09:00 Summit Introduction by Chairperson
Highlights on Summit Day 1 Key Sessions
Employee Experience Journey Mapping:

Your Guide To Crafting & Mapping A Transformational Employee Experience Journey


Opening Keynote Address 

Designing a Meaningful Employee Experience for Multi-Generational & Diverse Workforce

  • Recognize the shift in global understanding of diversity and inclusive (race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion affiliation, generation, disability, personality type)
  • Analyse the advantages and challenges of diversified workforce and its impact on productivity
  • Best practices in achieving workforce diversity in a multigenerational workforce and drive key performance
  • Prepare for the future of work in mind
Assistant Secretary-General

How Design Thinking Can Create an Integrated and Compelling Employee Experience Journey

  • Share some of the latest thinking and practices of “experience transformation” and discuss the current challenges and issues
  • Harnessing employee feedback to listen, learn and respond to employee experience friction points
Deliveroo UK
10:45 Morning Refreshments & Networking Session

Best Places to Work – How Physical Workspace Design Can Influence Employee Experience

  • Recognise the challenges in workplace design for employee engagement
  • Finding the way to help employers understand how workplace design is linked to business critical outcomes such as employee retention, productivity and profits
  • Identify the types of changes that make a difference in reversing the lack of workplace motivation in both traditional and non-traditional office environment

Panel Discussion: Designing and Executing the Employee Experience Journey Mapping

Business Head (SE Asia) – Google Analytics, Doubleclick suite partnerships & Doubleclick Ad Exchange
12:30 Project Showcase
12:50 Networking Luncheon

Improving the Employee Experience Implementation: Actionable Insights & Case Studies


Investing in Key Touchpoints where Employee Experience has the Greatest Impact

  • How Employee Experience During On-Boarding Can Create a Culture of Deep Connection and Drive Impact
  • Navigating the pitfalls of change implementation successfully
    Addressing human needs, solve human problems, and achieve human goals
  • Understanding in-depth the constraints, needs and demands of the business
  • Creating pragmatic solutions that address immediate and future needs
  • Measuring the impact and benefit of change to the business
Chief Customer Office, Asia Pacific and Japan
Dell EMC


Enhancing Mobile Workforce with Technology


Building a Strong and Differentiated Employee
Experience Brand and Learning Culture

  • How to foster a culture of trust, robust feedback, true collaboration and coaching
  • Listen to the journey of ditching the performance rating and the bell curve, adopting a new approach to performance, development and reward for all our staff
15:45 Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Session

Fire Side Chat: How People Analytics can Enhance the Employee Experience


Panel Discussion: How Better Employee Experience Can Secure and Retain Top Talents for Succession Planning

17:30 Closing Remark by Summit Chairperson
17:50 End of Day One Cocktail Reception

After a long day of learning, benchmarking, and planning, unwind and mingle with your HRMA peers.

09:00 Highlights on Summit Day 2 Key Sessions by Chairperson  
 Employee Experience Implementation, Considerations and Enablers
09:10 Keynote Address: What Successful Companies Do Differently in Employee Experience: Case Studies of Top Experiential Employee Experience Organizations

  • Discover how successful companies create deeper connection to their organization’s success,
  • Instead of forcing people into outdated workplace practices, how do they redesign work around their people by focusing on three environments: culture, technology and physical workspace
Head of Southeast Asia, Korea and Japan, Talent and Learning Solutions
09:45 How Technology is an Enabler for Improving Employee Experience: HR Chatbots, Advanced Analytics, and Automation

  • Incorporating the use of methodology in communicating and developing workspace design and employee experience
  • Emerging technologies such as social network, electronic badges and other digital platform that provide new insights about how people interact with each other and use physical space
  • Create a greater openness to the outside world of the company’s wall, including external network and partnership, crowd sourcing and contingent talents
CIO, APAC & Japan
Digital Employee Experience & Inclusive Diversity
10:15 Morning Refreshments & Networking Session
10:45 Keynote: How Employee Experience Can be Measured 

  • What does employee experience consist of? Can we really measure employee experience?
  • What to measure employee experience to drive positive engagement? By quantitative or qualitative measurement?
  • Explore the methodology and model for the future engagement behaviour through outcomes of the employee experience
Head of Global Workforce, General Manager, Microsoft WW Support Engineering
11:15 Panel Discussion: Who Owns the Employee Experience?

  • HR owns it or, on the other end of the spectrum, every single employee?
  • Discover the employee experience structure to understand the specific pain points impacting their customers and employees
  • Using the tried and figured-out specifics of company policies, action and corporate culture that provide a great experience to the employee and more specifically, identify those that lead to unhappy experiences
12:00 How an Entrepreneur/Startup Should Still Focus on Employee Experience Whilst Making Profit
Jonathan Chang
Executive Director
Lien Centre for Social Innovation
12:45 Networking Luncheon

Interactive Roundtable Series:

Session 1: Creating a Human-Centered Digital Employee Experience

Session 2: Millennial Engagement Experience at Workplace

Founder and Chief People Officer
People Mentality Inc

Session 3: The Key to Building a Learning Culture

VP, Head of HR Centre of Excellence

Session 4: Well-Being Initiative that Will Boost Engagement and Productivity

14:45 How Employee Insights can Generate Better Employee Experience
15;15 Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Session
15:30 Bringing the Power of Personalization to Better
Experience: How Personalization Can Shape
Employee Experience
16:45 Interactive Expert Speaker Panel:
The Future of Employee Experience, Digital Economy, and the New Realities of Work

  • How leading organizations are preparing for the future of work and responding to digital opportunities and challenges
  • Key focus areas for successfully implementing and managing a modern and truly global employee engagement strategy
  • Practical actions can take today to engage your people in dynamic environments

Q&A Session & Closing Remarks by Summit Chairperson

10:00-16:00 Future Offices and Next Generation Workplace Site Tour

Workplace environments are becoming a significant driver of culture, innovation and effectiveness. Some of the world’s most innovative companies including Google, Facebook and Amazon, are at the forefront when it comes to workspace design.

In this Future Offices and Next Generation Workplace Site Tour, you will have the chance to experience site visits to some of Singapore’s most dynamic, innovation workplace environment adopted by forward-thinking smart organizations such as TripAdvisor and WeWorks. This unique site tour will bring you to experience first-hand the inner workings of these organizations, how physical workspace influence employee experience, cultures, organization structure, system, and processes which have enabled them to achieve their sustainable growth and on-going innovations.