26 July 2017, Wednesday 


Day 1 – 26 July 2017

The total revenue for Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) is projected to increase from $5.2 billion in 2016 to over $162 billion in 2020, according to the IDC. According to Telsyte Australian VR & AR Market Study 2017, nearly 25% of all households in Australia, or 2.5 million households, are expected to have virtual reality headsets by 2020.

In the space of marketing and customer experience, AR / VR is gaining ground as the technology offers great enhancement to conventional experience that intuitively engages customers. AR / VR can be applied to a range of consumer experiences in the purchasing journey, from how people search and evaluate new products. When AR / VR app is integrated in a familiar retail setting as a part of the shopping experience, people not only thought highly of the technology, but they also positively related to the products. They were more likely to purchase products, and view the app as a useful tool for shopping.

9:00am Opening Keynote Address by Conference Chairman, David Francis
9:10am Visionary Keynote: 2017 – The Tipping Point for AR /VR

  • What is driving AR / VR adoption and why this year will be the tipping point for AR / VR
  • AR / VR as a part of the omni-channel marketing mix: What does it take to make it work?
  • Brand hits and misses on bringing AR / VR to life: Successful commercialization of AR / VR across industries
rupert-deans-112x128 Rupert Deans
Plattar, One Fat Sheep
Digital Marketing pioneer and founder of Plattar, Rupert Deans, was diagnosed with dyslexia as a child. Growing up with dyslexia meant as an adult he was drawn to the use of visualisation techniques to solve problems , he often questioned why we have so much 2D content in a 3D world.Recognising the enormous potential of Augmented Reality to solve practical problems, he created ‘The World’s Simplest Augmented Reality Creator’ that enables anyone to make their own AR experiences with ease, which could be used to solve a multitude of visualisation problems from engagement to learning, to on-site applications across industries and verticals.

Rupert is also the founder of One Fat Sheep, a platform specialising in creating innovative digital solutions, Augmented Reality, mobile applications, website development and online marketing.

9:50am The Next Frontier of Customer Experience with AR / VR / MR

  • The dawn of Mixed Reality: Blurring of lines between place, customer experience and Mixed Reality
  • Keeping up with the fundamental shift in how customers experience and engage with brands, products, and services
  • Enhancing brand experience with Mixed Reality and cutting away distractions
  • Global insights from the omni-channel efforts of renowned brands
michael-lyons-112x128 Michael Lyons
Senior Consultant 3D, AR, VR Visualisation Specialist at Spatial & Brand Experience, Deloitte
Founder, Kid Neon
Michael is the lead of the 3D, AR & VR team which is part of Deloitte Spatial Brand & Experience.

Equipped with 15 years of experience under his belt in architecture, interior design , the wider film and video industry, his core focus is primarily large on Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Works. Through these works Kid Neon took on a game studio and continually builds leading VR tools that allow groups of people to experience VR and AR together.

Prior to joining Deloitte’s team, Michael was the founder and lead at Kid Neon Images, a leading visualisation and Virtual Reality house for retail designers and centres. Some major clients Michael has worked with in this space are New Balance, Melbourne Central and Casuarina, Jurlique & Kate Spade New York.

robbie-roberston-112x128 Robbie Robertson
Partner – Spatial & Brand Awareness Team, Deloitte
Founder and CEO, Mash Up
For Robbie, the drive which puts him in the office everyday is his deep passion for developing spaces with a tangible purpose. More than just simply are well-designed environment, Robbie fuses the digital, specifically Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology with brand & customer experience into various verticals such as retail stores, innovation centres or even as simple as augmenting a workplace area.

With 20 years of global experience working in the UK, USA, South East Asia and now Australia, Robbie aspires to assist with omni-channel solutions for his clients, which include, Priceline, NAB, ANZ, Siam Bank, Federal Government and Telstra. He is also an industry commentator and speaker for Good Design Australia, The Digital Industry Association of Australia (AIMIA), Worktech, The Association for Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA) and the Customer Experience Australia.

Morning Refreshments & Networking Session
Exclusive Experience Showcase – Microsoft HoloLens, Oculus Rift Platforms and Future of AR / VR

2017 is the year in which AR and VR become mainstream technologies to transform companies and the way customers experience brands. Oculus, Samsung, Sony, Google, HTC and Microsoft are all exploring new frontiers and commercial applications for the technologies, with Apple rumoured to be launching an AR-enabled device in 2017.Experience how Australian companies are utilizing VR and AR for social media, tourism, sales, store design, category platforms, training, and unique customer experiences. This unique session will include live demonstration of Microsoft HoloLens and Oculus Rift platforms, followed by a 15 min Q&A on the future of the technology, commercial impact and transformational case studies.

  • Introduction and industry overview on the future of AR / VR
  • VR: Global and local innovations, omni-channel case studies featuring Alibaba live stream (live demonstration of Oculus Rift)
  • AR: Microsoft HoloLens, custom architecture and design, potential for AR enhancing traditional media (live stream on screens)
  • Samsung Gear VR and B2B applications that enhance and transform the customer experience
  • Facebook 360 VR: Social sharing and Oculus Connect featuring Tourism NZ and Nikon case study
jason-bentley-112x128 Jason Bentley
Aurora VR
Founder of AURORA VR & Revolution Shopper Marketing, and recently a distinguished speaker for Mumbrella in December 2016, Jason Bentley’s leads in exploring new frontiers in immersive CX and B2B transformation solutions through emerging VR & AR technologies.

He pursues his passion by working with the creative industries such as 360 Film, Virtual & Augmented Reality and new immersive technologies that illuminate the human experience and create deep emotional connections for companies and brands.  

andy-blood-112x128 Andy Blood
Head Creative
 male-silhouette Martin Brown
Head Alliances and Partner Solutions
Samsung Electronics Australia
12:00pm Connecting Enterprise Clients to viable 3D Visualisation Products for Commercial Real Estate

  • Why is AR & VR important to Commercial Real Estate?
  • Why has the commercial real estate industry been slow in adopting AR & VR, and what needs to change?
  • How do we create tangible, exceptional business outcomes for our clients with these technologies?
  • What is CBRE doing in this space?
david-gerrelli-112x128 David Gerrelli
APAC Product Manager 3D Visualisation Technologies,
David is the lead for 3D Visualisation Technologies for CBRE in APAC and focused on rapidly advancing CBRE’s capability in this region.
David transferred from London to Australia a year ago and has been appointed to APAC Product Manager for 3D Visualisation Technologies. He is also the APAC Principle Lead for Floored. Floored was acquired by CBRE in January 2017 and is an established leader of SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions, including scalable, interactive 3D graphics technology, for the global commercial real estate industry. David has over 20 year’s experience in Enterprise Business Technologies working for FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies in covering Europe, the Americas, and Asia Pacific.
12:30pm The Business Case for Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality: Why Brands are Investing and Where the ROI Adds Up

  • Case studies of global brands who are investing in and succeeding-with B2C AR / VR (Woolworths, Carrefour, Dreamworks, Boeing, Airbus)
  • How interspatial storytelling measurably and significantly increases information ingestion and retention and brand loyalty
  • ROI of the categories and verticals that are first-movers
david-francis-112x128 David Francis
Creative Technologist and Asia-Pacific Head
David Francis is the APAC Head of Zappar Technologies, a global leader in bringing SAAS for mobile-based AR/VR production and Creative-as-a-service for some of the world’s biggest entertainment and retail brands.

A pioneer of the Augmented and Virtual Reality industry, he originally worked with DAQRI (Los Angeles) back in 2010, conceiving and produces scores of complex, commercial, award-winning Augmented and Virtual Reality campaigns with leading Australian and international brands such as including Toys R Us, Netapp, Cisco, Target, Singtel Optus, 20th Century Fox, Woolworths and Toyota. Later on in 2013, he created the first Augmented Reality dedicated division in one of Australia’s largest communications groups, IVE.

David is also the founder of Virtual Method, an AR/VR Consultancy that works with enterprise and brands to create strategies around advanced AR + VR Head-Mounted-Displays. 

Networking Luncheon
2:00pm Making The Project Work For You: Distribution, Technology, and Creative Solutions (with case studies)
james-marshall-112x128 James Marshall
Senior Producer
Start VR
James worked for over a decade with clients including the Cronulla Sharks, Yahoo!7, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the CSIRO, Lynx Deodorant, and various others. He co-founded Mudita Games, exclusive children’s game developer to the NRL, until making a successful exit to explore the exciting new world of consumer-friendly VR. Drawing on his mixed experiences in film, games design, transmedia, and digital technology, James’ work at Start VR includes 360 video production, room-scale and interactive narrative design, account management for key clients, and B2B software solutions.
2:45pm Retail of the Future: Coco Republic’s Innovative CX

  • Leverage on technology to drive innovations in CX and improve each interaction in end-to-end customer journey
  • Customisable / configurable products on the website front end powered by VR product development
  • Pioneer custom in-store quoting app for closer collaboration with customers to drive customer acquisition, sales conversion and communication
  • Design new CRM for enhanced marketing automation, product delivery visibility and customer communication
Dominic-Byrne-112x128 Dominic Byrne
Head of Digital
Coco Republic
Dominic focuses on finding the digital sweet spot with the right balance of ingredients that includes: advertising and promotion, content and experience, social and relationships, commerce and sales, underpinned by data.

A marketing technologist, Dominic excels in driving corporate change through the creative use of cutting-edge technology solutions in real-world applications. He is a nationally recognized digital expert with a passion for commercially aware, analytics-led decision making that results in technology and media savvy outcomes.

Afternoon Refreshments & Networking Session
4:00pm Managing the Dark Side of AR / VR: Privacy, Information Security, Liability & Consumer Rights

  • Understanding and managing privacy and information security issues: Filling the gaps and loopholes within your AR / VR technology infrastructure
  • Who has the intellectual property rights?
  • Do you have any liability for real world events?
  • Do you know how to navigate contracts terms and consumer rights?
Christie_Alec_112x128 Alec Christie
Partner – Digital Law
Ernst & Young
Alec is the Head Partner for Digital Law at EY (APAC region) with over 26 years’ experience under his belt.

Alec’s expertise has been harnessed with a diverse cross-border Asia Pacific practice with the emphasis on blockchain, smart contracts, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Data privacy/ Cyber security, Information (including Big Data analytics and IoT), E-commerce (including online marketing), Cloud computing, Sourcing, Open Source Software and Commercial IT and Intellectual Property.

Alex has been described by the Chambers Global – The World’s Leading Lawyers for Business Guide as ‘superb…. a genuine regional expert’; by Asia Pacific Legal 500 as ‘probably one of the best lawyers in his field’ and ‘a Cloud computing and data privacy expert’ and ’is brilliant on software licensing … has a wide knowledge of IT/IP issues both in Australia and globally’; and by Leading Lawyers as ‘a sought after IT lawyer in Australia, highly pragmatic professional assisting to commercial results’, Alec has been selected as one of the Leading Information Technology lawyers in Australia and globally since 2013 by Who’s Who Legal.

Since 2015 Alec has been recognised by his peers in Best Lawyers as one of Australia’s best outsourcing lawyers. Alec has also been appointed as the only Australian on the editorial boards of Data Guidance’s online ‘Global platform for data protection and privacy compliance’ and the global journal e-Health Law & Policy published by Cecile Park Publishing. Alec is also the country expert/editor for Bloomberg BNA’s Australian chapter for its online global data privacy and security offering.

4:45pm Panel Discussion and Q&A: What’s next after AR/VR? What are customers looking for in choosing AR/VR? What are customers’ concerns and expectations?

  • Virtual holograms in the physical space
  • Developing real-time connectivity and virtual space
  • How will mixed reality disrupt customer experience and product development?
  • What are customers looking for in AR/VR solutions?
  • What are customers’ expectations and concerns?
david-francis-112x128 David Francis
Creative Technologists and Asia-Pacific Head
jason-bentley-112x128 Jason Bentley
Aurora VR
rupert-deans-112x128 Rupert Deans
Plattar, One Fat Sheep
kristin-carlos-112x128 Kristin Carlos
Head of Digital and Entertainment
5:15pm Closing Remarks by Conference Chairman, David Francis   
5:20pm image-3
Champagne Networking Session

Enjoy a glass of champagne whilst networking with other like-minded individuals on topics that are of most interest to you and fellow delegates.

 27 July 2017, Thursday 


Day 2 Morning – 27 July 2017

AR / VR has arrived, with the world’s largest companies including Google, Microsoft and Facebook investing billions of dollars into the technology. Industry experts are of the opinion that Australia needs to invest more in the sector or risk missing out.

The following sessions covers insights on keeping up with AR / VR as the new reality for brands, personalizing AR / VR mobile content, pursuing collaboration that nurture effective AR / VR strategies and potential innovative uses of AR / VR in retail, tourism, advocacy and education.

9:00am Welcoming Speech by Conference Chairman, David Francis
9:05am Keynote – Augmenting the Enterprise with AR and VR: How Businesses Can Effectively Embrace the Next Computing Evolution Education:

  • How to inform and educate the business to the opportunities of AR & VR
  • Utility Vs Marketing: Developing strategies to ensure longevity and ongoing value from investments in the new medium
  • Building the business case: How to identify and develop a structured business case supporting key initiatives of your business
  • Effective Budgeting: What elements you need to consider to effectively budget for Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Governance and process: How to integrate AR /VR with existing business processes and build effective technology governance
Joe-Millward-112x128 Joe Millward
Senior Digital Strategist
  As a Senior Digital Strategist for 3M Australia, Joe is charged with identifying innovative ways to utilise digital solutions in order to build a customer first relationship for the business.

With extensive experience working in the media, technology and animation industry for over 15 years, Joe currently places his focus on identifying new trends in digital media, from mobile to social media, and the rise of Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Joe has been spearheading the strategic direction for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality scene with a global working team as 3M begins to explore this new medium.

9:50am CX2017 with Holographic Telepresence

  • Overcoming neuropsychological and spatial issues to build trust, loyalty, and bonding with customers
  • Using holographic telepresence to transform the finite nature of personal space and imagine the greatest shift in CX
  • Achieving great UI / UX to boost CX
scott-o-brien-112x128 Scott O’Brien
Morning Refreshments & Networking Session
AR/VR for Diversity & Inclusion
rick-martin-112x128 Rick Martin
Equal Reality
brennan-hatton-112x128 Brennan Hatton
Equal Reality
11:45am Shifting from the Gamer’s Niche to Innovative Uses

  • AR / VR: The new touchpoint in modern omni-channel experience
  • VR as an excellent tool to give a taste of product / service (top education case study and showcase apps)
  • VR as a visualization tool (property, spatial designs and ideas)
  • VR to create visceral emotive experiences for advertising and sales (car and bike dealerships)
  • AR for dynamic contextual information and customer experience (museum and Innovation Pool at Barangaroo)
ming-wei-chan-112x128 Ming Wei Chan
Senior Consultant, VR Business & Experience Designer
A UX and Design Architect by background, Ming Wei Chan is one of the key consultants for VR Business & Experience Design in PwC’s Virtual Reality production team, Virtual Studios. His expertise includes providing consultative approaches to executives in the PwC’s clientele base and consulting on the impact and benefits of VR applications in their business model.

On a personal note, Ming had recently won the challenge in Australia’s first and biggest VR hackathon, ImmersiveHack, bringing home the champion’s prize. His passions include addressing and analysing new applications of VR gamifications and prototyping ideas on Tiltbrush.

Networking Luncheon

Day 2 Morning – 27 July 2017

Uniquely Australian brands have tapped into the AR / VR technology – Australia Zoo’s VR project aims to ‘revolutionise zoo visits’, Alzheimer’s Australia Vic launched a VR app to transform dementia care and National Museum Australia is presenting David Attenborough’s First Life and Great Barrier Reef Dive in VR format.

Qantas Airways and Tourism Australia have launched their own VR offerings to great success. These sessions showcase how to achieve success and returns with AR / VR technology.

2:00pm Australia Zoo Case Study – VR as the Game Changer for Interactive and Immersive 360 degree Wildlife Experience

  • Exclusive insights into the first ever VR experience offered by a zoo
  • Embracing VR to deliver engaging zoo visits to memorable and relatable
  • Leveraging on VR technology to break down language barriers, perceptions of zoos from around the world, and truly excite with immersive animal experiences
erina-kilmore-112x128 Erina Kilmore
Director of Sales
Australia Zoo
Erina Kilmore has an extensive background in marketing as a Digital Marketing and Campaign Manager with Sensis, Marketing and Advertising Executive with Flight Centre Ltd. and National Sales and Marketing Manager with Encounters Travel.

Currently the Director of Sales at the renowned Australia Zoo founded by Steve Irwin, Erina works extensively with the organisation’s marketing team and is responsible for the representation of the zoo’s brand globally for the awareness on the conservation efforts.

Tasked with the formation of partnerships within the Australian tourism industry, Erina possesses a strong outlook on conservation and wildlife tourism, with the belief that Australia Zoo and its conservation properties are at the forefront of providing the authentic experience for international visitors during their Australian journey.

Erina serves as a director on the Tourism Noosa Board, and the Asia Pacific Travel & Tourism Research Board. She also served as the Chairperson of the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network Board from 2012 – 2015.

2:45pm Overview and Trends in AR/VR: Globally and in ANZ
pradeep-khanna-112x128 Pradeep Khanna
VRAR Association (VRARA), Sydney Chapter

Pradeep Khanna, is Founder CEO of consulting company Global Mindset (GM) focused on leveraging globalization, digitization & virtualisation for Living, Learning & Working. He has over 30 years of executive & management experience across a number of industries.

Pradeep has been a leader for IBM GBS Australia and New Zealand (A/NZ) leveraging India, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Egypt, Romania, Brazil. He has worked on assignments for IBM, Australian Trade Commission, Optus, Westpac, Qantas, ING, Crompton Greaves and many more organizations.

He is an Adjunct Professor/Visiting Faculty at a number of institutions in Australia, Singapore & India. Pradeep is a speaker at many international conferences. In 2016, Pradeep has presented in Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Toronto, Sydney & Singapore.

Pradeep is Sydney Chapter President of the Global VR AR Association (VRARA). He is also Global Co-Chair, Education of VRARA.

Pradeep is a member of Executive Panel of Global Consulting Companies and Open Colleges Industry Advisory Panel. He has studied MBA from AGSM (UNSW), M.Sc, Computer Science from UTS, & B Tech from IIT Delhi.

Afternoon Refreshments & Networking Session
4:00pm Latest Patent Updates on AR / VR – Legal Issues You Should Be Aware Of

  • Understand essential requirements for patents in Australia
  • Case Studies of AR and VR patenting and IP strategies
  • Data intrusion and intimate data surveillance regarding hyper reality
anthony-alder-112x128 Anthony Alder
Founder and Owner, Alder IP
Board Member, Australian Professional Standards Board for TM and Patent Attorneys
A dignified arbitration lawyer with more than 10 years’ experience, Anthony Alder has been responsible for the commercialisation of high level technology developed by Australian companies.

His experience covers the likes of PricewaterhouseCoopers Legal, ResMed Ltd, Ventracor Ltd, Bioxyne Ltd, and Calix Ltd. Anthony has a range of qualifications from the NSW Supreme Court Solicitor, Patent and Trade Mark Attorney, and Domain Name Arbitrator in Australia.

Anthony is also a Fellow of Institute of Patent Attorneys in Australia and a board member of the Professional Standards Board for Trade Mark and Intellectual Patent Attorneys. He also lectured in Validity and Interpretation of Patents at UTS in 2014.

Anthony was mentioned in IAM’s 2013 list of Top 1000 Patent Attorneys and Intellectual Property Specialists in the world. His law firm was featured in the Top 1000 IP Laws Book published by IAM in 2014 and 2016. Also, Alder IP is the proud winner of a Client Choice Award 2015 for the best patent firm in Australia and recently won the Australian Patent Law as awarded by Corporate Intl (UK) in 2016.

4:45pm Panel Discussion and Q&A: How will AR / VR / MR be at the Forefront of CX of the Future?

  • Prepping your business to capitalise on the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Is your business AR / VR / MR ready?
  • Managing IP issues and lawsuits
erina-kilmore-112x128 Erina Kilmore
Director of Sales
Australia Zoo
Joe-Millward-112x128 Joe Millward
Senior Digital Strategist
ming-wei-chan-112x128 Ming Wei Chan
Senior Consultant, VR Business & Experience Designer
5:15pm Closing Remarks by Conference Chairman, David Francis   

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Product Development and Customer Experience Post-Conference Workshops – 28 July 2017, Friday

Workshop Timetable: Workshop A will run from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm with a mid-morning and luncheon breaks. Workshop B will run from 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm with a mid-afternoon refreshment break. Registration begins 30 minutes before each workshop commences.
9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Post-Forum Workshop A: Enhancing Customer Experience and Interactive Marketing with AR / VR

chris-grainger-112x128 Chris Grainger
Grainger VR
  Chris is a multi award winning producer/director from Sydney, Australia. Over the past 20 years Chris has made over 150 programs for some of the of the largest global broadcasters including National Geographic, BBC, Discovery, Travel Channel and multiple prime time shows across Australia’s Ch 7, Ch 9, Ch 10 and the ABC networks.Chris also co-founded Grainger VR which is one of Australia’s leading VR content & app development companies. His team has produced many high profile VR advertising campaigns, 360 Virtual reality series, and corporate productions. Clients include Qantas, Tourism Australia, Westpac, and Samsung.

Grainger VR has been working on some unique projects around the globe, capturing the first ever VR around Uluru, and have been taking VR content to new heights with their progressive film making techniques.

maxim-drygin-112x128 Maxim Drygin
Director of Virtual Reality Services
Grainger VR
Maxim brings a new point of view on both VR/360 and classic one-plane footage. In 2015 his fresh approach to cinema verite’s ‘a day-in-the-life-of’ doco films received Gold Award for Cinematography in Documentaries by NSW/ACT chapter of the highly acclaimed Australian Cinematographers Society.

Maxim has been working with on major campaigns with Tourism Australia, Qantas and producing many educational pieces that are being seen on a global scale.

1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Post-Forum Workshop B: Incorporating AR / VR within Marketing Campaigns with Measurable Success


Skeeve Stevens
Chief Futurist

shanti-korporaal-112x128 Shanti Korporaal
Chief Implementor