Time Main Conference Agenda
With Industry 4.0 and the arrival of Artificial Intelligence (AI) disrupting the landscape of businesses around the world, organizations should ride on the latest trends to enable them to boost their top and bottom lines. Asian organizations are still lagging behind in terms of the pace and scale in adopting AI; this could potentially cause them to miss out on the biggest economic opportunities and business growth, going forward.

Through the first day session, you will gain insights on new waves of opportunities that AI and Deep Learning (DL) will bring to your organization in Asia by exploring local, regional and global trends. You will also be presented with some of the best strategies to invest in AI in your organization as well as challenges organizations face in terms of selecting, integrating, scaling and establishing measurable returns when applying AI. We will also be exploring the potential of combining AI and Robotic Process Automation as strategic tools to differentiate your organization from your competitors.

9:00 am Opening Address by Conference Chairman
9:15 am

Keynote Address: AI in Asia

  • The current situation and prospects of the global Artificial Intelligence industry
  • AI in China, Japan, Korea, India and Singapore – opportunity for enterprises
  • Explore the current business landscape of applications and impact of AI and DL in Asia
10:00 am What Organizations Can Do to Strategically Prepare for AI and Gain Competitive Edge?
  • What are the major management hurdles and risks presented by AI in your organization
  • Discover examples of the practical applications of artificial intelligence
  • Identifying the role and impact of AI and DL within the different business disciplines
10:45 am Morning Refreshments & Networking Session
11:00 am Getting Ready for AI: How to Integrate AI into Your Existing Infrastructure
  • Data convergence – moving from IoT to AI
  • Big data analytics: managing structured and unstructured data and the value it can add to your business
  • Selection and integration – choosing and integrating appropriate artificial intelligence technologies
Saravanan Kumar
Global Head of Automation
11:45 am Accelerate the Adoption of Enterprise-Wide AI Using Big Data 
  • How big data processes with the scale of Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities to accelerate the delivery of business value
  • How should organizations make use of underutilized data in generating more efficient ways of using current insights
  • Challenges in choosing the right problem and having enough existing data to produce meaningful results
12:30 pm Reserved for Sponsors
12:45 pm Networking Lunch
1:45 pm Troubleshooting AI Adoption – Concurrent Round Tables (Presentation Sponsorship Opportunities still available)
A.    How to Create the Conditions for Success in Adopting AI 
B.    How to Bridge the Gap Between Data and Insights with Business Transformation and Outcomes
C.    Design Thinking & Testing in AI Case Study: Can Design by Voice Work?
D.     The  Impact & Roles of 5g, Clouds, Data Centres, DevOps in Driving AI & Robotics Deployment
E.    The Advent and Role of Intelligent Agents
F. How to Use AI and Analytics for Small and Medium Enterprise Businesses
Irene Boey
Consulting Director
Integral Solutions (Asia) Pte Ltd
– Round Table
3:30 pm Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Session
3:45 pm ROI of Incorporating AI and Machine Learning: How AI Adoption Could Bring Greater ROI, Efficiency and Technological Transformation
  • Defining the criterion needed to derive maximum value from AI and DL to solve business problems
  • KPIs for AI
  • Seamlessly integrate AI into business processes in different stage of AI
4:15 pm AI and the Future of Business: How integrating AI and Robotic Process Automation With Your Existing Workforce Can Be a Strategic Tool to Scale Up Your Enterprise Business
  • Defining the framework for integrating AI into the current workforce
  • Examples on how human-assisted training AI models are required before being deployed in fully automated systems
  • How new businesses are created with the adoption of AI
Viji Varghese
Head of Business Excellence & Automation CoE
5:00 pm Champagne Networking Session


Time Main Conference Agenda
Applications of AI, Deep Learning and Machine Learning

Showcasing diverse business benefits of AI and DL in different industries and how they can go on to be the game changer in enhancing organization excellence. Case studies of different industries that have successfully implemented AI and DL. Detailed discussions to understand how AI and DL can be used to achieve operational efficiency, top and bottom line growth and better user experience.

The conference will examine the potential pitfalls in deploying AI owing to hype-driven, ill-informed investments which lead to loss or reputation and bottom line. The last session will also allow you to glean insights into preparing your organization for the next stage of advancement of artificial intelligence in looking into super intelligence and possibly, quantum computing.

9:00 am Opening Address by Conference Chairman
9:15 am

Opening Address: Intelligent Automation & AI: Analyzing the AI Singapore Hub State as Key Growth Engine for the Future Economy

  • How Singapore AI Hub can serve the existing need in the market to position the country as a global leader in AI technologies
  • The Digital Enterprise Evolution in the context of AI in Asia
  • Deep Learning and AI enabling Industrial Revolution in the big data era
Laurence Liew
9:55 am Why AI Would Be Nothing Without Big Data – How Data and Analytics Are Crucial Drivers to Enterprise AI Adoption; Latest Breakthrough: AI Creating AI, AI Without Big Data 
Dr. Danfeng Li
Alibaba Group
10:45 am Morning Refreshments
 How AI and Machine Learning is Transforming Different Industry Vertical | Fast Sprint Case Study – 10 mins
AI in Financial Services

  • AI with blockchain deployment
  • AI in risk management & insurance – meeting the risk focus AI
  • AI in banking services, forex & fund/bond trading and wealth management
  • AI in risk management: using Machine Learning to predict major liabilities by scanning millions of big data and reviews
AI in Healthcare

  • AI in Medical Research & Life Sciences – DL in cancer research, dementia, diabetes, ophthalmology, stratified medicine, precision medicine
  • AI in Healthcare – redefine modern healthcare, therapy, iEMRs and interoperability
AI in Retail & E-commerce

  • AI in Retailing – traditional retailing to smart retailing
AI in Logistics

  • AI in Logistics – A fully automated logistics network with robots/drones for port operations
  • AI in Manufacturing – smart manufacturing, food processing, food & beverages
AI in City Management

  • Future Mobility in Asia: car sharing to driverless
  • AI in Securing Smart Cities: how AI can predict the probability of crime at a location by detecting anomalies and faces
  • AI in Defence & Security – using AI with cognition & space imagery for defence, security and intelligence
AI in  Creativity
Eric Thain
Managing Director & Head of Digital China
12:35 pm Networking Lunch
1:45 pm How to: Change Organizational Mindsets and Manage Change Resistance from Enterprises – Wide Adoption of AI
  • How AI is changing the Organization Status Quo : employee, processes and efficiency
  • The future of work in a AI-driven world
Dr. Dirk F. de Korne
Deputy Director, Medical Innovation & Care Transformation (MICT)
KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital, Singapore
2:30 pm Panel Discussion: What Works, What Doesn’t  – When AI + Machine Learning Goes Wrong
  • AI turning competent, with goals misaligned with ours
  • Myth, hype and reality around the AI centric world
  • Emotional AI for real?
  • AI : towards singularity
3:15 pm Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Session
3:30 pm How Robotics and AR/VR Are Intersecting and Integrating with AI for Greater Impact
4:15 pm Towards Super intelligence: Preparing for AI Advancement with Quantum Computing
  • What is The Commercial Viability For Quantum Computing – “quantum supremacy”
  • Case Studies: how the security/intelligence sector, financial services, oil & gas and other industries begin to prepare their enterprises & operations for the era of Quantum Computing
  • Updates on breakthroughs in general AI
5:00 pm End of Day 2


Faculty Director:

Bootcamp_Faculty Director_James Ward

James Ward
Managing Director, Epistemology

James Ward is a leading thinker and practitioner in the art of applying Artificial Intelligence to the challenges of business strategy, with a particular focus on marketing and distribution in Financial Services. He is the CEO of Epistemology, which is an AI consulting and products business.


A unique highlight of this year’s event is that this conference will be hosted together with Machine Learning and Deep Learning Bootcamp. A unique program that will give you a comprehensive roadmap to using machine learning to automate data analysis and uncover operational efficiencies. You will also learn how to use deep learning to train neural networks and solve problems with minimal supervision. By the end of the conference and bootcamp, you will be able to demonstrate your knowledge in AI and develop unique applications that will immediately deliver benefits to your organization.

Key Takeaways:

By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Get up to speed on how AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning will impact global business
  • Gain deep insight in the application of machine learning and deep learning algorithm that will drive new business opportunity
  • Review key enabling technologies including big data and computing processing
  • Explore the fundamentals of deep learning to train neural networks and use results to improve performance and capabilities
  • Look at the landscape of how Artificial Intelligence stands today, why it is gravitating towards Deep Learning and how that fits in to your organization’s future
  • Embed Deep Learning in your organization’s existing technology development life-cycle
  • Understand why unsupervised learning will become far more important in the future
Session 1: Comprehensive Overview of Asia & Machine Learning

Session 2: The Importance of Big Data Analytics

Session 3: Understanding Supervised Learning and Unsupervised Learning

Session 4: Machine Learning System Design

Session 5: Machine Learning Business Applications

Session 6: Devising a Successful Machine Learning Strategy

Session 7: Transiting from Machine Learning to Deep Learning

Session 8: Understanding Deep Neural Networks

Session 9: Helping Organizations Make Business Decisions by Examining Large and Varied Data Sets

Session 10:Deep Learning Business Applications

Session 11:Devising a Successful Deep Learning Strategy

Session 12: AI and the Future of Business