Time Main Conference Agenda Day 1 – 1 July 2019, Monday
Influencers – Marketing’s Next Big Thing
As the world around us becomes more technologically advanced, influencer marketing has made its way to the forefront and companies are devoting more time and effort to the tactic than ever before. More and more brands are hopping on the influencer marketing train and it is becoming more important than ever to build relationships with influencers who resonate with your brands and to create campaigns, which are aligned with the values of an influencer’s followers.

The first day of the conference will kickstart with sessions diving deep into influencer marketing, exploring its effectiveness and nuances and providing a better understanding of the current landscape. The subsequent sessions will dwell on the massive benefits of influencer marketing as well as strategic tools and technologies you can leverage on to make the best of influencer marketing. Case studies of local and global organizations in different verticals who have successfully adopted influencer marketing will also be showcased and discussed in great details. These will inspire delegates to push past the status quo and envision future transformative roadmaps to reach new heights of customer experience.

Day one of the conference also explores pressing concerns and issues surrounding influencer marketing like influencer fraud and transparency advertising. Through these sessions, delegates will be able to glean insights into effective strategies to spot and combat these issues for successful influencer marketing campaigns.

09:00 Opening Address and Day 1 Highlights by Chairperson
Belinda-Ang-rounded Belinda Ang
thinkBIG Communications
09:15 Keynote: Understanding Influencer Marketing and Why It Is So Effective in Getting Brands on The Map
  • How influencer marketing has made its way to the forefront and companies are devoting more time and effort to the tactic than ever before
  • Discovering massive benefits of leveraging influencers over traditional celebrity endorsements in the new age marketing and advertising
  • Gaining top management buy-in on the importance of implementing influencer marketing as part of a cohesive digital marketing plan
Alexandra-Vogler-rounded Alexandra Vogler
Global Skin & Personal Care Digital Transformation & Communications Director
Procter & Gamble
09:45 Fireside Chat: Demystifying Influencer Marketing: The Effects An Influencer Can Have on Brands’ Success
  • I’m an influencer but I’m also a digital content creator/ copywriter/ photographer/editor and many more
  • What it’s actually like to be a social media influencer: The work behind the glitz and the glam
  • What influencers can bring to the table and how brands can work effectively with influencers for real business results
Cheryl-Wee-rounded Cheryl Wee
Cheryl W.
10:15 Morning Refreshments & Networking
10:30 Panel Discussion: Is Influencer Marketing Best Done In-House or Outsourced?
  • Pros and cons of having a third-party agency and an in-house team managing your influencer marketing strategy
  • The time, costs, benefits and frustrations associated with each
  • Learning what is best for organization like yours and make the right decision in the battle of in-house vs. outsourced influencer marketing
Belinda-Ang-rounded Moderator:

Belinda Ang
thinkBIG Communications

Diogo-Martins-rounded Panelists:

Diogo Martins
Content & Community Lead

 Mediacorp_Logo FULL COLOUR
Lisa-Wong-rounded Lisa Wong
Associate Director of Marketing, SEA and India
See-Wee-Heng-rounded See Wee Heng
Head of Marketing
NTUC LearningHub
Nisarg-Shah-rounded Nisarg Shah
Co-Founder & CEO
 11:15 Influencers, Partnerships and The New Art of Marketing to Millennials
  • Brand Hacking: Armed with the new realities of millennials, technology and culture, what would happen if we reinvented marketing from scratch?
  • The Millenial Myth: millennials are not who you think they are, and they are not just a generation, but a lesson on how brands should build their strategies.
  • The Art of Influence (and Influencers): receptivity based planning, the power of strategic relationships, the magic of in-culture partnerships and the art of creative collaboration to transform brands in to icons.
Stuart-La-Brooy-rounded Stuart La Brooy
Senior Marketing Director Asia & Special Projects
11:45 ZALORA Case Study: Working With Influencers In the Region and Measuring Their Effectiveness
  • Lessons learnt on Influencer Marketing Measurement over various campaigns and engagements
  • Building relationships with important influencers and not just one-off transactions
  • Why Influencer Marketing needs to go hand in hand with other digital and traditional channels to ensure business success
Christopher-Daban-Dauimol-rounded Christopher Daguimol
Director Brand Communications
12:15 Lunch & Networking
13:15 Roundtable Discussion: Influencer Marketing Tools to Supercharge Your Marketing Campaigns
1. Influencer Discovery
Lisa-Wong-rounded Lisa Wong
Associate Director of Marketing, SEA and India
2. Relationship Management
See-Wee-Heng-rounded See Wee Heng
Head of Marketing
NTUC LearningHub
3. Content Marketing
John-Caro-rounded John Caro
Digital Lead of Foods Asia
14:15 Digital Natives: A Look inside the Mobile-First Generation
  • What it means to be mobile first: Endless new opportunities and avenues to market to millennials via mobile
  • Why brands need to think critically about the mobile experience and how millennials interact with it from their mobile devices
  • Understanding how to develop novel, engaging and hyper-personalized mobile-friendly content that works and sticks
Sharon-Tan-rounded Sharon Tan
Senior Vice President, Regional Consumer Finance
DBSlogo_E1_4C RGB
14:45 B2B’s New Millennial Influencers – The Art and Science of Marketing to People and Algorithms
  • Making B2B relevant for a new audience
  • Becoming a media publishing house and gaining credibility by association
  • Improve sales and marketing handshake including revenue attribution through data and analytics
Davinia-Khong-rounded Davinia Khong
Marketing Leader
15:15 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking
15:30 Revitalizing Brands for Long-term Growth
  • Utilizing shopper-centric data and trends to identify issues and develop hypothesis
  • Leveraging advance analytics and modelling to revise portfolio and strategy
  • Ensuring smooth execution and tracking to optimal results
Shane-Ang-2-rounded Shane Ang Siong Aik
Global Revenue Growth Lead, GCOE
The Kraft Heinz Company
Kraft Heinz
16:00 Creating Brand Partnerships that Drive Growth
  • Building a mutually beneficial marketing relationship with compatible partners to reach your growth goals
  • Expanding your universe of potential clients and ensuring heightened credibility by association
  • Leveraging on new sources of data and advanced analytics strategies to enable data-driven marketing
Alin-Dobrea-rounded Alin Dobrea
Head of Marketing Solutions and Partnerships
16:30 Ensuring a Consistent and Healthy Growth through Customer Retention and Lifecycle Marketing
  • Turning one-time buyers into returning loyal customers and continuously grow Shopee
  • Micro-segmenting your target audience to enable personalized, relevant and effective marketing campaigns
  • Champion machine learning to build predictive and attribute models that facilitate better decision-making
Kushal-Manupati-rounded Kushal Manupati
Head of Digital
17:00 Closing Remarks by Conference Chairman
17:15 Champagne Networking
Enjoy a glass of champagne whilst networking with other like-minded individuals on topics that are of most interest to you and fellow delegates.


Time Main Conference Agenda Day 2 – 2 July 2019, Tuesday
Marketing to Millennials & Growth Hacking – A Paradigm Shift for the Customers of Tomorrow
Millennials are the market and are driving disruption for marketers and retailers across the globe. Millennials’ impacts on the marketing industry are clearer than ever: they are forcing brands to not only understand them but also adapt to their ever-evolving preferences at the snap of a finger. With consumption and purchasing patterns vastly different from previous generations, marketing to millennials have to be done on their own terms and through their own channels.

Day two of the conference will discuss the specific how, what and why of millennial marketing, specifically on effective strategies to reach out to this trillion-dollar demographic like mobile marketing, content marketing as well as tools like artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to deliver powerful experiences that resonate with millennials and earn their love and loyalty. Delegates can look forward to insightful case studies and success stories as well as panel discussions on how to engage millennials for greater insights.

Day two of the conference will then proceed with a series of exciting sessions on growth hacking, engaging and guiding delegates in embracing the relentless pursuit of growth to unlock organizations’ true potentials and push your agendas to the next level. Case studies of both start-ups and established enterprises that have successfully growth-hacked their way to emerge as leaders  as well as learning lessons on hiring growth hackers and transforming into a growth-oriented organization will also be showcased.

09:00 Conference Introduction and Day 2 Highlights by Chairperson
Belinda-Ang-rounded Belinda Ang
thinkBIG Communications
Visionary Keynote: A Trillion-Dollar Demographic: The How, What and Why of Millennial Marketing
  • Understanding and breaking down stereotypes on the largest generation of customers with the highest purchasing power
  • How they are supercharging a paradigm shift and irreversible disruptions to the marketing industry: Marketing to be done on millennials’ own terms, through their channels
  • How marketers can leverage proven marketing strategies to effectively target this powerful audience
Manisha-Seewal-rounded Manisha Seewal
Group Chief Marketing Officer
Carro Singapore
09:45 Case Study: Why Content Marketing Matters More Than Ever to Reach Millennials
  • How TheSmartLocal build their award-winning content marketing strategies to win the hearts of the millennial readers
  • TheSmartLocal’s best marketing assets: its community and millennial customers
  • Leveraging and thriving on user-generated content to build and grow your social media presence, tell your story and build a more trusting relationship with customer
Bryan-Choo-rounded Bryan Choo
Founder & Managing Director
The Smart Local
10:15 Morning Refreshments & Networking
10:30 lyf by Ascott – A Brand for Millennials by Milennials
  • Building and launching a millennial-friendly brand tailored for and managed by millennials to respond to growing demand from this demographic
  • Unique features and activities to appeal to the millennial travelers –  a new way of living and collaborating
  • Why millennial is fast becoming the most desired demographic for the hospitality industry
MindyTeo-rounded Mindy Teo
Vice President, Brand & Marketing
The Ascott Limited
The Ascott Limited Logo (CMYK)
11:00 Delighting The Millennial’s’ Customer Journey Through Digitisation
  • Capabilities to consider for digital transformation
  • Leveraging disruptive technologies to reimagine the customer journey for your millennial customers
  • Customising the customer experience  to deliver contextual, real-time and hyper-relevant interactions
JULIANA-CHUA-rounded Juliana Chua
Head of Digital Transformation
NTUC Income
NTUC Income
11:30 Class Pass Case Study: Micro Influencers – Major Impact: The Marketing Force of The Future
  • Who are Micro Influencers and why they are the marketing game of the coming years
  • How brands win big by collaborating with micro influencers who are approachable, relatable with a smaller yet immensely dedicated following
  • Identifying the right micro-influencers to work with and how best to work with them to build trust and gain exposure and following for your brand
Christine-Ng-rounded Christine Ng
International Brand and Creative Director
Class Pass
Class Pass
12:00 Panel Discussion: How to Engage Millennials for Customer Insights and Marketing
  • Learn from brands that have successfully update their marketing approaches and emerge as winners at conversing with millennials and gaining their interest
  • Strategies to find out what millennials respond best to and effectively hit them in their core values
  • Exploring innovative marketing strategies to build affinity with millennials and let them experience the brands in action
Belinda-Ang-rounded Moderator:

Belinda Ang
thinkBIG Communications

Michelle-Tan-rounded Panelists:

Michelle Tan
Manager, Business Development & Accounts

Wu-Ying-Ying-rounded Wu Ying Ying
Regional Head of Communications
Tony-Tan-rounded Tony Tan Gan Hup
Assistant Vice President (Brand & Marketing, Digital Innovation and lyf)
The Ascott Limited
The Ascott Limited Logo (CMYK)
12:45 Lunch & Networking
13:45 Growth Hacking Explained: How InstaReM Singapore Growth-Hacked Our Way to Achieve 400% Growth in Less Than a Year
  • What growth hacking is and how it can help your organization unlock your true potentials and push your mission to the next level
  • Understanding why growth hacking is the buzzword among both startups and multinational corporates
  • Prerequisites for sustainable growth, principles of growth and ultimately how you should approach figuring out how to grow or accelerate growth
Ho-Chee-Wai-rounded Ho Chee Wai
Country Manager Singapore & Director of New Products
InstaReM Logo (Transparent)
14:15 Lazada Case Study: Leveraging on Emerging Strategic Partnership to Drive Marketing Growth for eCommerce
  • How Lazada extends their scope of influence in the digital ecosystem/platform play through strategic partnership projects
  • Helping partners to enhance shopping experience via influencing their product roadmap
  • Leveraging the valuable Lazada `licensing’ on partnerships – Lazada Kids Cinema, etc
Eunice-Yue-rounded Eunice Yue
Group Head of Business Development, Marketing & User Growth
15:00 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking
15:15 Case Study: Growth Hacking for Grownups: How Big Brands are Leveraging Startup Growth Tactics?
  • Why growth hacking is not only a startup phenomenon and how it can be applicable for companies of all sizes
  • How to overcome roadblocks in transforming an organization with traction, decades-old ways of doing things and a solid customer base
  • Getting to the bottom of the challenges large companies face and how they can use their resources to turn these challenges into a competitive advantage
Glenn-Caton-rounded Glenn Caton
Senior Vice President Growth: Asia, Australia, Middle East and Africa
Mondelez International
15:45 How to Hire and Support a Top-Notch Growth Hacker That Will Actually Get the Job Done
  • Who you should hire for sustainable growth
  • Understanding the prerequisites of a great growth hacker and how to tell if a candidate is the right fit
  • What you need to know to staff for sustainable growth and drive real impact along your growth curve
Ravish-Doctor-rounded Ravish Doctor
Head of Growth Marketing, Asia
Luxury Escapes
Luxury Escapes
16:15 Panel Discussion: How to Transform from a Traditional to a Growth Oriented Organization
  • Best practices to adopt the growth mindset, culture and testing habits needed to become a breakout growth success
  • Driving cross-functional growth alignment across the organization and maximize sustainable growth
  • Breaking away from the status quo and truly embrace the relentless pursuit of growth
Belinda-Ang-rounded Moderator:

Belinda Ang
thinkBIG Communications

Benjamin-Choo-rounded Benjamin Choo
Ecosystem Launcher
Jamie-Lee-rounded Jamie Lee
Regional Partner Marketing Asia
Reshmi-Roy-rounded Reshmi Roy
Market Growth Lead
Aaron-Koh-rounded Aaron Koh
Growth Hacker
NTUC Income
NTUC Income
17:00 Closing Remarks by Conference Chairman


Workshop A:  Mastering Influencer Marketing: Growing Your Business in 2019 and Beyond

9.00am – 12.30pm

Workshop A This workshop provide brands and marketers with the necessary knowledge, planning frameworks and compliance procedures to set up and run successful influencer marketing programs. Walk away with knowledge on:

  • Best-practice principles to operationalize your in-house influencer marketing activities
  • How to maximize your return on time and investment
  • Guidelines on compliance, brand safety, and contract guidelines
  • A to Z of successful influencer engagement from initial research, to selection of influencers, compensation and measurement of program success
  • How to identify fake followers & verify engagement
  • Techniques on content amplification
  • Case studies from Singapore and global companies
Evangeline-Leong-rounded Evangeline Leong
Founder & CEO
Kobe Global Technologies Pte Ltd
KOBE High Res Trademark
Workshop B: A Complete Guide:  Developing a Successful Growth Hacking Roadmap to Supercharge Your Business Goals

1.30pm – 5.00pm

Workshop B This workshop serves as an all-rounded introduction session on the essentials of growth hacking to achieve sustainable growth, from laying the foundation to structuring the growth process. Hear from our exceptional workshop leader on how to:

  • Master the growth-hacking process
  • Know the most up-to-date ways to acquire new customers and engender customer loyalty
  • Learn how to use conversion rate optimization to get the most out of your acquisition efforts and your website traffic
  • Understand how to use your knowledge of your current customers to gain new customers while simultaneously increasing the lifetime value of your current customers
jonathan-ang-rounded Jonathan Ang
Adscelerate Marketing
Adscelerate White