About the Conference

With the increasing volume of data available to organizations, CEOs around the globe are seeking for richer, justifiable information and predictive insights about their human capital. Aligning and transforming these people data insights into actionable business growth strategies is the key for sustainability of human capital performance and growth within any organization! There has never been a more transformational time where the use of HR analytics is so critical to the success of your business.

In the start of a brand new year of 2019, the HR Analytics, Metrics and Measurement Conference: Linking People, Culture and Performance with Analytics will mark the global gathering of senior decision makers and thought leaders from around Europe to discuss and debate about practical and innovative approaches to analytics and how it may be used to enrich and empower strategic decision making process to resolve some of the most pressing and challenging issues in today’s human capital management.

Mark 30 January – 1 February 2019 in your calendar and book your seat now! 

Why You Must Join Us At This Conference

6 Powerful Reasons to Attend HR Analytics, Metrics and Measurement

  1. Discover the role of HR Analytics in aligning strategic planning, explore the HR transformation that embeds diversity of an organizational culture in collaboration with the latest innovation and probe the success stories that can influence business decisions.
  2. Establish a human capital management analytics across the talent lifecycle in the categories of workforce acquisition and planning, employee training, recruitment, reporting and analytics.
  3. Develop predictive analytic insights in HR competitive advantage to gain better understanding of talents models and predict the future performance to make better decisions on HR programs and policies.
  4. Learn to create a Data – Centric culture using data-driven insights to transform an organizations business function and growth instead based on the data in HR system and not relying on “gut-feel”
  5. Imitate the transformation of Human Resource Information System Metrics and reporting team into an HR Insights and Analysis Team.
  6. Experience the impact of Data Story Telling in various ways to improve communication and relationship in organization

The Conference At A Glance


  • Keynote: How HR Analytics Help Google Built its Culture of Success and Employee Happiness
  • Facebook Case Study: How Facebook Uses Analytics to Ensure its Employees are the Happiest and Engagement the Highest Globally
  • UBS Case Study: Transforming Employee Engagement, Experience, Culture, Collaboration and Innovation with HR Analytics
  • Corporate Culture Analytics: How Accenture Uses HR Analytics to Embed Diveristy and Inclusion into its Culture
  • Panel Discussion: Understanding Pitfalls of HR Analytics – What Numbers Can’t Tell You


  • Leadership Analytics: How Credit Suisse is Reinforcing Its Leadership Pipeline with HR Analytics
  • UBS Case Study: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in HR Analytics
  • How Deutsche TeleKom Innovate with HR Analytics
  • Swarovski Case Study: How to Build an Analytics and Data-
    Centric Culture Within HR
  • eBay HR Capabilities Analytics Case Study: How eBay Uses Analytics to Resolve Talent and Skill Gaps
  • Panel discussion: Using HR Technology, Analytics & Metrics as an Aid to Successful Transformative Culture Change

Unique To This Year's Event


MORNING | 09:00 – 12:00 

Workshop A: HR Analytics and Data Story Telling with Benchmarking, Measurement & Dashboards

HR analytics is not solely about gathering data on employee and organization processes. Instead it aims to provide insights from each process by using data to make relevant decision, story-telling, and to improve the processes and operational performance.
HR collects enough pool of data on employee’s personal information, compensation, benefits, retirement, attrition, performance, succession time to time so it is important to use it properly to interpret the outcome and spots the trends.
Filled with a step-by-step instruction, you will be able to effectively and confidently handle HR analytics as a Strategic Partner in your

AFTERNOON | 13:00 – 16:00

Workshop B: Improving Organizational Culture, Engagement and Experience with People Analytics

There are many companies that talk about ways to build a corporate culture, to increase employee engagement, and improve employee performance. But none of these can be achieved in a silo. Culture, engagement, and performance are all part of a single unified experience. By creating a positive organizational culture and enhance human engagement, it should be filled with a step-by-step instruction through people analytics that allows you to gather feedback from across the employee lifecycle, analysing and automatically surfacing the actions you can take to.