A model of a factory of the future, Model Factory @ ARTC is part of A*STAR’s Model Factories Initiative to support the industry in their digital transformation journey. The Model Factory @ ARTC focuses on disruptive technologies, primarily Industry 4.0 technologies, that can transform factories and industrial operations to be more efficient and competitive. It offers a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility equipped with industrial machines and digital systems through an initial partnership of over 20 industry and public sector research partners.


The Digital Fabrication & Additive Manufacturing Centre (DFAMC) focuses on advancing the relevant technology by collaborating with Institutes of Higher Learning (HLs) and accelerating the adoption of additive manufacturing technology by working closely with the industry.  In addition, elements of Industry 4.0 such as remote monitoring and robotic automation are developed and demonstrated within the DFAMC set up. The Centre aims to advance and grow the additive manufacturing industry by fostering the adoption of the relevant technologies.


This hub is set up to develop automation and robotics solutions to meet the emerging industry 4.0 needs for the manufacturing industry in Singapore. It focuses on developing capability in Industry 4.0 enabling technologies such as automation & control, autonomous robots, big data and analytics, augmented reality, IIOT, etc. In addition, the hub also supports manpower training in enabling technologies for I4.0. The hub is equipped with automation tools and autonomous robots to develop advanced technologies and integrated solutions in industrial automation and control and specialized in factory automation, process automation, instrumentations and control applications. The hub has worked with autonomous robots such as industrial robots, collaborative robots, social robots, etc.


The rise of smart manufacturing and industry 4.0 technologies

With pro-business policies, competitive taxes, a robust intellectual property regime, and an educated, reliable, adaptable workforce, Singapore is uniquely positioned to leverage on Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing to drive unprecedented economic growth. As Singapore’s manufacturing sector continues to face unprecedented challenges amid global economic headwinds, the time is ripe for a holistic revamp of its manufacturing sector to reap the full benefits of Industry 4.0, while proactively managing the challenges and dislocations created by this historic transition.

The first day of the forum will kick start with sessions exploring the current Industry 4.0 initiatives driven by the Singapore manufacturing sector and providing a better understanding of the current local, regional and global landscape. The subsequent sessions will dwell on the massive benefits of Additive Manufacturing, Augmented and Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Case studies of local and global organizations who have successfully implemented smart manufacturing strategies to transform their manufacturing processes will also be showcased and discussed in great details. These will inspire delegates to push past the status quo and envision future transformative roadmaps towards Industry 4.0.

At the end of day one, the forum features a panel discussion, which will examine how SMEs, which contribute to 99% of Singapore’s total 216,900 enterprise count. Through this panel discussion, delegates will be able to envision how SMEs can take advantage of advanced manufacturing and the assistance and solutions available to aid in their transformation.

09:00 Opening Address and Day 1 Highlights by Chairperson  
Bob-Gill-112x128 Bob Gill
General Manager Southeast Asia
ARC Advisory Group

Visionary Keynote: Singapore’s Advanced Manufacturing Initiatives “Industry 4.0” – Transforming the City-State into Asia’s Future Manufacturing Powerhouse

  • How digital transformation can help Singapore’s manufacturing sector handle pressure from both regional competition and domestic restructuring
  • Smart Manufacturing as a key driver for Singapore’s growth towards an innovation-driven economy
  • Singapore’s i4.0 strategy to move the industry towards quicker adoption and help manufacturers transition from a value-add model to a value creation model

Brandon Lee Kok Hoh
Chairman, Smart Automation Industry Group
Singapore Manufacturing Federation

Singapore Manufacturing Federation

Smart Factory of the Future Case Study: Infineon transforms its Singapore Plant into a Smart Factory

  • Smart Enterprise program: Embracing horizontal, vertical and digital integration
  • Embracing digitalization: building the foundation and starting pioneer initiatives
  • Becoming smarter: Incorporating advanced manufacturing elements like robotics, automation, real-time global production network and end-to-end digital integration

Roxane Desmicht
Senior Director Corporate Supply Chain
Infineon Technologies

10:15 Morning Refreshments & Networking Session  

International Roundtable Discussions: Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 Technology Success Stories and Takeaway Lessons from Key Players in the Region

  • Japan
Liu Qiao
Executive Director & Chief Technical Officer
3M Japan
  • India
Jay Jason Gan
Director, Strategic Supply Chain Management
  • Singapore
Dennise-112x128 Dennise Tanoko Ardi
Team Lead
  • Malaysia
Christian-Tiemann-112x128 Christian Tiemann
Director Factory Integration
Infineon Technologies
  • Germany

Rolls Royce Smart Manufacturing Program: Creating Tomorrow’s Technological Solutions

  • Rolls Royce’s Smart Manufacturing journey thus far: A glimpse of the manufacturing giant’s efforts with Industrie 4.0 today
  • Harnessing collaborations for the next massive technological transformation
  • How Rolls Royce and its partners are developing next-generation aerospace manufacturing, maintenance, repair and overhaul capabilities enabled by advanced processes, automation and digital technologies
Luc-Scheffer-112x128 Luc Scheffer
Smart Manufacturing Programme Manager
Rolls Royce
12:00 The Current Positioning of Metal Additive Manufacturing & a Look at the Current State of the Industry

  • How metal additive manufacturing enables the next revolution for manufacturing
  • The possibility to produce complex parts without the design constraints of traditional manufacturing routes
  • Unrivalled design freedom with the ability to manufacture parts from a wide range of materials
Alexander-Liu-112x128 Alexander Liu
Head, Digital Fabrication and Additive Manufacturing Centre, School of Engineering
Temasek Polytechnic
12:30 Lunch & Networking Session

The Frontiers of Digital Design and Manufacturing: How the New Era of Manufacturing Will Be Enabled by Highly-Integrated Digital Advances

  • 4D printing and the world of novel, smart and high performance materials
  • Computer-aided design system to enable designers to take advantage of the unique capabilities of additive and digital manufacturing
  • Simultaneously enabling the design of the product, its materials, and their manufacturing processes
low-hong-yee-112x128 Low Hong Yee
Centre Director – Digital Manufacturing and Design Centre

Incorporating Industry 4.0 into Your Organization’s Strategy: Gaining Organization-wide Buy-in 

  • Obtaining broad consensus of the advantages to validate the move to industry 4.0
  • Changing the long-standing culture and moving from automation and control towards true cloud-based services and interoperability
  • Leadership 4.0: The importance of having your top management on board to embrace digital transformation
  • Learning lessons, challenges and the next step forward
Peter-112x128 Peter Toh
Senior Programme Manager
Fong’s Engineering & Manufacturing
14:30 The Need for Intelligent Warehouses to Spearhead Singapore’s Growing Digital Economy 

  • How digitization is picking up pace in Singapore’s warehouse aisles and factory floors
  • Why businesses need to smarten up the facilities with AI, robotics and IIoT and raise the operating effectiveness of operations through cyber-physical collaborations
  • Harnessing the power of technology to not only optimize existing processes but also expand business opportunities
Koh-112x128 Koh Niak Wu
The Intelligent Warehouse
The Intelligent Warehouse
15:00 Data-driven Smart Manufacturing: How Data Empower Decisions on The Shop Floor

  • Data insights from IIoT and digitization to drive production floor improvements and quality
  • Maximizing the value of data through analytics from real-time notifications to statistical process control for immediate gains
  • Predictive maintenance with connectivity and data collection to enhance customer experience and enhance loyalty
Wilson-Deng-112x128 Willson Deng
Smart Manufacturing Consortium

Afternoon Refreshments


3M Case Study: Innovation by Leveraging IoT and The Value of Connected Products

  • The impacts of IoT on our home, work and life and what does it mean for companies that have built a reputation for creativity and innovation like 3M
  • How 3M is leveraging IoT to innovate its products and solutions into the connected era as a material science based manufacturing company
  • Fundamentals of and learning lessons from innovating for IoT
Liu Qiao
Executive Director & Chief Technical Officer
3M Japan

SMEs Panel: How SMEs Can Join the Industry 4.0 Race and Start to Automate their Manufacturing Floor

  • How will smart manufacturing disrupt the business models of SMEs?
  • Is there a place for SMEs in smart/advanced manufacturing?
  • Understanding the assistance and solutions available for SMEs
Koh-112x128 Koh Niak Wu
The Intelligent Warehouse
Brandon Lee Kok Hoh
Chairman, Smart Automation Industry Group
Singapore Manufacturing Federation
Wilson-Deng-112x128 Willson Deng
Smart Manufacturing Consortium
Peter-112x128 Peter Toh
Senior Programme Manager
Fong’s Engineering & Manufacturing
17:00 Closing Remark by Forum Chairperson
Bob-Gill-112x128 Bob Gill
General Manager Southeast Asia
ARC Advisory Group
17:05 Champagne Networking Session  

After a long day of learning, benchmarking, and planning, unwind and mingle with your peers.

Factory-Forward – How Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics 4.0 can take Roots

It is now clearer than ever that Artificial Intelligence is no longer a fantasy fiction but soon-to-be parts and parcels of all aspects of life. In the recent years, AI has made its way into manufacturing and the machine learning technology, robotics process automation and pattern-recognition software at its core could hold the key to transforming factories of the near future.

Day two of the forum will feature sessions examining why AI is so crucial for the manufacturing industry. Delegates can glean insights into the various possible applications of AI, from real-time maintenance of equipment to virtual design that allows for new, improved and customized products, to a smart supply chain and the creation of new business models. Two other key pillars of Industry 4.0, advanced analytics and IIoTs, will also be analysed in great details, featuring success stories and invaluable takeaways.

Day two of the forum will wrap up with sessions exploring the intersection between logistics and Industry 4.0. Delegates will learn about the next generation of successful supply chain management that will leverage edge computing, IIoT and autonomous vehicles for a new degree of visibility and operations excellence immanent in the supply network.

09:00 Forum Introduction and Day 2 Highlights by Chairperson  
Bob-Gill-112x128 Bob Gill
General Manager Southeast Asia
ARC Advisory Group

Dyson Digital Motor – One of the World’s Smallest, Fastest Motors

  • Introduction into the Dyson story
  • The Development and Manufacturing of the Dyson Digital Motor
  • UK HQ: Research on new Technology Solutions.
  • Singapore Technology Centre: Development of Algorithms, Software and Hardware
  • Singapore & Philippines Advanced Manufacturing: Application of SMART Manufacturing

Jim Roovers
Head of Applied Data Science


New Smart Industry Readiness Index Prioritisation Matrix: Planning Tool to Guide Firms in Industry 4.0 Transformation

  • Bridging gap between Industry 4.0 awareness and implementation
  • Helping manufacturers worldwide prioritise focus areas and digital initiatives based on their facilities’ Industry 4.0 maturity and current financial performance
  • How companies can be more systematic and robust in their implementation and optimising resource allocation for maximum value
Dr Andreas Hauser
Director Digital Service
10:30 Morning Refreshments & Networking Session  

Supply Chain 4.0 – The Next-Generation Digital Supply Chain

  • Making sense of supply chain 4.0: the intersection of supply chain and advanced Industry 4.0 technologies
  • How Industry 4.0 enables supply chain to reach the next level of operational effectiveness, and to leverage emerging new business models
  • Supply chain transformation by companies in Asia and how to prepare your own company
Goh-Puay-Guan-112x128 Goh Puay Guan
Associate Professor
National University of Singapore
11:30 Real Case Studies of Applied Advanced Analytics in the Electronics Manufacturing Smart Factory

  • How the electronics manufacturing operations (OT) are at a converging course with traditional IT, with technology enablers such as Industrial IOT and cloud computing, .
  • ROI from advanced analytics as the true ‘proof in the pudding’, beyond the challenges of data acquisition and transformation
  • Keysight’s PathWave Analytics: Examples of successful profitable implementation of applied machine learning in the electronics manufacturing line, where measurement science meets data science
Derek Ong
Industry 4.0 Program & Product Planning Manager
Keysight Technologies
12:00 AR-based Maintenance: Bringing New Vision to Maintenance and Repair of Manufacturing Equipment

  • AR allowing service technicians to visualize and identify problems ahead of a job
  • Expert support: Remote, hands-free access to technical and expert information when on site
  • Bridging skills gap in maintenance: supplementing technicians’ existing knowledge with engineering expertise delivered via telepresence
Marius Erdt
Deputy Director
Fraunhofer Singapore
12:30 Lunch & Networking Session

Digital Transformation Journey: Aligning Business Objectives, Technologies and Data

  • Formulating a pragmatic digital transformation roadmap for Makino Asia (Singapore Plant)
  • Digitalisation initiatives of a semi-automated machining factory and a manual-intensive assembly factory.
  • Enhancement of customer service quality with IoT technologies
Lim Chee Wang
Head of Digitalisation and Analytics
Makino Asia 

Driving Digital Transformation in the Maritime Sector

  • How Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore is driving the digitization wave
  • Sharpening Singapore’s competitive edge and capitalising on new opportunities for greater value creation and capture for the marine industry
  • Building efficient, intelligent and world class next generation Port
Wendy Teo
Assistant Director
Singapore Maritime Port Authority

Smart Manufacturing 4.0: How Abu Dhabi Is Poised to Be the Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 Hub of UAE

  • An overview of Abu Dhabi and its progress in advanced manufacturing
  • Abu Dhabi 2030 vision: Reduced reliance on oil and gas and looking towards growth driven by other industries
  • Case studies of how companies in Abu Dhabi transitions from traditional manufacturing to modern advanced manufacturing and leverages on technologies like AI, Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles
Leonard Thangavelu
Country Manager (ASEAN & ANZ)
Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry, International Representative Office – Singapore
15:00 Quality 4.0 in the Era of Industry 4.0

  • Quality 4.0 blending new technologies with traditional quality methods to arrive at new optimums in operational excellence, performance, and innovation
  • Why should your organization adopt and implement a Quality 4.0 strategy: the true benefits
  • How Quality 4.0 technologies enable new approaches and answers to traditional organizational and value chain quality challenges
Joseph-112x128 Joseph Micsko
Operations Director
PSC Biotech

Afternoon Refreshments


Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food Case Study: How one of Indonesia’s Largest Integrated Agribusiness Company Embraces Supply Chain Transformation and Digitalisation

  • How Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Foods transforms and digitalises its traditional supply chain processes to better cater to consumers’ changing demands
  • Leveraging on Industry 4.0 technologies to effectively combat supply chain problems caused by Indonesia’s unique topography
  • Raising supply chain performance to new heights: more efficient, agile and customer-focused
Fenny-112x128 Fenny Chandra
Head of SCM Ops Excellence
Bizzy Distribution

Industry 4.0: Mindset & Digital Employee Challenges – Crossing the Rubicon

  • Supporting Business 4.0 key success factors by addressing the Elephants in the Room
  • Developing Mindset 4.0 required to drive Industry 4.0 Performance (CFS & HUMAN)
  • Operationalizing Human Capital 4.0 Collaborative Engagement Model to manage future employees of Digital organizations within the new Work-Play-Live paradigm.
Tan-Chee-Peng-112x128 Tan Chee Peng
CEO & Founder
Team SYNthesis
Team SYNthesis
17:00 Closing Remark by Forum Chairperson
Bob-Gill-112x128 Bob Gill
General Manager Southeast Asia
ARC Advisory Group