Summit Highlights

Why Join This Summit

10 Compelling Reasons To Join This Summit

  1. Strategize on adopting and accelerating blended learning in your organization or institution
  2. Re-design your curriculum for work-integrated learning in the wake of disruptive innovation and automation
  3. Learn how to deploy AI and analytics to improve your students’ learning pathways and performance
  4. Explore how vocational & technical Training can be re-engineered to lead the way to a 21st century education
  5. Acquire the new skills needed of higher education for educators of the future
  6. Learn new practical approaches to online learning that produce employable graduates and satisfied employers
  7. Explore latest technologies and innovations in AR/VR/MR to be used in online and hybrid classrooms
  8. Learn how to use data to drive learning and teaching decisions in the classroom
  9. Re-design digital infrastructure to integrate student learning and engagement
  10. Design physical learning spaces to improve students’ learning outcome

Hot Topics To Be Discussed

  • Charting The Future Of AI In Education
  • How Learning Analytics And Data-Driven Insights Boost Student Retention
  • How Adaptive Learning Transforms Individual Student Learning
  • Flipped Classroom Best Practice And Global Exemplars
  • How To Design For An Individualized Learning Experience
  • How Blended Learning Drives Better Student Engagement And Retention
  • How AR/VR Is Changing The Way Students Learn, Experience And Engage
  • Designing Great AR/VR Learning Environments: Blending Physical Spaces With Immersive Reality
  • Experiential Learning Through Robotics, 3D Printing And Virtual Reality
  • Human-Centered Design In Digital Learning
  • How Learning Analytics Can Detect Early Warning Signs Of Students Not Coping Well
  • Effective Innovative Online Programs For Adult Learning In Asia
  • Reimagining Technical And Vocational Education In The New Economy
  • Digital Technologies In Early Childhood Classrooms
  • Immersive AR/VR & Classroom Of The Future Site Tour

Post-Summit Site Tour

Immersive AR/VR & Classroom Of The Future Site Tours



Digital immersion technologies such as virtual reality are revolutionizing student learning. Learning with VR has been established to improve reaction time by 20% and student retention by 75%. This site tour will show you how leading institutions are incorporating AR/VR into their learning labs to embrace hands-on experiential learning, improve knowledge retention and higher student engagement.

  • Site Tour To Steelcase Education To Understand The Latest Innovations In Equipping The Classroom Of The Futures
  • Visit to Spectra Secondary School for an Immersive AR/VR Learning Experience, including learning about game mechanics, puzzles and how these are integrated into the school curriculum
  • Visit to Intel Facility in Singapore, to understand how high technology is deployed in the workplace (to be confirmed)
  • Visit to a Transportation Innovation Driverless Car Lab at the Nanyang Technological University