Forum Highlights

Why Join This Forum

5 Key Takeaways From Attending This Annual Forum

  1. Demystify the future of post-COVID-19 education with its paradigm shift to blended and online learning
  2. Discover how blended, experiential, on-demand and other innovative new learning strategies deliver optimal learning outcomes
  3. Learn to determine the best learning technologies and strategies for your organization and maximize implementation ROI
  4. Engage and build valuable partnerships with some of the most innovative minds in the educational and EdTech sectors
  5. Stay ahead of the curve with actionable insights, proven solutions and effective strategies to enhance both teaching and learning experiences

Hot Topics To Be Discussed

  • Getting Ready For The New Normal in Education
  • How Singapore Institute Of Technology Effectively Migrated To Online Teaching During Circuit Breaker
  • How Yale-NUS College Adapted Teaching During The COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis
  • Leveraging LMS For Active Learning
  • How James Cook University Adopted Blended Learning Approaches To Assure Seamless Continuity In Education
  • Synchronous vs Asynchronous Online Learning: Combining The Best Of Both Worlds
  • How SMU Adopted AI In Redefining Teaching & Learning During Remote Learning
  • Singapore University Of Social Sciences Utilizes Learning Analytics To More Effectively Manage Students’ Performance
  • How SMU Is Driving Learning Engagement With Integration Of Gamification
  • Educational Continuity Planning: Transitioning From Online Back To Face-To-Face Learning
  • How Republic Polytechnic Integrates Chatbot Technology In Their LMS System Serving As A Teacher Assistant
  • Teaching In The New Reality: Using AR And VR To Enhance Learning
  • Managing Privacy & Security Issues For Home Based Learning And Remote Teaching
  • How To Maintain Engaging Online Learning Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Singapore’s ICT Masterplan For Education Set The Stage For Circuit Breaker Preparedness

Post-forum Campus Tours

CAMPUS TOUR A: SP Jain’s Real-time Engaged Learning Online (ELO) Program For Immersive Online Learning Experience

Proprietary ELO Technology Revolutionises The Virtual Learning Space

CAMPUS TOUR B: AI-Powered E-Learning System in Creating Personalized Teaching and Learning

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