About the Forum

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Product Development and Customer Experience Conference

The Customer Journey has never been more diverse and demanding. With data being processed in real-time, and customer interactions getting increasingly personalised, the opportunities to innovate and deliver a seamless customer experience in this transformational time are truly endless. As customers adapt to the new digital communication channels being introduced, will we be able to identify the most effective and efficient channels to connect to our customers?

Telsyte Australian VR & AR Market Study 2017 estimates that over 3.3 million units of VR headset will be sold in Australia by 2020, reaching a household penetration of 22.3% or 2.5 million households. In another study by Digi-Capital, revenue generated by AR / VR is forecasted to hit $150B by 2020.

Brands have begun incorporating AR / VR as well, introducing the technology into their marketing and CX strategies – Audi’s A4 VR Experience allows consumer to experience an exhilarating test drive, Coca-Cola’s marketing campaign is reimagining Christmas festivity with virtual sleigh ride, and Marriott Hotels is offering a virtual travel experience.

The first ever AR / VR CX conference in Australia, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Product Development and Customer Experience Conference, will address the ways to transforming the future of customer experience in this new digital world. Join the impressive gathering CX, AR, VR, UX professionals to discover how you can use AR / VR to usher in the future of CX, hear solutions to key business challenges and exchange ideas with experts from around the region.

Discover how brand pioneers, technology evangelists and marketing experts are adapting and transforming their strategies, evolving their operating structure to embrace the reality for brands and embarking on a new world of possibilities using AR / VR.

Why Join This Conference

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Product Development and Customer Experience Conference

5 Killer Strategies to Boost Your Customer Engagement in 2017:

  1. Foster collaborative innovation between CX professionals and digital innovators through exclusive co-present sessions
  2. Acquire practical insights, proven solutions and customer-centric CX strategies powered by AR / VR
  3. Adopt tried-and-tested CX strategies from brands and their partners that have successfully leveraged digital-driven CX and achieved significant ROI
  4. Uncover the best ways to deliver hyper-personalized and engaging customer experiences
  5. Gather inspiration from thought-provoking panel discussions to future-proof CX strategies in the fast moving and rapidly evolving market

The Forum at a Glance

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Product Development and Customer Experience Conference

DAY 1: Wednesday 26 July 2017

  • Exclusive Experience Showcase – Microsoft HoloLens, Oculus Rift platforms and Future of AR / VR
  • The Business Case for Augmented & Virtual Reality: Why Brands are Investing and Where the ROI Adds Up
  • The Next Frontier of Customer Experience with AR / VR / MR

DAY 2: Thursday 27 July 2017

  • Australia Zoo Case Study – VR as the Game Changer for Interactive and Immersive 360-degree Wildlife Experience
  • Keynote – Augmenting the Enterprise with AR and VR: How Businesses Can Effectively Embrace the Next Computing Evolution Education
  • Shifting from the Gamer’s Niche to Innovative Uses

Post-Conference Workshops: Friday 28 July 2017

  • Workshop AEnhancing Customer Experience and Interactive Marketing with AR / VR
  • Workshop BIncorporating AR / VR within Marketing Campaigns with Measurable Success

Companies Expected at the Forum

  • Rhodes Waterside
  • Coca Cola South Pacific
  • Woolworths
  • The Retail Apparel Group
  • Coles Supermarkets
  • Myer Pty Ltd
  • Big W
  • Country Road
  • David Jones
  • Harvey Norman
  • Jay Jays
  • Jeanwest
  • Just Jeans
  • KMart Australia Ltd
  • Noni B Limited
  • OrotonGroup Pty Ltd
  • RCG Corporation Ltd
  • Specialty Fashion Group (SFG)
  • Target Australia Pty Ltd
  • Masters Home Improvement
  • Politix
  • Portsman
  • Valleygirl
  • Best & Less
  • Hotel.com.au
  • Tourism Central Australia
  • Hobart Travel Centre
  • Melbourne Centre
  • Rundle Mall