Improving On-Site Construction Automation and Efficiency
9:00am Welcoming Speech by Conference Director 
9:10am Conference Introduction by Conference Chairman Day 1 Key Sessions
9:20am Lightning Talk Series: Improving Productivity with Innovations in New Construction Automation Technologies & Robotics
Jason-Howden-rounded Jason Howden
Warren and Mahoney Technologies Ltd
kristen-gyorgak-rounded Kathleen Lyna
Relationship Lead – Choice Mobility as a Service (MaaS)
NZ Transport Agency
Associate Professor Matthias Haeusler
Director Computational Design
UNSW Sydney
angus-rounded Angus McFarlane
Structural Engineering Leader
Laing O’Rourke
10:00am Technology Showcase: Cross Laminated Timber Shaping the Future of Architecture and Construction
Andrew-rounded Andrew Booker
General Manager Business Innovation, and Development
Housing New Zealand
10:30am Networking & Refreshment
10:50am Case Study: Future of Construction and 3-D Printing
Ross-Stevens-rounded Ross Stevens
Industrial Design Programme Director School of Design
Victoria University of Wellington
11:30am Case Study: Improving Construction Efficiency and Reliability with DfMA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly)
Angus McFarlane
Structural Engineering Leader
Laing O’Rourke
12:00pm Fire Side Chat: Major Factors Hindering Construction Companies from Achieving Higher Productivity, Automation and Efficiency: Capacity, Costs and Capital
Grant-Florence-rounded Grant Florence
Chief Executive
New Zealand Certified Builders Association
12:30pm Networking & Lunch
1:30pm Case Study Demonstration: Advances in Robotics Assembled Construction
Aurel-Schnabel-rounded Prof Marc-Aurel Schnabel
Dean of Architecture & Design
Victoria University of Wellington
2:00pm International Case Study: Pioneering New Model of Construction with Pre-Fabricated, Construction
angus-rounded Angus McFarlane
Structural Engineering Leader
Laing O’Rourke

2:30pm Live Demonstration & Technology Showcase: Utilizing Drones for Construction Site Pre-Inspection, Digital Mapping and High Definition Surveying

  • Overview of Automation and How Drones are Having Impacts on The Construction Industry That is Already Underway
  • Drone Data Online Showcasing Powerful Measurement Tools and Layers Augmenting Capability in Construction Projects
josh-keegan-rounded Josh Keegan
World Drone Challenge Pty Ltd
3:00pm Networking & Refreshment
3:30pm Case Study: Dawn of Autonomous Vehicle Technology & Trucks in Construction
Dave-V-rounded Dave Verma
Australasia AV Initiatives Director
4:00pm Panel Discussion: Impact of Regulation (Building Codes, Built Act and Consent) on Construction Productivity Growth 
Andrew-Eagles-rounded Andrew Eagles
Chief Executive Officer
New Zealand Green Building Council
Connal-Townsend-rounded Connal Townsend
Chief Executive
Property Council New Zealand
Craig Davidson
Managing Director
Grant-Florence-rounded Grant Florence
Chief Executive
New Zealand Certified Builders Association
4:30pm Case Study: Integrated Digital Project Management, Scheduling and Estimating
Barry-rounded Barry Ramsay
Managing Director / 4D Planning Consultant
Advanced 3D Technologies NZ Ltd / A3D International Ltd
5:00pm Lean Construction: Improving Project Design, Delivery and Cost Efficiencies

  • Adopting Lean Culture in Construction Practice to Better Results
  • How to Establish Predictable Schedule Using Lean Construction Concepts
  • Improve Value Through Lean Implementation to Optimize Cost and Increase Productivity
Amanda-Warren-rounded Amanda Warren
Constructing Excellence NZ
5:30pm Closing Remarks by Conference Chairman

Champagne Networking Session

Enjoy a glass of champagne whilst networking with other like-minded individuals on topics that are of most interest to you and fellow delegates.

Off-Site Construction Design and Assembly
9:00am Welcoming Speech by Conference Director
9:10am Quality Digital Authoring and Its Impact on Design/Construction Efficiency
Roy-Qian-rounded Roy Qian
Senior BIM Specialist
9:40am Virtual Design, 5D BIM & Construction: Build it on the Computer before Going to Site
  • Exploring 5D BIM and Its Advantages
  • Moving Construction Industry Towards A Position of Significantly Improved Efficiencies
  • Involvement of BIM for Better Partnering and Collaborative Practice
Tonchi Glamuzina
Product Director
Arrow International (NZ) Ltd
10:10am AR/VR in the AEC Industry: Shaping the Future of Architecture, Engineering and Construction Design
  • Understand the Differences of AR VR and How It is Useful for the Different Roles in the Construction Sector
  • Explore How VR Act as A Collaboration Tool, Supporting Design Review, Critique, Consultation and Task Sharing
  • How AR Can Be Used for Contractors to Support Layout, Inspection and Control
Chris-Vorster-rounded Chris Vorster
10:40am Networking & Refrechment
11:00am Roundtable Discussion:
  • Integrated Project Digital Delivery
Jonny-rounded Jonny Breen
Digital & IT Manager
Context Architects
  • Case Study: Advances in Modular Construction and Pre-Fabrication with PPVC
angus-rounded Angus McFarlane
Structural Engineering Leader
Laing O’Rourke
  • AR VR and 5D BIM
Jason Howden
Warren and Mahoney Technologies Ltd
  • Construction Technology Automation
Dave Verma
Australasia AV Initiatives Director
11:30am Case Study: Advances in Laser Surveying and 3D Modeling Using Scanners, Drones or RPAS and GIS/BIM/CAD Software
Mark_Finlayson-rounded Mark Finlayson
Envivo Ltd
12:00pm Networking & Lunch
1:30pm Future of Construction with Augmented Reality
New Timber Technology a Game-Changer for Construction
5:00pm End of Day 2

Site Tour
1:30pm Future of Construction with Augmented Reality
Augview Limited is an augmented reality software development company specializing in the visualization of asset data. Augview provide utility and telecommunications companies with augmented reality capabilities – equipping field service personnel with cutting edge functionality which provides direct business benefits.

In this site visit you will visit the AR/VR Garage in Auckland where a number of companies specializing in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are based. Augview and Revisia will present their current offerings, describing the underlying technologies, the current state of AR technology in general and their visions of the future.

Trimble DA1 with Galaxy S7 smartphone

Site Tour
1:30pm New Timber Technology a Game-Changer for Construction
This site is the 4th site commissioned by Housing New Zealand Corporation (HNZC) to be constructed using Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) for the structure. This is part of an ongoing prototype development for HNZC of type of construction which they are hoping will be a major part of their future multilevel apartments solutions.

The CLT is manufactured off site, then delivered, erected and completed externally and internally.

There are many advantages for this type of construction which are speed of construction, its light weight, structurally robust, fire rating properties uses sustainable materials, ability to premanufacture other key components, and cost with significant savings in foundations. The time savings compared to a traditional concrete structure is in excessive of 3 months

The design is the result of a collaborative approach between the client, design team, builder and supplier

The Project is midway through construction, so you will see the CLT structure currently being closed in.