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09:00 – 12:30 Workshop A – Hyper-Personalizing Your Chatbot with Data
The hype surrounding Chatbots has made it very mainstream and many organisations have deployed Chatbots without considering the fundamental requirement for an effective and successful function. Therefore we could see that the success rate of Chatbots deployment has not been as effective as we have expected. To highlight this problem, this workshop will guide you to gather and train your Chatbot with data through all inbound sources and gather real-time analytics to monitor the interactions between your bot and your customers to get proper responses. You will also learn how to train your Chatbot for semantics to provide you feedbacks on what is working and what is not in order to attune your data goals to align with input. At the end of this workshop, you are able to train your bot with accuracy of your data and generate more personalized conversation with your customers.
Teaching Your Chatbot
13:30 – 17:00 Workshop B – Applying Deep Learning in Sentiment Analysis
Social media covers a significant part of everyone’s life and most companies has already benefit from such communication platform to boost their marketing, generating leads and increasing their sales revenue. Therefore, it is essential for organisations to fully understand how customers are reacting to their products and services and ensure their marketing effort stays optimal. Sentiment Analysis is a crucial tool that can provide actionable insights to the organisations from studying data generated by the attitudes, opinions an emotions of their customers’ behaviour on social media platform. This workshop will provide you with the insights on how to leverage on deep learning and the ability of algorithms to analyze text input from your customers and transform it to meaningful and actionable insights through sentiment analysis, intent analysis and contextual semantic search.
Nishit-112x128 Nishit Kotecha
Senior Consultant
RMIT University
Sentiment Analysis
Time Agenda
09:00 Opening Address and Day 1 Highlights by Chairperson
lisa-bouari-112x128 Lisa Bouari
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Personalizing and Transforming Customer Experiences with AI, Customer Journey Analytics and Chatbots
Keynote: How HP Uses AI to Transform its Customer Support Experience

  • HP handles more than 600 million technical support contacts each year, and the company strives to make every single one a satisfying experience for the customer
  • To improve both self-service and contact center support delivery, HP leverages AI solution for customer service
  • Customers can now interact conversationally with the assistant to solve common problems, support staff use the Microsoft AI solution for instant access to a wealth of troubleshooting information, and the company gains deeper insights into common customer issues

UBank Case Study: How U-Bank’s Hyper-Personalized AI Cognitive Assistant, is Dramatically Improving Customer Response Times and a Massive Leap Forward in the Bank’s Customer Experience Journey

  • How UBank increases 40% of their Customer Response Times from their launch of RoboBrain, an upgraded version of RoboChat
  • How UBank leverage NLP to transform their customers’ enquiries to solution within two seconds?
  • UBank RoboBrain to adapt their customers search terms used, based on the rating applied and through ongoing training to create greater hyper-personalized experience
10:15 Morning Refreshments & Networking Session

Telstra Case Study: How Customer Journey Analytics & Sentiment Analysis Helps Australia’s Largest Telco Re-Define Customer Experience

  • Insights from Telstra on how they leverage analytics to predict customers who have needs and requirements to cross sell
  • How Telstra used Net Promoter Score (NPS) attribution modelling approach to enhance their customer sentiment efforts for better customer engagement
  • Winning customers experience by applying different marketing approach thought sentiment analysis insight
11:00 How Virgin Applied AI and Machine Learning to its Frequent Flyers Program and Increased Personalization, Customer Loyalty and Engagement

  • Delivering next-best action in real time response to be constantly stay engaged with their customers
  • How Virgin integrates their transactional data and segmentation variables developed with Torque data to drive a personalised redemption offer to their customers
11:30 Sportsbet Using Machine Learning and AI Capabilities to Improve on Its Customer Experience
Tony-112x128 Tony Gruebner
GM Analytics, Insights and Modelling and Exec Sponsor of Personalisation
12:00 How Brands are Increasingly Tapping into Text Analytics & Sentiment Analysis to Improve Customer Experience Delivery

  • With the increase of data on social media, brands need to leverage machine learning and NLP to read and derive meaning from a mass analysis
  • How text analysis and sentiment analysis can tell businesses how deeply customers feel about products, as well as which features are responsible for those feelings
Jimmy-112x128 Jimmy Wu
Insights, Advanced Analytics Manager
The Coffee Club Australia
12:30 Networking Luncheon
Humanizing Brand Experiences and Improving Sentiment Analysis with Chatbots
13:30 Roundtable Discussions: How Chatbot is transforming Marketing & Customer Experience across different Industry Verticals (2 rounds of 30 minutes roundtable)
Roundtable 1: Chatbot in Education: Provide personalized learning environment for students
Catherine Cherry
Director, Prospect Management
University of Adelaide
Roundtable 2: Chatbot in Healthcare: Applying Chatbot in increasing its client engagement level
Roundtable 3: Chatbot in Retail: Chatbot in transforming shopping experiences
Roundtable 4: Chatbot in Banking & Financial Institution: Chatbot in improving FS customer satisfaction and engagement


Flight Centre Case Study: Leveraging AI-Powered Chatbot, Savi in Assisting Customers For Better Booking Process and Creating Greater Customer Experience

Mike Dudarenok
Regional Director, FCM Innovation Lab (APAC)
Flight Centre Travel Group
Flight Centre Travel Group
15:00 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking Session

CUA case study on How Rosie Helps to Automates Online Customer Experience and Increase its Member Base

  • Understand how AI and Machine Learning can determine a weak signal which supposed to be a strong signal for conversions
  • Aggregating Data from AI to gauge an insight of which metrics and dimensions is essential to your business which lead to a better conversion
Melissa-Witheriff-112x128 Melissa Witheriff
Head of Digital Innovation
CUA – Credit Union Australia Limited
16:00 How Virtual Human Assistants Help to Personalize Brand Experience at National Disability Insurance Agency

  • AI is not UX, and it is not IT. It is about the contextual experience
  • How Nadia was designed to operate across multiple channels from the outset to create a consistent interaction for clients, with the face being just one representation
  • The debate of virtual-to-virtual business in future
16:30 Australia Post: Augmented AI data-bot supports our people to improve service & experience

  • How Australia Post AI data-bot, Dexter support internal staffs to help in improving safety, service and experience
  • Improving Australia Post service to their customers with Dexter’s assistance
  • How Dexter help employees with prescriptive analytics through three functions: Notify me, Tell me, Help me.
Silvio-112x128 Silvio Giorgio
GM Data Science & Strategy, Finance & Commercial Services
Australia Post
 17:00 Chatbot Panel: Is Chatbot Failing? What can be done to optimize its Benefits?

  • Where are we in Chatbot implementation – one year later
  • Discussion on why AI-led Chatbot has not perform as expected?
  • What error could it be the reason? The Bot or Human?
  • Is the lacking of human relation the main cause of issue?
  • What can human and organizations can do to leverage the benefits of Chatbot?
lisa-bouari-112x128 Lisa Bouari
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Brian Ng
Former Process Automation Delivery Manager
Nishit-112x128 Nishit Kotecha
Senior Consultant
RMIT University
 17:30 End of Day One | Cocktail Reception 
Time Agenda
09:00 Opening Address and Day 1 Highlights by Chairperson
lisa-bouari-112x128 Lisa Bouari
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Marketing Innovations with AI, Sentiment Analysis and Machine Learning
Mars Case Study: How Mars Tapped Social Sentiment in Social Media Marketing Campaigns to Win over Millennial Consumers

  • How Mars Chocolate set their “Hungerithm Platform” as a benchmark to more to leverage social media to capture sentiment insights of their consumers
  • Increasing revenue from the sentiment-based pricing of Mars Snickers and opening opportunities to innovative marketing campaign with innovative technology

How AI Helps Marketers Determine the Likes and Dislikes of Customers, Determine What Content Should Be Served and Track All their Interactions through the Customer’s Journey

  • Customer journey optimization – How AI emerge from the data black hole in connecting your customers’ touchpoints
  • Leveraging AI to make visualization simple by identifying and visualizing conversion paths in meaningful way
  • Train a model that can predict your customers’ preference with good accuracy and surprise your customers with personalised marketing content
Paul Grant
A/G Director of Communications, My Health Record
Australia Digital Health Agency
Australia Digital Health Agency
10:15 Leveraging Data and AI-based Capabilities for social media and text analytics in strengthen Volkswagen’s CX
Jason-Bradshaw-112x128 Jason Bradshaw
Chief Customer Officer
Volkswagen Group Australia
10:45 Morning Refreshments & Networking Session

B2B Oracle Marketing Case Study: How AI and Machine Learning Helps Oracles Improves Their Lead Prospects Quality by 10X

  • How Oracle use machine learning algorithm to gain 10 times better prediction of the quality leads
  • How Oracle create its machine learning platform that could sift through a huge amount of data and come up with a patterns and conclusion that human can’t do
11:30 Personalizing, Curating and Scaling Content Marketing with AI and Machine Learning

  • How AI aids content marketers in narrowing the gap in content discovery through predictive intelligence
  • AI-created content that is both actionable and efficient to appeal to changing customers demand and preferences
  • Smart Content: Self-aware, self-adjusting and enhancing its discovery and engagement from inception
Kelly-Slessor-112x128 Kelly Slessor
Founder & CEO
Shop You
Shop You
12:00 Case Study: How Carsales Deployed AI Image Recognition Technology for Real Time Ads Targeting
Tam Phuong Cao
Senior AI Software Engineer
12:30 Networking Luncheon

Understand Your Voice of Customer with Sentiment Analysis through Your Bot

  • Training your Bot to understand your customer’s feeling and select the best course of action
  • Optimize bot and human integration by transferring cases to human agent via sentiment analytics
  • Lesson learnt from Microsoft’s Tay Chatbot that learnt its interaction with human rather than predetermined script

Hyper-Personalizing L’Oreal’s Marketing Message with AI Cloud Marketing Platform Deployment

Stijn-Demeersseman-112x128 Stijn Demeersseman
General Manager Australia Consumer Product Division
14:30 What Tighter European GDPR will Mean for Marketers and CX Professionals

  • What GDPR would add to the existing data protection?
  • How much will automated marketing be affected from acquiring and processing data?
  • What opportunities can be created through GDPR?
  • Examples on lessons we have learnt from GDPR compliance
Bernard-112x128 Bernard Wilson
General Manager Loyalty, Data & Myer Media
15:00 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking Session

CX Panel: What it takes to create the Perfect Customer Experience with AI

  • How to achieve data unification to churn greater insights of your customers?
  • How AI transform real-time insights delivery from their customers’ touchpoints
  • Applying AI in business context such as cross-channel journey analytics
  • Impact of AI-powered technology that will reshape the marketing landscape in next few years
Peter-Ratcliffe-112x128 Peter Ratcliffe
Head of Digital Technology and Innovation
Retail Apparel Group
Tim-112x128 Tim Gibson
Head of Operations
miles-112x128 Miles Williams
General Manager in Customer Growth
Voicebots and Assistants: The Next CX and Marketing Frontier
15:50 How Domino’s Is Delivering Exceptional Customer Experience through the Revolution of Digital Ordering with Voice Assistant

  • Domino’s Pizza is among the first in Australia Zealand to deploy a virtual voice-activated assistant known as DRU Assist, which uses conversational AI to deliver superior customer experience across Domino’s mobile app and online ordering website
  • DRU Assist engages with customers in human-like conversation via text or speech recognition, enabling customers to place orders in record time
  • DRU Assist even has a social side, engaging customers with a personality tailored to the Domino’s brand.
16:20 City of Melbourne’s Voice Experience with Alexa 
Jo-112x128 Jo Whyte
City Marketing & Corporate Affairs
City of Melbourne
City of Melbourne
 16:50 Closing Remarks by Chairperson