7 December 2020, Monday

09:00 Welcoming Speech By Forum Chairperson
Kim-Chua-rounded Kim Chua
Director of Student Success
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Asia
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09:15 Keynote Address – Getting Ready For The New Normal In Education

  • An overview of the effects that COVID-19 and the circuit breaker has had on education in Singapore
  • How Singapore’s strong ICT and network infrastructure enabled effective delivery of e-learning solutions
  • Projections of the future of e-learning in Singapore – whether or not it will continue to grow or return to before in the post-COVID-19 environment
09:45 Preparing For The Future: Singapore’s ICT Masterplan For Education Set The Stage For Circuit Breaker Preparedness

  • How the various ICT Masterplans for Education were formulated and their achievements
  • The challenges faced in implementing the plans and what other nations can learn from that
  • How the experiences and lessons from the circuit breaker period will help in the formulation of future ICT Masterplans for Education
10:15 Morning Refreshments & Networking
10:30 Addressing The Challenges Of Remote Learning

  • How governments, schools and families can work together to ensure accessibility to technology for students
  • How educators and parents can collaborate to come up with a routine that will replicate a school environment at home
  • The use of project-based learning and online communications to encourage students to work and communicate with each other while studying at home
Nachamma-rounded Dr. Nachamma Sockalingam
Programme Director of Learning Sciences Lab
Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)
11:00 The New Normal – Getting Ready For The Post Pandemic Reality In Schools

  • How schools and teachers work with parents to prepare children for the resumption of school and new SOPs
  • What are schools doing to introduce or implement digital or e-learning solutions to their classroom modules
  • The lessons that schools and other educational institutions have learnt from the pandemic in terms of continuity planning and management
John-Fong-rounded Dr. John Fong
Chief Executive Officer
MDIS Logo_Full Colour
Remote Teaching and Online Learning Best Practices
11:30 The Singapore Institute Of Technology Experience: Effective Migration To Online Teaching During Circuit Breaker

  • The adoption of clear communications to address concerns from both faculty and students thereby enabling the creation of an effective e-learning strategy
  • Adoption of proper social distancing protocols for the continuation of classes that require students to be physically present
  • Creating flexible timetables and study plans for students that were hospitalized with COVID-19 or who were quarantined
Lim-Sok-Mui-May-rounded Dr. May Lim
Director, Centre for Learning Environment and Assessment Development (CoLEAD)
Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

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12:00 Yale-NUS Case Study: Teaching During COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis

  • Yale-NUS Teaching and Learning Continuity Preparedness Plan
  • How Yale-NUS has laid out their education continuity plan during crisis by addressing three key criteria which are 1.) technology, 2.) pedagogy and 3.) teaching during crisis
  • How Yale-NUS leverage on EdTech in their Teaching and Learning Continuity Preparedness
  • Pedagogical Considerations When Transitioning to Distance Learning
  • How Yale-NUS uses its Canvas LMS to enhance their instructional teaching beyond physical classroom
Catherine-photo-rounded Dr. Catherine Shea Sanger
Director, Centre for Teaching & Learning
Yale-NUS College
12:30 Lunch & Networking
13:30 Interactive Roundtable Discussion: How Institutions Using Different Blended Learning Approach To Improve Students’ Learning Experience In Remote Learning During The COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Roundtable A: Synchronous & Asynchronous Online Learning
Fun-Man-Fung-rounded Dr. Fung Fun Man
Lecturer in Chemistry and Science of Learning
National University of Singapore (NUS)
  • Roundtable B: Social Learning
  • Roundtable C: Online Collaborative Learning
  • Roundtable D: Virtual Exchange
  • Roundtable E: Immersive Online Learning
14:30 Leveraging LMS With Integration Of Open Source Software To Support Active Learning

  • How Open Source LMS can cultivate active learning and allowing students to choose what, when and how they learn the materials
  • How using deep learning can effectively enable educators to support students’ online learning journey
15:00 Loving Education In The Time Of COVID-19: Proven Strategies In Engaging Learners Online

  • Homebased online learning will be a here-stay for many months & years to come due to the pandemic
  • Educators must not squander the opportunity to reinvent themselves as good educators, getting by the 2020 using minimal technologies will surely fail
  • Keep hold of the student-teaching interaction, and promote social interaction in the online learning community
Fun-Man-Fung-rounded Dr. Fung Fun Man
Lecturer in Chemistry and Science of Learning
National University of Singapore (NUS)
15:30 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking
Delivering Blended Learning During Remote Teaching
16:00 Getting The Right Blend: Why Schools Should Explore A Variety Of Solutions To Deliver Blended Learning To Students

  • Exploring the unique characteristics of each of these models including their strengths and drawbacks
  • Analyzing how educational institutions can decide which blended learning model best suits them and the needs of their students
Kwa-Lay-Ping-rounded Kwa Lay Ping
Senior Academic Mentor, School of Life Skills and Communication
Singapore Polytechnic
16:30 Case Study: James Cook University’s Use Of Blended Learning Assures Seamless Continuity In Education

  • The challenges JCU Singapore (JCUS) faced as an early adopter of technology-enhanced learning and how it overcame them
  • The types of learning technologies that JCUS uses to support blended and fully online study such as virtual lectures and tutorials, online resources and activities, online assessment and feedback. The training and support network in place for students and lecturers to promote rich learning and teaching experiences
  • How JCUS is taking into account the circuit breaker experience to improve their blended learning approach
Esther-Fink-rounded Esther Fink
Learning Technologies Specialist
James Cook University

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17:00 Closing Remarks By Forum Chairperson
17:05 Champagne Networking Session
Enjoy a glass of champagne whilst networking with other like-minded individuals on topics that are of most interest to you and fellow delegates.
new champage networking session

8 December 2020, Tuesday

09:00 Welcoming Speech, Opening Remarks & Thank You Sponsor Speech By Forum Chairperson
Bob-Kamei-rounded Prof. Robert Kamei
Associate Provost (Education), Office of the Senior Deputy President and Provost Director of Institute for Application of Learning Science and Educational Technology (ALSET)
National University of Singapore (NUS)
09:15 Synchronous vs Asynchronous Online Learning: Combining The Best Of Both Worlds

  • What are the various advantages and disadvantages of synchronous and asynchronous learning
  • How educators can determine which model is best suited for their target audience
  • How educators can merge the both synchronous and asynchronous techniques into their teaching tools and methodologies

Using Data and Analytics to Improve Online Teaching
09:45 Driven By Data: The Use Of Analytics In Education

  • The different types of technologies and data analytics methodologies that can be adopted to carry out learning analytics
  • The limits of learning analytics and how they can be addressed
10:15 Morning Refreshments & Networking
10:30 SMU Case Study: Leveraging AI In Redefining Teaching & Learning During Remote Learning

  • Using data to understand how well students are learning online and detecting learning gaps from online quizzes while shifting focus on more needed topics
  • E-Learning System that can identify struggling students for and implementing personalized teaching
  • Using machine learning to analyze students’ qualitative feedbacks based on topics, sentiments and suggestions which could not be analyzed before
  • Conduct mass virtual examinations with cloud-based tools that can easily integrate new online exam services
Kai-Cheong-Photo-rounded Lau Kai Cheong
Vice President, IT & Chief Information Officer
Singapore Management University (SMU)
11:00 Singapore University Of Social Sciences Utilizes Learning Analytics To More Effectively Manage Students’ Performance

  • How the use of learning analytics has improved students’ performance and outcomes in SUSS
  • The major challenges that have come with the implementation of data analytics in learning and how SUSS has addressed that
  • What other educational institutions can learn from the SUSS experience
Yeung-Sze-Kiu-rounded Dr. Yeung Sze Kiu
Senior Lecturer, Online Learning Unit
SUSS_15th_Logo_RED Logo x BLUE Background
11:30 Managing Privacy & Security Issues For Home Based Learning And Remote Teaching

  • LMS vs Live Streaming Online Platforms
  • Using cryptographic protocols and encryption to ensure the confidentiality and security of user data
  • Engaged certified LMS providers for better compliance for data integrity and confidentiality
Immersive Education In The New Normal
12:00 Teaching In The New Reality: Using AR And VR To Enhance Learning

  • How educators can ensure that the use of AR/VR does not penalize students who do not have access to the technology
  • What educators can do to properly ascertain the educational potential of AR/VR applications
  • Understanding the limits of AR/VR and the importance of blending it with traditional teaching methods
Rajesh-rounded Rajesh Chakravarthy
Academic Director
MAGES Institute of Excellence
MAGES logo-new (2)
12:30 Lunch & Networking
13:30 Get Immersed: How Singapore’s Early Adoption Of AR/VR Has Paid Dividends In Education

  • What were the challenges these five schools faced in implementing the project and how they overcame them
  • How did this pilot project spur the adoption of AR/VR in other Singapore schools
Leveraging Cloud Computing, Chatbots And Gamification For Online Learning
14:00 How Republic Polytechnic Integrates Chatbot Technology In Their LMS System Serving As A Teacher Assistant

  • Replacing traditional LMS with new system, LEO 2.0 that centralizes all education-related data and functionality, making it easier for lecturers, students, and administrators to access information and features they need to succeed in their roles
  • How LEO2.0 provides students with a more differentiated, personalized learning experience through the adaptive release of lesson content
  • Integrating Chatbot technology to serve as a teaching assistant, answering questions related to everything a student needs to know about academic matters
 RP logo
14:30 Get Gaming, Get Educated: How Making Online Learning Interesting Enhances Learning Outcomes

  • How to integrate gamification and accounting knowledge into the mobile learning app?
  • How the mobile learning app improve students’ engagement and interest?
  • What are the challenges on developing a mobile learning app?
Seow-Poh-Sun-rounded Dr. Seow Poh Sun
Associate Professor of Accounting (Education)
Singapore Management University (SMU)
15:00 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking
Education Continuity Planning: Moving Back From Online To Physical Teaching
15:30 Educational Continuity Planning: Transitioning From Online Back To Face-To-Face Learning

  • Laying out plans on Prioritization of in-person instruction to return to campus while remote learning remains
  • How to re-focus learners and assure students be prepared in traditional learning format and how to adapt to the new normal of blended approach
  • Preparation for teachers’ workload to adjust back to face-to-face teaching option
  • Gather feedbacks from teachers and students to evaluate on how to design a sustainable online learning-classroom learning model
16:00 Panel Discussion: Where We Go From Here In Transforming Into An Integrated Digital And Virtual Campus?

  • Does COVID-19 Pandemic and the paradigm shift of educational expectations have redefining the function of an educator?
  • How Education Institutions could maximize technology support to be future-ready in this new education reform?
  • The promise and challenges of virtual campus
Bob-Kamei-rounded Panel Moderator:
Prof. Robert Kamei
Associate Provost (Education), Office of the Senior Deputy President and Provost Director of Institute for Application of Learning Science and Educational Technology (ALSET)
National University of Singapore (NUS)

16:45 Closing Remarks By Conference Chairperson


9 December 2020, Wednesday

09:00 – 12:00
Campus Tour A:
SP Jain’s Real-time Engaged Learning Online (ELO) Program For Immersive Online Learning Experience

SP Jain Global utilizes high-quality state-of-the-art technology within its Engaged Learning Online (ELO) platform to offer students a virtual and real-time classroom experience wherever they are. Students can log in from anywhere in the world and learn on the go. Not only is ELO convenient and flexible but what sets it apart is its emphasis upon engagement. Students will connect with peers and faculty from different countries, collaborate on assignments, discuss, debate and deliberate, participate in polls, quizzes, breakout sessions and more – all designed to help students to stay active and invested while also enabling them to develop the confidence to take on future leadership challenges.

Proprietary ELO Technology Revolutionises The Virtual Learning Space

13:30 – 17:00
Campus Tour B:
AI-Powered E-Learning System In Creating Personalized Teaching And Learning

One of the biggest challenges among educators is that everyone learns at different paces; as learning gaps between students grow, the learning experience suffers. Personalized learning is crucial to ensure each student gains optimal knowledge retention with the right level of learning at the right time. Artificial Intelligence is increasingly transforming the education industry with its ability to capture learning data, profile each individual student and customize learning material according to individual proficiency and progress.

Young smiling man with opened book in hands and infographs on wall

Space In Each Site Tour Is Limited, Registrations Will Be Available On First Come, First Reserved Basis