Day 1 – Main Conference Agenda  
09:00 am Welcoming Speech, Opening Remarks & Thank You Sponsor Speech by Conference Producer
09:15 am The AI-First Enterprise: How 5G & Automated Machine Learning will transform the Enterprise
Rocky-Scopelliti-112x128 Rocky Scopelliti
Director, Industry 4.0
9:45 am Using AI to Turn Data Into Knowledge: New Frontiers in Knowledge Mining
The use of advanced data science to understand relationships across multiple sources of structured & unstructured data in a human-like fashion in order to uncover critical business insights and deliver transformational outcomes. With 2.5 quintillion bytes of new data per day, and 80% being unstructured the imperative to mine all kinds of data from images, to meta-data using cognitive skills and machine learning to deeply transform to human knowledge., with key case studies in retail, health, agriculture and financial services.
  Female Silhouette Rita Arrigo
Chief Digital Advisor
10:15 am Morning Refreshments & Networking Session
10:30 am Achieving Transformative Business Outcomes with Artificial Intelligence
  • Building the AI Systems of the Future: Trends in new AI Systems
 Female Silhouette Dr Amy Shi-Nash
Global Head of Data Analytics and Data Science
11:00 am Advanced AI in USA: Case Study – The use of swarm intelligence as a means to coordinate smart city IOT especially in the context of connected vehicles and UAVs  
David-Bruemmer-112x128 David Bruemmer
Adaptive Motion Group/5D Robotics
(formerly Principal Research Scientist, Idaho National Lab/DARPA, US Defence)
Adaptive Motion Group
11:30 am Case Study: What’s next in AI – The Technology and Challenges of Audio AI
  • Overview of current speech recognition and other audio AI technology and how it is changing the world of audio
  • AI technology is more accessible now than ever before but traps await those who apply the technology unwarily.
  • Specific examples are presented of audio AI systems that don’t behave quite as you might expect.
  • With machine learning approaches to audio processing, careful design is still required. This lesson is perhaps more evident in audio processing than in other fields. Instead of designing algorithms we must now design:
  • Appropriate cost functions and benchmarking schemes,
  • Training and development sets that will generalize well to the people and places in which your technology will be deployed, and
  • Domain-specific data normalization and augmentation schemes
Richard-Cartwright-112x128 Richard Cartwright
Director, Speech Analytics
11:50 am Global CEO – Chief Investment Officer – CIO/CTO – Chief Data Scientist Forum: What Top Companies are Doing with AI + Industry 4.0 today and What We Can Learn From Them – Success in the Age of AI
  • Success in the Age of AI. Is DevOps the prequel for AI? What it takes to build the Cloud Platform and DevOps infrastructure for AI?
 Ariane-Barker-112x128 Ariane Barker
Scale Investors
Scale Investors
 Bronwyn-Le-Grice-112x128 Bronwyn Le Grice
ANDHealth – Australia’s National Digital Health Initiative
Australia’s National Digital Health Initiative
KATHY-COULTAS-112x128 Kathy Coultas
Director, Strategic Innovation Investment Department
Economic Development Jobs Transport and Resources State Government of Victoria
Economic Development Jobs Transport and Resources State Government of Victoria
KATIE-PAYTEN-112x128 Katie Payten
Director, Technology Assurance and Governance
Australian Securities and Investments Commission
Australian Securities and Investments Commission
male-silhouette Scott Wall
Chief Information Officer (Technology)
male-silhouette Andrew Haddad
Executive General Manager
nbn Australia
National Australia Bank
John-Cox-112x128 John Cox
Chief Information Officer
Australia Post
Australia Post
male-silhouette Senior Expert
male-silhouette Lionel Kho
Head of Analytics & Insight
National Australia Bank
National Australia Bank
male-silhouette Senior Investor
Airtree VC
Airtree VC
12:30 pm Networking Lunch
13:30 pm How Deep Learning and Machine Learning is Transforming the many enterprises in the different Vertical Industries
(rotating concurrent roundtables and sector updates, 20 minutes each)
  • AI in the Courts, in the Legal Community and Law Enforcement/Investigation – Unleashes AI to Automate Legal Work
male-silhouette Demetrio Zema
Director & Problem Solver
  • Using AI & Markov Chain to forecast the education load in an educational organization
 Amir-Rouhi-112x128 Amir Rouhi
Data Analytics Advisor, Business Analytics & Planning
RMIT University
RMIT University
  • AI with Blockchain in Education – Advances in AI & Blockchain are Giving Teachers a Better Understanding of How Their Students Learn and Personalize Individual Learning
Kieran-Nolan-112x128 Kieran Nolan
Blockchain Guru/Technology Designer
Blockchain Global
Blockchain GLobal's logo
  • Using AI & Markov Chain to forecast the education load in an educational organisation
 Amir-Rouhi-112x128 Amir Rouhi
Data Analytics Advisor, Business Analytics & Planning
RMIT University
RMIT University
  • AI for Prison & Correctional Services
Harness data generated from various sources like “Prisons”, “Parole”, “Police”, “Community Service” and other agencies, trying to make sense of it with the help of various neural networks which are pitted against each other to determine the best possible outcome for the community and the offender.
 Female Silhouette Ashlesh Alaparthi
AI Architect
Department of Justice & Community Safety, Victoria Government
  • AI in Security/Intelligence & Anti-Terror Services – Using AI to Predict the Probability of Crime in Location by Detecting Anomalies and Faces
skeeve-stevens-112x128 Skeeve Srevens
Future Crime Agency
Future Crime Agency
  • AI in Hospital and Healthcare sectors: Beyond Health IT – Using AI Technology to Transform Patient Outcomes in Healthcare
Bronwyn-Le-Grice-112x128 Bronwyn Le Grice
ANDHealth – Australia’s National Digital Health Initiative
Australia’s National Digital Health Initiative
  • Predictive Analysis, Machine Learning and AI in healthcare: what does this mean for Clinical Room Design & Digital Theatres?
 Jim-Kolitsis-112x128 Jim Kolitsis
Biomedical Device Expert & Consultant
  • AI in Surgery & Medicine
 Prof-Erwin-Loh-112x128 Professor Erwin Loh
Group Chief Medical Officer & Group General Manager of Clinical Governance
St Vincent’s Health Australia
St Vincent’s Health Australia
  • AI in Medical Clinical Trials: Using AI to help match patients with clinical trials. Why access to trials and cost of trials is a big issue In the health and medical research space
 Bill-Petch-112x128 Bill Petch
The Leukaemia Foundation
The Leukaemia Foundation
  • AI in Drones & SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) in flight
 Clinton-Burchat-112x128 Clinton Burchat
Founder & Chief Everything Officer (CEO)
BLKTATU Autonomous Drone Delivery
  • Autonomous Airborne Mobility with AI for Medical Supplies Delivery
Eric-Peck-112x128 Eric Peck
Swoop Aero
Swoop Aero
  • Advances in Operational Technology and AI in Transport
 Pascal-Labouze-112x128 Pascal Labouze
Executive Director Operational Systems, Infrastructure & Services
Transport For NSW
Transport For NSW
  • Using Machine Learning to predict Parking & save Time
 Roger-Rooney-112x128 Roger Rooney
Senior Project Manager, Smart & Predictive Parking Canberra
ACT Government
ACT government
  • AI in the Mining, Energy/Engineering Services
 Anthony-Roe-112x128 Anthony Roe
Head of Digital Technology
Downer MEI
(formerly with IBM Watson IoT)
Downer MEI
  • AI & Digital Engineering in Construction, Real Estate, Infrastructure Development

Dr Andrew T Harris
Australian Centre for Robotic Vision
Director, Technical Futures & Engineering Excellence Group
Laing O’Rourke

Australian Centre for Robotic Vision
  • AI in Medical Research & Women’s Health
 Dr-Michelle-Perugini-112x128 Dr Michelle Perugini
Life Whisperer
Life Whisperer
  • AI in Wealth, Hedge Funds and Fund Management, Derivatives Trading
Berowne-Hlavaty-112x128 Berowne Hlavaty
Senior Quant Analyst
J.P. Morgan (confirming)
JP Morgan
  • AI for power generation, transmission, distribution and renewables: Managing Customer Outcomes in the age of Black Box modelling
shadow-image-240x300 Hoang Thai
Lead Data Scientist
  • AI for Oil & Gas, Natural Resources
shadow-image-240x300 Senior Data Scientist
Woodside (confirming)
  • AI in the Livestock Sector
 Tim-Cannon-112x128 Tim Cannon
Livestock Labs
Livestock Labs
  • AI in Mining
male-silhouette Senior Data Scientist
male-silhouette Dr Robin Vujanic
Data Scientist
Rio Tinto Centre for Mine Automation
rio tinto
  • AI in the Agriculture Sector and in Precision Farming
 Alicia-Garden-112x128 Alicia Garden
CEO, Discovery Ag / formerly, CEO
Australia Grain Growers Association
Australia Grain Growers Association
  • Deep Learning in Sydney Water
shadow-image-240x300 Mukthar Shiek
Digital Innovation Manager
Sydney Water
Sydney Water logo
  • AI for Supply Chain, Logistics, Demand Forecasting
shadow-image-240x300 Roberto Calati
Global Head of Enterprise IT Performance
Toll Group (confirming)
Toll Group
  • AI and IoT in Asset Management
Praveen-Senadheera-112x128 Praveen Senadheera
IoT Lead
  • AI for Manufacturing and  in Cyber Security
 Rajiv-Niles-112x128 Rajiv Niles
Senior Director, Digital Solutions & Industrial Cyber Security
GE Digital
GE Digital
  • AI for Banking and Financial Services
 Jason-Humphrey-112x128 Jason Humphrey
Head of Retail Risk
ANZ (confirming)
  • AI and Automation in Insurance
 Dibya-Basu-112x128 Dibya Basu
Head of Intelligent Automation
  • AI for Satellites and SpaceTech
 Brett-Burford-112x128 Brett Burford
CEO & Founder
  • AI for Smart Cities: The New York City Experience
David-Bruemmer-112x128 David Bruemmer
Adaptive Motion Group/5D Robotics (NYC, USA)
Adaptive Motion Group
  • AI & XR for Commercial Aviation, Defence & SpaceTech Training
shadow-image-240x300 Emre Deniz
International Mixed Reality Consultant/Serious Games Expert
NASA & Boeing
  • AI in Defence Logistics
female-silhouette Prof Elizabeth Chang
Professor of Logistics/Canberra Fellow
UNSW at Australian Defence Force Academy
UNSW, Canberra at Australian Defence Force Academy
  • Challenges in using and explaining AI Blackbox techniques
shadow-image-240x300 Rimon Rony
Chief of AI
Bluebeak AI (invited)
  • AI in Aviation: The Case of Boeing
female-silhouette Dr Yan Yang
Technical R & D Lead Engineer
Boeing (invited)
15:00 pm Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Session  
15:30 pm Innovate or Evaporate
Market is going through explosive data growth with studies suggesting data is doubling every 2 years. However, many organizations continue to struggle with leveraging the real power of this data to make business critical decisions and continue to rely on legacy systems & processes. The use of Big Data Analytics & Machine Learning to both accelerate and innovate businesses can be seen as a daunting task and even futuristic to some. What was once considered possible for select few organization with specialist resources is now possible for organizations of all sizes by democratizing data.
shadow-image-240x300 Babar Jan-Haleem
APAC Segment Leader: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics
16:00 pm Operationalizing Machine Learning: How to Ensure Value-Driven Deployment  
  • Agreement on new value and value depletion
  • Management decision to implement and supervise
  • Value management and dealing with scale
  • Management understanding of the upsides and downsides of the implementation
 Mick-Mioduszewski-112x128 Mick Mioduszewski
Director of Analytics
NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI)
NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI)
16:30 pm Getting Ready for AI: How to Integrate AI into Your Existing Infrastructure
  • Data Convergence – Moving from IoT to AI
  • Big data analytics: Managing structured and unstructured data and the value it can add to your business
  • Selection and integration- choosing and integrating appropriate artificial intelligence technologies
 Jonathan-Chang-112x128 Jonathan Chang
Managing Director
17:00 pm Development of Machine Pre-maintenance Using Autonomous Learning
shadow-image-240x300 Man Seok OH
Head, AI Development
Korea Telecom (KT)
KT’s Lead in developing Sound and Image Deep Learning (invited)
Korea Telecom
17:30 pm Closing Remarks by Conference Chairman
17:35 pm Champagne Networking Session  

  Day 2 – Main Conference Agenda  
AI For Government Enterprises
09:00 am Welcoming Speech, Opening Remarks & Thank You Sponsor Speech by Conference Producer
09:05 am Government-Wide AI Strategy: How AI Increase Efficiency, Reduce Operational Costs, Improve Service Delivery and Increase Citizen Engagement
  • Augmenting policy and resource allocation decisions thereby improving effectiveness of policy with optimized staff and resource allocation and citizen satisfaction from predictive citizen sentiment
  • Optimizing staffing and resource availability with improved efficiency of better staff and infrastructure utilization from service and resource demand forecasting
Manasa-Kesharaju-112x128 Dr. Manasa Kesharaju
Senior Data Scientist & Algorithm Developer
Australian Government Department of Human Services
Australian Government Department of Human Services
9:30 am DevOps for AI/Data-driven Pipelines
male-silhouette Dr Liming Zhu
Research Director, Software and Computational Systems
Co-Author, “The First Complete Guide to DevOps for Software Architects”
Data61, CSIRO
How Machine Learning, Cloud and DevOps Work Together to Help Enterprises and Government Achieve Their Transformation Goals 
male-silhouette Ratan Das
DevOps Consultant
Land Use Victoria, Victoria Government, Australia
Land Use Victoria, Victoria Government, Australia
10:15 am Morning Refreshments & Networking Session
Attaining Transformational Business Outcomes with AI
10:30 am AInternational AI Advances & Case Studies: How 5G will enable & speed up AI development & advances in Robotics, the Connected Car and IoT: The Japanese Experience
 Satoshi-Nagata-112x128 Satoshi Nagata
Senior 5G Lead & Expert
NTT Docomo (Japan) Japan’s top telco; Vice Chairman (5G), 3GPP TSG-RAN (Global)
 NTT Docomo (Japan)
11:00 am Case Study in the Telecoms sector: How Telstra uses AI to drastically improve & transform its customer-facing experiences  
male-silhouette Luca Stamatescu
Senior AI Technology Expert
AI Breakthroughs and Future AI Systems
11:30 am Leveraging on the new capabilities of Google Cloud – How Google Duplex’s Mind Blowing AI Innovation Will Create New Business Possibilities
male-silhouette Colin Timm
Country Head, ANZ
Google (invited)
12:00 pm Case Study: Putting AI in Driverless Cars
male-silhouette Vikas Virjania
Head of IT – Digital Strategy & Innovation
BMW Group (invited)
Senior Management
Khalid-Ashmawy-112x128 Khalid Ashmawy
Tech Lead for Self-Driving Cars
Uber Advanced Technologies Group, USA (confirming)
Uber Advanced Technologies Group
12:50 pm Networking Lunch
13:30 pm Building AI for Industry: Translating AI R&D into Applications & Commercial Use, with Case Studies  
  • Technical accuracy is not sufficient, need to consider operational effectiveness when deploying intelligent systems in practice
  • Machines are good at pattern matching, but reasoning is still relatively simple
  • Skills needed are hard as we need to combine domain expertise with technical skills

Case studies of :

  • Decision support for trauma & emergency departments
  • Building empathy in carers (for dementia patients)
  • Processing GPS telemetry data and extracting strategy
  • Processing voice to extract topics in call centres
  • Prioritizing emails in support centre context
  • Use of smart speakers for improving emotional support of elderly
Rajesh_Vasa_112x128 Professor Rajesh Vasa
Deputy Director, Deakin Software and Technology Innovation Lab
Deakin University
14:00 pm Design Thinking in AI, Designing AI Centaurs: collaboration with AI
  • How humans and machines can collaborate now and in the future
Bronwyn-Vandermerwe-112x128 Bronwyn Vandermerwe
Managing Director
Fjord Asia Pacific
Fjord Asia Pacific
 14:30 pm The Regulation of AI-driven systems and using AI for regulation – When RegTech intersects with AI  
  • Emerging data and AI related regulations and ethical issues such as Australia’s Consumer Data Rights (CDR), GDPR and ethical AI frameworks
  • Regulation “of” AI using ethical-by-design and automated compliance
  • Regulation “through” AI using digital legalizations and regulation-as-a-platform
  • Case Study: Australian National Blockchain’s smart legal contract infrastructure and other industryseeding platform approaches
male-silhouette Dr Liming Zhu
Research Director
Data61, CSIRO
Data61, CSIRO
15:00 pm Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Session  
15:30 pm Advances and Applications of Data Modelling and Design in Machine Learning & Deep Learning  
 Asif-Gill-112x128 Dr Asif Gill
Director, SoS DigiSAS Lab, School of Software
University of Technology Sydney
University of Technology Sydney
16:00 pm Why many AIs are better than one: Trusted Human-Swarm Teaming, with future applications
 Hussein-Abbass-112x128 Professor Hussein Abbass, FACS, FORS, FIML
School of Engineering & Information Technology
UNSW, Canberra at Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA)
UNSW, Canberra at Australian Defence Force Academy
16:30 pm Advances in AI in China and Future Prospects
male-silhouette Xian-Sheng Hua
Distinguished Engineer/Head of AI
Alibaba (invited)
17:00 pm Closing Remarks by Conference Chairman

  Day 3 – Post Conference Seminars & Site Tour  
Morning Seminar 1:

Augmented Intelligence: Leveraging the Power of AI and Machine Learning to improve creativity and decision-making. How to build your company’s AI strategy. As a Top Executive, how do you navigate through the 4th Industrial Revolution, aka AI?

male-silhouette Professor Clive Smallman, PHD GAICD
Business Mentor/ Senior Research & Learning Advisor
Insight Intelligence
insight intelligence
Morning Seminar 2:

Addressing Challenges Faced by Machine Learning and Deep Learning Practitioners and Strategies to Handle Them

  • Experimental design and how to conduct effective research on programming algorithms that extract attributes from humans in many contexts
  • How do I prevent, detect and counteract systematic learning biases?
  • How can I tell if my algorithm converged, and whether its convergence is meaningful?
  • How do I avoid under-fitting and over-fitting?
  • How can I be sure what my model actually learned?
  • What are the questions that can be answered using this type of model, and which can’t?

Michael Brand
Otzma Analytics

Very experienced Senior Data scientist and Algorithm Developer with over 25 years of industry experience in a wide range of domains, including analysis of audio, video, 3D depth data, natural language and more.

Otzma Analytics
Afternoon Site Tour:

Visits to corporations, innovation labs and institutions which have successfully rolled out AI & IoT programmes or are test-bedding new AI-IoT Technologies

post conference image 1 AI-governance-lead