenges to the commercialization and widespread use of hydrogen as an energy carrier. Hydrogen as a transportation fuel prompts the need for engineers and government officials with professional engineering licenses to be well-informed about hydrogen in order to advance the commercial development of hydrogen production, delivery, storage, and use. This workshop will cover the current methods and challenges associated with production, delivery, storage, and use of hydrogen as a transportation fuel.