Time Main Summit Agenda
With Industry 4.0 now with us, the arrival of Artificial Intelligence disrupting the whole landscape of businesses around the world, organizations should ride on the latest trends to enable them to boost their top and bottom lines. ANZ organizations are still lagging behind in terms of the pace and scale in adopting AI; this could potentially cause them to miss out on the biggest economic opportunities and business growth, going forward.

Through the first day session, you will gain insights on new waves of opportunities that AI and DL will bring to your organization in Australia & New Zealand through exploring local, regional and global trends. You will also be presented AI troubleshooting sessions with some of the best strategies in investing in AI in your organization as well as challenges organizations face in terms of selecting, integrating, scaling and establishing measurable returns in applying AI. We will also be exploring the potential of combining AI and Robotic Process Automation as strategic tools in differentiating your organization from your competitors.

09:00 am Opening Address by Conference Chairman
 Mario-Bojilov-112x128 Mario Bojilov
Chief Data Strategist

Meta Business Systems

MARIO BOJILOV is a Certified Information Systems Auditor, a Lecturer in Accounting Information Systems and has worked in the area of Data Analytics since 1994.

Mario founded Meta Business Systems in 2004 of which he is the current Chief Data Strategist. The company is focused on performance monitoring, business intelligence and social media analytics. A number of Queensland-based organisations, such as Griffith University, Brisbane City Council, Queensland Urban Utilities and QUT currently use solutions designed and implemented by Mario and Meta Business Systems.

Mario Bojilov holds a Master of Engineering Science Degree from the University of Queensland and a Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance and Investment from the Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA).

Mario has appeared as a presenter and lecturer at various professional and academic bodies, such as Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), University of Queensland and University of Southern Queensland.

09:10 am

Ministerial Keynote Address:
Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for the 4th Industrial Revolution in Australasia

09:30 am Intelligent Automation & AI: Analyzing the Game-Changing Potential of AI on Enhancing Operational Efficiency, Productivity & Automation
  • How AI and Deep Learning Lead to Automation, Better Employment, And Enhanced Productivity
  • The Digital Enterprise Evolution in the Context of Artificial Intelligence
  • What Are The Steps Needed to be embraced by Enterprises along this Necessary AI Journey
Fang-Chen-112x128 Dr. Fang Chen
Senior Principal Researcher in Data61

Dr. Fang Chen was employed with Beijing Jiaotong University in China from 1995-1999. She was appointed as the Associate Professor of the Faculty of Electronic and Information Engineering in 1995, as the Deputy Director of the Institute of Information Science in 1996, and then as the Dean of Faculty of Electronic and Information Engineering in 1997.

Dr. Chen began her career in industry in 1999 as senior researcher and Team Leader in Intel China Research Centre. She joined Motorola in 2000 as Principal Researcher and founding manager of the Speech and Language Generation Research Lab of Motorola China Research Centre, where she also acted as the account manager of business relationships for the Motorola China Research Centre. Dr. Chen moved to Australia in 2002 to work for the Motorola Australian Research Centre, where she chaired the Patent and Publication Committees.

She joined NICTA in 2004 and is currently the Research Group Manager and Senior Principal Researcher in Data61, CSIRO

10:00 am What Organizations Can Do To Strategically Prepare For AI And Gain the Competitive Edge?
  • Explore the current business landscape of applications of AI and DL in Australasia
  • What are the major management hurdles and risks presented by AI in your organization?
  • Discover examples of the practical applications of artificial intelligence in the context of machine reading and writing, including question and answering and decision making
  • Identifying the role and impact of AI and DL within the different business sectors
Salim-Naim-112x128 Salim Naim
Chief Technology Officer, Advanced Analytics & Data Science
Microsoft Services

Salim Naim is the CTO Advance Analytics & Data Science for Microsoft Services in APJ. In this role, Mr. Naim is responsible for envisioning, solutions design, consulting and delivery of advance analytic services to customers and partners. He works closely with Microsoft’s Enterprise & Partner Group and Microsoft Enterprise Services, as well as the various Microsoft product teams to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of offerings across APJ.

Mr. Naim is a fourteen-year Microsoft veteran, and has been based in Melbourne, Middle East & Africa and Europe. Prior to this role, he was the Digital Advisory Lead for Microsoft Services in Australia, as well as a member of the Worldwide Digital Advisory Team where he was responsible for driving and managing delivery and growth planning for digital innovation. He was responsible for the development and execution of Microsoft’s digital transformation strategy and solutions portfolio with key industry solutions, partners and customers across Financial Services, Government, Education, and Sports. His team delivered solutions to the industry to help companies enable their business to improve value chain performance, accelerate product development & innovation, achieve operational excellence and build customer centricity.

With twenty years of experience working in many industries including IT, advisory and consulting services spanning commercial and public sector, he is a highly respected leader with a strong track record and extensive knowledge on the evolving challenges and opportunities experienced by enterprises today, and how organizations can prepare themselves for the future.

Mr. Naim holds a degree in computing and instrumentation, including an MBA in Technology Management. He sits on the review board of International Association of Solutions Architects for the Australian chapter.

10:45 am Morning Refreshments & Networking Session
11:00 am Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning – Where are the Boundaries and Where Enterprises Can Apply Them?
  • Data Convergence – Moving from IoT to AI
  • Big data analytics: Managing structured and unstructured data and the value it can add to your business
  • Selection and integration- choosing and integrating appropriate artificial intelligence technologies
Hosein-Alizadeh-112X128 Hosein Alizadeh
Lead Data Scientist

Hosein is a PhD qualified Lead Data Scientist who established data science team at VicSuper in 2016 and since then he helped the fund to grow by making more data driven decisions.

He has 8+ years of hands-on experience in development of commercial solutions in various industries including Superannuation, Telecommunication, Banking, and Healthcare. He has in-depth technical knowledge of data science including predictive algorithms, cluster analysis, ensemble techniques, social network analysis, text mining, and optimisation algorithms. He has also worked on various databases including transactional, CRM, survey, text, and social media.

Hosein taught data science in graduate programs, conducted multiple workshops, and provided mentoring to other data scientists. He was awarded as “Elite Researcher” for his significant research achievements including 40+ papers published in outstanding data science journals and conferences since 2008. His fully commercialised innovation in segmentation received the highly commended prize of “Technology and Innovation Award” at AMSRS 2016.

VicSuper Logo
11:45 am How to accelerate the adoption of enterprise-wide AI using Big Data
  • How big data processes with the scale of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to accelerate the delivery of business value
  • How should organizations make use of underutilized data in generating more efficient ways of using current insights
  • Challenges in choosing the right problem and having enough existing data to produce meaningful results
  • Maximizing the systems that are already in place and supplement with new platforms in enhancing data and analytics capabilities
Babar-Jan-Haleem-112x128 Babar Jan-Haleem
APAC Segment Leader: Big Data Analytics | AI | ML
Amazon Web Services

Babar heads the APAC Big Data Analytics & AI Segment for Amazon Web Services responsible for driving AWS solution initiatives across APAC region. His professional experience is in Big Data Analytics & Data-warehousing field for over 19 years in United States & APAC including GC and Japan. Before being relocated to APAC, Babar provided technical consulting expertise to Fortune 500 organizations in the US in EDW & Business Analytics arena thus has a deep technical architecture background with focus on business outcomes. Prior to joining Amazon family, Babar headed APAC Big Data & Analytics Specialist practice for Oracle for over 11 years.

He is passionate about the immense value Big Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence solutions offer and how they are being leveraged by organization to generate value. His undergraduate and MBA studies in the US are in Information Systems and Mathematics. Based out of Australia, in his current role Babar maintains a close working relationship with AWS HQ development & product management organizations giving him direct insight into solution product roadmap & strategy and inner workings of solutions. He is a strategic thinker with the ability to clearly articulate long-term strategies for organizations embarking on strategic data driven cloud initiatives while overcoming mission critical challenges.

12:30 pm Reserved for Sponsors
12:45 pm Networking Lunch
02:00 pm Troubleshooting AI Adoption – Concurrent Round Tables (Presentation Sponsorship Opportunities still available)
A.     How to Use AI and Analytics in Small and Medium Enterprise Businesses
Dr-Don-Perugini-112x128 Dr. Don Perugini
Managing Director

Dr Don Perugini is an academic, entrepreneur, and an internationally renowned expert in artificial intelligence, and its application to predicting and automating human behavior. Don spent the first 10 years of his career as a scientist in the Department of Defense developing new technologies to mimic human intelligence and reasoning, collaborating with defense organizations in the US (DARPA), UK, Canada, and Singapore. In 2007 Don founded the global technology company ISD Analytics, where he led the commercialization and development of its award-winning predictive analytics product Simulait – acquired by EY in 2015. Don has authored various research papers, and is the recipient of many innovation awards and grants. He is now mentoring and co-founding various innovative technology start-ups in the AI, automation, analytics, and technology fields. Don is co-founder of Presagen and Life Whisperer. Presagen has an advanced AI platform for automating human behavior, as well as image-based medical diagnostics. Life Whisperer uses AI to better select healthy embryos for IVF, and to ultimately improve outcomes for couples wanting to have children.

B.     How to Create the Conditions for Success in Adopting AI
Michelle-Mannering-112x128 Michelle Mannering
Variant X

Coming from both a Science and Arts background at the University of Melbourne, Michelle has spent the past two years in Melbourne’s entrepreneurial landscape. She has co-founded an artificial intelligence company and competed on the world stage, representing Australia at Microsoft’s global technology competition. Running an AI company at the forefront of our world’s innovation, Michelle took every opportunity to gain knowledge about AI and machine learning. This included attending NVIDIA’s Deep Learning conferences, brushing up on code, going to as many data science events as possible and reading as much as possible. Whilst running this startup, Michelle remained heavily involved in both the startup and corporate community, from running hackathons to MCing, speaking, and facilitating a range of events. Known as the “Hackathon Queen”, Michelle has now started a new venture, Variant X, and works alongside BajaBoard, the custom designed, off-road electric skateboard, as well as Motum Simulation, a motion VR racing simulator built for driver training.

C.     How to Bridge the gap between data and insights with business transformation and great outcomes
Tim-Manns-112x128 Tim Manns
Data Science Lead
Analytics8 Logo_RGB
D.     How to Use Machine Learning to Build Predictive AI Models with Big Data

E.     Establishing the AI Team – Who You Need and What Infrastructure is Critical

Round-Up Panel Discussion

03:15 pm Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Session
03:45 pm ROI of Incorporating AI and Machine Learning: How AI Adoption Could Bring Greater ROI, Efficiency and Technological Transformation
  • Defining the criterion needed to derive maximum value from AI and DL to solve business problems
  • Seamlessly integrate AI into business processes in the different stages of AI
  • Developing the right minds on board in organizations to help bring the process around full circle during the growth stage of AI implementation
04:15 pm AI and the Future of Business: How integrating AI and Robotic Process Automation With Your Existing Workforce Can Be Used as Strategic Tools to Scale Up Your Enterprise Business
  • Defining the Framework for integrating AI into the current workforce
  • Examples on how human-assisted training AI models are required before being deployed in fully automated systems
  • How new businesses are created with the adoption of AI
04:45 pm How AR/VR is intersecting and integrating with AI for greater impact
05:15 pm Champagne Networking Session
Time Agenda
Applications of AI, Deep Learning and Machine Learning

Showcasing diverse business benefits of AI and DL in different industries and how they can go on to be the game changer in enhancing organization excellence. Case studies of different industries who have successfully implemented AI and DL from research and development, manufacturing, logistics, sales, marketing, and customer service will also be showcased and discussed in greater detail to understand how AI and DL could be used to achieve operational efficiency, top and bottom line growth and better user experience.

The conference will examine the potential pitfalls in deploying AI owing to hype-driven, ill-informed investments which lead to bottom line and reputational loss. The last session will also allow you to glean insights into preparing your organization for the next stage of advancement of artificial intelligence in looking into super intelligence and possibly, quantum computing – preparing for the next phase of AI.

09:00 am Opening Address by Conference Chairman
Highlights on Conference Day 2 Key Sessions
09:15 am

How AI and Machine Learning is Transforming Many Different Industry Verticals – Fast Sprint Interactive Roundtables with recent Case Studies (Presentation Sponsorship Opportunities still available)

Legal, Court Services, Tax, Auditing, Trusts 

  • AI in Law – Unleashes AI to Automate Legal & Tax Cases: AILIRA Case Study
Adrian-Cartland-112x128 Adrian Cartland
Cartland Law

Adrian Cartland has worked as a tax lawyer in top tier law firms as well as boutique tax practices. He is now the Principal of Cartland Law, a boutique tax and commercial law firm. Adrian is also the Creator of Ailira, the Artificially Intelligent Legal Information Research Assistant, which automates legal research and advice. Ailira is currently used by hundreds of Australian tax lawyers and accountants from the ‘Big 4’ to small practices, for tax research, and is currently expanding into other legal areas. Ailira can also provide tailored legal information to consumers, initially in the areas of Domestic Violence (for which Cartland Law has already delivered a SA Government funded prototype), Business Structuring, and Wills and Estates. Adrian is known for his innovative advice and ideas and also for his entertaining and insightful professional speeches.

Medical Research & Life Sciences

  • AI in Medicine – How AI-driven image analysis helps to improve embryo selection in IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation)
Dr-Michelle-Perugini-112x128 Dr. Michelle Perugini
Managing Director
Life Whisperer

Dr Michelle Perugini is an entrepreneur, academic and an internationally renowned expert in health, medical research, advanced analytics, and cognitive AI. Michelle spent the first 13 years of her career in health and medical research, specializing in predictive genetics and translational medicine. Michelle led large complex research projects that translated genetic mutation analysis (bioinformatics) to clinical treatments for cancer patients. She was also the pioneer of new methods in proteomics that now drive drug discovery. In 2007 Michelle co-founded the innovative start-up ISD Analytics, where she led the research and development, and commercialization of its award¬ winning human-population behavior predictive analytics software product Simulait. Michelle is now working with and mentoring various innovative technology start-ups. Michelle is also co-founder of Presagen and Life Whisperer. Presagen has an advanced AI platform for automating human behavior, as well as image-based medical diagnostics. Life Whisperer uses AI to better select healthy embryos for IVF, and to ultimately improve outcomes for couples wanting to have children.

Life Whisperer

  • AI in Financial Services – Disrupting Payment using Deep Learning and Automation
Shendon-Ewans-112x128 Shendon Ewans

Shendon Ewans is CEO & Co-founder of Gobbill, a digital service focused on making bill payments easier for households and businesses. Prior to Gobbill, he was a former advisor in innovation and commercialisation for the University of Melbourne, Melbourne Ventures and National ICT Australia (now CSIRO Data61). He has developed digital strategies to create new services and revenue streams for large organisations faced with increasing competition and digital disruption. Shendon was previously the VP & CTO for an Australian-American biotechnology company that he helped to startup and grow. The company served high profile clients across medical research institutes, hospitals, pharmaceutical and biotech companies. It was later acquired by the U.S. Government and private investors. He has extensive experience in business consulting and managing enterprise (ICT) transformations working at PwC, Arthur Andersen & KPMG.

Mining & Natural Resources

  • AI in Mining

  • AI in Bank Lending
Nissanka-Janaratne-112x128 Nissanka Janaratne
Digital Advisory and Transformation Lead

  • AI in Healthcare
Cody-Middlebrook-112x128 Cody Middlebrook
Head of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
AI Sydney / eHealth NSW
Ai Sydney
Yogesan-Kanagasingam-112x128 Professor Yogesan Kanagasingam
National Research Director
Australian e-Health Research Centre

Presently, Professor Yogesan is the National Research Director of the Australian e-Health Research Centre at CSIRO (based in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney). Prof Yogesan is also a visiting scholar at Harvard University (Centre for Research in Computation and Society). He was a Fulbright Scholar to Stanford University School of Medicine in 2011 and worked on developing a non-invasive imaging device to screen premature babies for retinal abnormalities.

Yogesan’s research focuses on early detection of diseases non-invasively from the eye as the window to the body and use of technologies to improve health care delivery for the underserved. His team was the first to demonstrate the relationship between the retina (eye) and AD, and also the first to develop ocular biomarkers and an eye test for the non-invasive early detection of AD. This pioneering research has lead to new knowledge about the progress of the disease. His current research is about demonstrating that amyloid plaque in the eye can be removed using curcumin (found in turmeric spice), and may prevent or delay the onset of AD. Early detection of AD through a non-invasive screening test will accelerate the development of treatments, providing huge market potential and decreasing the burden of disease worldwide.

AU Ehealth Research
female-silhouette Dr. Yang Li
Data Scientist (Health)
AI Sydney / BICG
Ai Sydney

  • AI in Supply Chain & Logistics: How AI is being deployed in Supply Chain Management to enable Smart Procurement, Intelligent Indenting and Efficient Demand Forecasting

  • AI in the Factory of the Future: How Manufacturers are Combining AI and Robotics to Enhance Efficiencies, Productivity and Automation

  • AI in E-Commerce & Retailing: How retailers, in the case of eBay, are using AI to create the next generation of hyper personalized shopping experience

  • AI in Education: How Advances in AI are Giving Teachers a Better Understanding of How Their Students Learn and Personalize Individual Learning
Securities / Fund Trading & Insurance

  • AI in Financial Transactions, Fund Management, Wealth Management & Insurance – Use AI to Carry Executive Financial Trading Across the World
Defence, Intelligence & Security

  • AI in Defence & Security – Using AI with Cognition & Space Imagery for defence, security and intelligence
Risk Management

  • AI in Risk Management: Using Machine Learning to Predict Major Liabilities by Scanning Millions of Big Data and Reviews
Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries

  • AI in Agribusiness
Tourism & The Natural Habitat

  • AI with AR in Tourism

  • AI with sensors in Transportation
01:00 pm Networking Lunch
02:00 pm How to: Change Organizational Mindsets and Manage Change Resistance from Enterprises – Wide Adoption of AI
02:45 pm Why AI Would be Nothing without Big & Good Data – How Data and Analytics Are Crucial Drivers to Enterprise AI Adoption
03:15 pm Panel Discussion: What works, what doesn’t
When AI + Machine Learning Goes Wrong: Case Studies of Failed AI Projects, What You Need to Prepare For
04:00 pm Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Session
04:30 pm Towards Super intelligence: Preparing for AI Advancement with Quantum Computing
05:15 pm End of Day 2



A unique highlight of this year’s event is that this conference will be hosted together with Machine Learning and Deep Learning Bootcamp, a unique program that will give you a comprehensive roadmap of using machine learning to automate data analysis and uncover operational efficiencies. You will also learn how to use deep learning to train neural networks and solve problems with minimal supervision. By the end of the conference and bootcamp, you will be able to demonstrate your knowledge leadership in AI and develop unique applications that will immediately deliver benefits to your organization.

Key Takeaways:

By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Get up to speed on how AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning will impact global business
  • Gain deep insight in the application of machine learning and deep learning algorithm that will drive new business opportunity
  • Review key enabling technologies including big data and computing processing
  • Explore the fundamentals of deep learning to train neural networks and use results to improve performance and capabilities
  • Look at the landscape of how Artificial Intelligence stands today, why it is gravitating towards Deep Learning and how that fits in to your organization’s future
  • Embed Deep Learning in your organization’s existing technology development life-cycle
  • Understand why unsupervised learning will become far more important in the future
Session 1: Comprehensive Overview of AU & Machine Learning

Session 2: The Importance of Big Data Analytics

Session 3: Understanding Supervised Learning and Unsupervised Learning

Session 4: Machine Learning System Design

Session 5: Machine Learning Business Applications

Session 6: Devising a Successful Machine Learning Strategy

Session 7: Transiting from Machine Learning to Deep Learning

Session 8: Understanding Deep Neural Networks

Session 9: Helping Organizations Make Business Decisions by Examining Large and Varied Data Sets

Session 10:Deep Learning Business Applications

Session 11:Devising a Successful Deep Learning Strategy

Session 12: AI and the Future of Business