Conference Highlights

Why Join This Conference

10 Reasons to join us in April at the Applying Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning for Enterprises

  1. Identify key opportunities and risks AI and disruptive technologies may bring to your business
  2. Align AI selection with the business needs to maximize ROI
  3. Develop effective strategies to effectively integrate AI into key business touch points to create high value
  4. Form strategies to constantly evolve and improve user experience
  5. Build predictive analytics capabilities within organization with AI and disruptive technologies
  6. Establish effective framework for managing and planning AI integration
  7. Make accurate assessment of value proposition and competitive landscape of AI and disruptive technologies
  8. Build organization capabilities to lead AI research, integration and management
  9. Form accurate evaluation and assessment of business decision risk with cognitive computing
  10. Utilize AI to generate actionable insights from business big data

Hot Topics to be Discussed

DAY 1: Wednesday 15 May 2019

  • The AI-First Enterprise: How Advanced Machine Learning Will Transform the Enterprise
  • How a Top Ride-Hailing Company is Using AI to Build its Future Business Platform
  • What Top Companies Are Doing with AI + Industry 4.0 Today, What Are the Investment Opportunities, What We Can Learn from Them – Success in the Age of AI
  • Operationalizing Machine Learning: How to Ensure Value-Driven Deployment
  • Case Study: AI in Engineering Services, Packaging and Manufacturing, Factory of the Future: Robust AI in the Production Chain
  • How to Integrate AI into Your Existing Infrastructure – The Case in the Use and Implications of AI for Creative Fields Such As Music
  • Many Use Cases Across the industries & New Applications of AI

DAY 2: Thursday 16 May 2019

  • Government-Wide AI Strategy: How AI Increase Efficiency, Reduce Operational Costs, Improve Service Delivery and Increase Citizen Engagement
  • Achieving Transformative Business Outcomes with Artificial Intelligence
  • Design Thinking in AI: Utilizing Data in the Newsroom Amidst an Aggressive Digital Transformation at a Century-old Newspaper
  • Building the AI Systems of the Future: Trends in New AI Systems
  • What We’ve Learned Solving Business Problems with Deep Learning

Post-Conference Seminars & Site Tour: 17 May 2019

  • How To Build Your Company’s AI Strategy
  • How to Train and Execute a Deep Learning Model to Be Able to Re-identify and Extract Attributes from Humans
  • Visits to corporations, innovation labs and institutions which have successfully rolled out AI & IoT programmes or are test-bedding new AI-IoT technologies

Post-Conference Seminars & Site Tour: 17 May 2019

Morning: Post-Conference Seminars

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Seminar 1. How to Build Your Company’s AI Strategy. As a C-level executive, how do you navigate through the 4th industrial revolution, aka AI? This session provides strategy and best practices to affect your company’s bottom-line or top-line positively using AI, as well as how to oversee the whole cognification process.

Seminar 2. Implementing AI & Deep Learning in R, the Well-known Open-source Platform for Data Science and Machine Learning

Seminar 3. How to Train and Execute a Deep Learning Model Able to Re-identify and Extract Attributes from Humans

Afternoon – Site Tour

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Visits to corporations and institutions which have successfully rolled out AI & IoT programmes. Potential site visits include:

  • IAG, FireMark
  • BNP Paribas Innovation Lab