Pre-Forum Workshops | Monday, 10 May 2021

Time Agenda
11.15AM – 11.45AM L20007 Workshop A
Workshop A: From Animals To Music: Using New Techniques To Improve Student Resilience, Wellbeing And Mental Health
Recognizing that students need more from traditional education, former teacher Grant Shannon brought dogs into the classroom to help them feel more connected and engaged in the school environment. Many schools are now witnessing first-hand the impact this approach is having on academic outcomes. Join Grant as he shares his knowledge and scientific evidence on the role of dogs and other learning support tools in building emotional intelligence and resilience in students.
Grant Shannon

Dogs Connect
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11.50AM – 12.35PM teacher-1280966_1920
Workshop B: Essential Elements To Effectively Respond To A Student In Psychological Crisis
Carmen Betterridge

Director | Principal Psychologist
Suicide Risk Assessment Australia
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Main Forum Day 1 | Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Time Agenda
Addressing The Alarming Rising Trends Of Mental Health And Suicide Issues In Schools
10:00 Welcoming Speech, Opening Remarks & Thank You Sponsor Speech By Forum Producer
10:10 Welcome Address By Forum Chairperson
Dr Tony Mordini
Melbourne High School
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10:15 Lived Expertise And The Difference It Makes With One On One Counseling For Youth Who Are Experiencing Suicidal Ideation Or Living With Mental Health Issues Diagnosed Or Not

StefStefani-Caminiti-Picture-roundedani Caminiti
CEO & Founder
The Inner Ninja Foundation
Expert Advisory Group Member, Department Of The Prime Minister And Cabinet
Expert Advisor, National Suicide Prevention Plan
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10:50 A Mentally Health Culture: Building A ‘Triage’ Process At St Michael’s Grammar School To Respond Rapidly To Personal And Community Challenges
Gerard Houlihan
Deputy Head of the School
St Michael’s Grammar School
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11:25 Let’s Make Me Resilient
The behavioral based program focuses on developing three interrelated skill areas.

  • Let’s Make Me Resilient: Participants apply cognitive concepts and skills from sport, health, and performance psychology – to facing challenges from a positive perspective.
  • Real Stress Management Skills: addresses the types of stressors youth most commonly face. Participants learn how stress works, how it affects thoughts, emotions, and behaviours (including self-destructive behaviors). Most importantly, provides participants actual, personal and inter-personal stress management skills that they can use immediately.
  • Making Difficult Conversations Easier: For a lot of us, the conversations we really need to have, are the hardest for us to start and finish. Five skills to help figure out what you need to say, to who, and how to say it.
Edmond Otis
Senior Lecturer, Health and Sport Science, MHSc
Eastern Institute of Technology Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand
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12:00 Lunch Break
13:00 The Pavilion Wellbeing Model: A Whole School Approach
  • What a trauma informed approach looks like in practice
  • Our core focus: promoting psychological strengths and skills, developing regulatory processes and building relational strength
  • Our school expectations and how they underpin and inform our work
Katherine Doyle
Director of Wellbeing
The Pavilion School
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13:35 Navigating The World Of Online Mental Health Options: How To Choose The Most Appropriate Services Or Resources For Students And Teachers
Heidi Sturk
Queensland University of Technology Centre for Children’s Health Research
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The Hidden Signs And Symptoms Of Student Mental Health Issues
14:10 Identifying Warning Signs Of Hidden Student Depression, Mental Illness, Anxiety And Suicidal Thinking: Effectively Training Your Admin And Teachers To Spot Early Indications Of Mental Health Struggle
  • Implementing staff training and resources to educate so your school is equipped to address and manage student mental health
  • Engaging your staff in a continuous dialogue about the mental wellbeing of your school community
  • Promoting open communication between students and staff to help with early detection of mental health issues
Gregory Tim Ward
Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator
Koo Wee Rup Secondary College
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14:45 Depression And Resilience – From Someone Who Knows
Phillip Harding
15:15 Closing Remarks By Forum Chairperson
Dr Tony Mordini
Melbourne High School
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Main Forum Day 2 | Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Time Agenda
10:00 Welcoming Speech, Opening Remarks & Thank You Sponsor Speech By Forum Producer
10:10 Welcome Address By Forum Chairperson
Dr Tony Mordini
Melbourne High School
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10:15 Inclusive Education And Facilitating Positive Mental Health For Students
Dr Christine Grove
Educational and Developmental Psychologist and Senior Lecturer
Monash University Educational Psychology and Inclusion, Faculty of Education
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Tackling Further Discrimination And Rising Trends

Tackling LGBTIQA +, Religious And Transgender Discrimination In Schools And Colleges

Schools choose from a range of evidence-based and age-appropriate information, resources and professional learning to help them prevent, and respond to, bullying and discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex status.

Sally Morris
Service Delivery Manager
Open Doors Youth Service
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Improving Teachers And Principals Well-Being
11:25 The Importance Of Youth Mental Health First Aid Training For Teachers And School Staff
Kim Huckerby

Founder and Director
The Wellbeing Affect
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12:00 Lunch Break
 Improving Mental Health With Technology
13:00 Improving Mental Health And Low Self Esteems For Students Suffering From Learning Disabilities, Poor Learning Absorption, ADHD And Autistic-Related Learning Difficulties
Claire Thompson

Leading Teacher – Middle School Student Wellbeing and Engagement
Wallan Secondary College
Wallan Secondary College
13:35 Using AR/VR Technology To Boost Students’ Mental Health
Nick Busietta

Managing Director
Liminal VR
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14:10 Case Study At The Scots College: Tracking And Managing A Students Mental Health Throughout Their Entire Education Journey
Adelaide Brown
Preparatory Classroom Teacher
The Scots College Sydney
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Understanding Your Legal Responsibilities
14:45 Knowing Your Legal Responsibilities And Implications When Working With A Student Experiencing Suicidal Thoughts
Kristen Beagley

Legislative Policy Coordinator
Peninsula Grammar
Peninsula Grammar_logo
15:20 Closing Remarks By Forum Chairperson
Dr Tony Mordini
Melbourne High School
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