Improving On-Site Construction Automation and Efficiency
9:00am Welcoming Speech by Conference Director 
9:10am Conference Introduction by Conference Chairman Day 1 Key Sessions
9:20am Lightning Talk Series: Improving Productivity with Innovations in New Construction Automation Technologies & Robotics
angus-rounded Angus McFarlane
Structural Engineering Leader
Laing O’Rourke
Jason-Howden-rounded Jason Howden
Warren and Mahoney Technologies Ltd
Kathleen Lyna
Programme Lead,
Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

NZ Transport Agency
Associate Professor Matthias Haeusler
Director Computational Design
UNSW Sydney
10:00am International Case Study: Pioneering New Model of Construction with Pre-Fabricated, Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC)
angus-rounded Angus McFarlane
Structural Engineering Leader
Laing O’Rourke
10:30am Networking & Refreshment
11:00am Case Study: Future of Construction: 3-D Printing for Reinforced Concrete
Jay Sanjayan
Professor / Director,
Centre for Sustainable Infrastructure

Swinburne University of Technology
11:30am Case Study: Improving Construction Efficiency and Reliability with DfMA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly)
Angus McFarlane
Structural Engineering Leader
Laing O’Rourke
12:00pm Fire Side Chat: Major Factors Hindering Construction Companies from Achieving Higher Productivity, Automation and Efficiency: Capacity, Costs and Capital
Grant-Florence-rounded Grant Florence
Chief Executive
New Zealand Certified Builders Association
12:30pm Networking & Lunch
1:30pm Case Study Demonstration: Advances in Robotics Assembled Construction
Aurel-Schnabel-rounded Mac-Aurel Schnabel
Dean of Architecture & Design
Victoria University of Wellington
2:00pm Technology Showcase: Cross Laminated Timber Shaping the Future of Architecture and Construction
blank_male-rounded Andrew Booker
General Manager Business Innovation, and Development
Housing New Zealand
2:30pm Live Demonstration & Technology Showcase: Utilizing Drones for Construction Site Pre-Inspection, Digital Mapping and High Definition Surveying

  • Overview of Automation and How Drones are Having Impacts on The Construction Industry That is Already Underway
  • Drone Data Online Showcasing Powerful Measurement Tools and Layers Augmenting Capability in Construction Projects
josh-keegan-rounded Josh Keegan
World Drone Challenge Pty Ltd
3:00pm Networking & Refreshment
3:15pm Case Study: Dawn of Autonomous Vehicle Technology & Trucks in Construction
Chloe-Smith-rounded Chloe Smith
National Innovation Manager
Fulton Hogan Ltd
Dave-V-rounded Dave Verma
Australasia AV Initiatives Director
3:30pm Panel Discussion: Impact of Regulation (Building Codes, Built Act and Consent) on Construction Productivity Growth 
Andrew-Eagles-rounded Andrew Eagles
Chief Executive Officer
New Zealand Green Building Council
Connal-Townsend-rounded Connal Townsend
Chief Executive
Property Council New Zealand
Craig Davidson
Managing Director
Grant-Florence-rounded Grant Florence
Chief Executive
New Zealand Certified Builders Association
Patrick Dougherty
General Manager, Asset Development Group
Housing New Zealand Corporation
4:00pm Case Study: Integrated Digital Project Management, Scheduling and Estimating
Barry-rounded Barry Ramsay
Managing Director / 4D Planning Consultant
Advanced 3D Technologies NZ Ltd / A3D International Ltd
4:30pm Lean Construction: Improving Project Design, Delivery and Cost Efficiencies

  • Adopting Lean Culture in Construction Practice to Better Results
  • How to Establish Predictable Schedule Using Lean Construction Concepts
  • Improve Value Through Lean Implementation to Optimize Cost and Increase Productivity
Amanda-Warren-rounded Amanda Warren
Constructing Excellence NZ
5:00pm Closing Remarks by Conference Chairman

Champagne Networking Session

Enjoy a glass of champagne whilst networking with other like-minded individuals on topics that are of most interest to you and fellow delegates.

Off-Site Construction Design and Assembly
9:00am Welcoming Speech by Conference Director
9:10am Quality Digital Authoring and Its Impact on Design/Construction Efficiency
Roy-Qian-rounded Roy Qian
Senior BIM Specialist
9:40am Virtual Design, 5D BIM & Construction: Build it on the Computer before Going to Site
  • Exploring 5D BIM and Its Advantages
  • Moving Construction Industry Towards A Position of Significantly Improved Efficiencies
  • Involvement of BIM for Better Partnering and Collaborative Practice
Tonchi Glamuzina
Product Director
Arrow International (NZ) Ltd
10:10am AR/VR in the AEC Industry: Shaping the Future of Architecture, Engineering and Construction Design
  • Understand the Differences of AR VR and How It is Useful for the Different Roles in the Construction Sector
  • Explore How VR Act as A Collaboration Tool, Supporting Design Review, Critique, Consultation and Task Sharing
  • How AR Can Be Used for Contractors to Support Layout, Inspection and Control
Chris-Vorster-rounded Chris Vorster
BIM Manager
10:40am Networking & Refrechment
11:00am Roundtable Discussion:
  • Integrated Project Digital Delivery
Jonny-rounded Jonny Breen
Digital & IT Manager
Context / Architects
  • Case Study: Advances in Modular Construction and Pre-Fabrication with PPVC
angus-rounded Angus McFarlane
Structural Engineering Leader
Laing O’Rourke
  • AR VR and 5D BIM
Jason Howden
Warren and Mahoney Technologies Ltd
  • Construction Technology Automation
Dave Verma
Australasia AV Initiatives Director
11:30am Case Study: Advances in Laser Surveying and 3D Modeling Using Scanners, Drones or RPAS and GIS/BIM/CAD Software
Mark_Finlayson-rounded Mark Finlayson
Envivo Ltd
12:00pm Networking & Lunch
1:30pm Site Visit to Construction Automation Technology & Innovation Centre
5:00pm End of Day 2