Summit Highlights

Why Join This Summit

10 Compelling Reasons To Join This Summit

  1. Discover emerging opportunities to deliver exceptional employee experience and business growth from the many practical case studies
  2. Uncover the steps for linking happiness, optimism and positivity to engagement and overcome evolutionary bias to negativity
  3. Acquire actionable, impactful HR insights that add value and build your future of business growth
  4. Explore the journey of ditching the performance rating and the bell curve, adopting a fresh new approach to performance, development and rewards for all the employees
  5. Learn how to put a holistic well-being program to encourage a healthy workplace and increase productivity
  6. Gain access to the EVP that resonates with employee, aligns with employer’s brand message and delivers a concrete ROI
  7. Map the employee experience of emerging talent by using new pathways to identify key moments that matter
  8. Embrace technology through HR chatbots, advanced analytics and automation to shape a healthy workplace experience
  9. Dive into the future of employee experience, digital economy and the new realities of work
  10. Leverage design thinking and feedback to transform employee and customer experience

Hot Topics To Be Discussed

  • Case Studies Of Asia’s Top Experiential Employee Experience Organizations
  • How HSBC Invests In Key Employee Touchpoints With Greatest Impact On Employee Experience
  • How UOB Measures Employee Experience By Tuning In To The Voice Of The Employee Using Analytics
  • Standard Chartered On Employee Experience Journey Mapping
  • Sanofi: How Physical Workspace Design Can Influence Employee Experience
  • How dnata Uses HR Data To Personalize And Invigorate Employee Experience
  • DBS: Creating Compelling Employee Experience By Identifying Moments That Matter
  • GlaxoSmithKline: Designing Unique Employee Experience For The Millennial
  • How Employee Experience Can Be Continuously Measured
  • OCBC: Technologies That Enhances Employee Experience: HR Chatbots, Advanced Analytics And Automation
  • Breadtalk: Using People Analytics To Design, Measure And Evaluate Employee Experience
  • Next Generation Workplace Post-Summit Site Tour

Post-Summit Site Tour

Next Generation Workplace Site Tour | Thu, 22 Aug 2019

Workplace environments are becoming a significant driver of culture, innovation and effectiveness. Some of the world’s most innovative companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon, are at the forefront when it comes to workspace design.

In this Next Generation Workplace Site Tour, you will have the chance to experience site visits to some of Singapore’s most dynamic and innovative workplaces adopted by forward-thinking organizations including Diageo, Tripadvisor and Airbnb. This unique site tour will give you a first-hand opportunity to understand how physical workspaces influence employee experience, culture, organization structure, system and processes that have enabled businesses to achieve sustainable growth and promote innovation.

Visit to Diageo Singapore

Visit to DBS Singapore

Research has shown that a whole 51% of workers say they are not engaged at work, with 17% admitting active disengagement. The workplace plays a large part in addressing this phenomenon; well-designed, people-centric offices can heighten the overall employee experience, helping employees achieve their full measure of engagement and productivity. DBS is one organization that understands this well. Join us for an exclusive tour of its headquarters at MBFC Tower 3, designed as a ‘natural landscape’ representation of the bank’s presence throughout Asia – and built around agility, collaboration and aesthetics.