Forum Highlights

8 Reasons To Join Us At This Forum

  1. Witness significant case studies from thought leaders and experts in curbing Indigenous mental health and suicide behavior issues
  2. Discuss strategies to help Indigenous communities in improving community wellbeing and formulating suicide prevention strategies
  3. Discover how integration of cultural and community-led approaches can create effective suicide prevention programs
  4. Delve into the root cause of mental health risks by addressing intergenerational and social wounds
  5. Tacking key factors behind the rising concern of suicide behavior in Indigenous communities
  6. Explore how technology can improve mental health care systems for Indigenous communities in rural areas
  7. Share ideas on best practices in overcoming social ills in the Indigenous communities, and enhancing suicide prevention initiatives
  8. Get pressing questions answered through insightful, engaging and thought-provoking keynotes, discussions, and networking sessions

Hot Themes To Be Discussed

  • Addressing The Problem Of Depression, Despair And Suicide In Australia’s Indigenous Communities
  • Tackling Indigenous Youth Suicide With Peer Mentoring
  • The Importance Of Community Involvement In Indigenous Suicide Prevention
  • How The Alive And Kicking Goals! Program Helps Enhanced Indigenous Youth Self-Esteem
  • How Community-led Efforts Can Be Effective In Fighting Against Suicide Behavior
  • The Emotional And Spiritual Wellbeing Of The Indigenous Community In Curbing Suicide Behavior
  • Why Reconciliation Is Important In Lifting Up Indigenous Mental Health
  • How E-health Can Help To Overcome Mental Issues Amongst The Indigenous Community
  • Providing Mental Care To Indigenous Communities
  • How Black Dog Institute’s Lifespan Uses Indigenous Experiences To Develop Strategies
  • Leveraging Suicide Prevention Apps For The Indigenous Community
  • Tackling Domestic Violence And Sexual Abuse For Aboriginal Women And Children
  • Tackling Violence And Poverty Within Indigenous Communities
  • Government-led Efforts In Suicide Prevention
  • Building Resilience In Aboriginal Children & Youth Through Cultural Identity And Pride

Featuring Top-notch Speakers From:

  • Government Health Departments
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Local Councils
  • Not-for-profit Organizations
  • Public Health
  • Emergency And Correctional Services
  • Community Members
  • Aboriginal Controlled Community Organizations
  • Education Institutions & Universities