Forum Highlights

10 Reasons To Join Us At This Forum

  1. Receive the latest updates on government plans, strategies, policies and grants around circular economy adoption, innovations and corporate social responsibilities for every industry
  2. Glean insights from recycling industry leaders on the latest trends, technological developments, strategies and policies which are shaping Australasia’s circular economy industry
  3. Acquire actionable insights, proven solutions and effective strategies to craft a roadmap to more liveable, workable and sustainable cities
  4. Learn from best practices and award-winning case studies of organizations that have successfully kick-started their circular economy journey
  5. Understand the operational and strategic considerations needed before jumping on the circular economy bandwagon
  6. Align your organisation to transition to the new business infrastructure of the circular economy
  7. Learn how companies are repurposing waste through innovative product design, resource utilization and waste transformations into renewed products
  8. Enjoy unrivalled networking opportunities to share best practices, form profitable partnerships and meet new customers and peers in the new circular economy
  9. Connect with influential communities of circular economy professionals, suppliers/service providers, government bodies and special interest groups to do business and build a more sustainable future together
  10. Discover an exciting showcase of innovative products and sustainable solutions to collect, process and recycle waste

Hot Themes To Be Discussed

  1. NSW Government’s Strategic Vision For Circular Economy – Strengthening NSW’s Waste And Recycling Industry
  2. How Randwick City Council Is Using Innovative Waste Collection Solutions To Manage Waste Collections For Its Residents
  3. How Sydney Has Been Ranked As The Most Sustainable City For Australia?
  4. Urban Sustainability: Addressing Challenges And Tapping Opportunities
  5. How Timber Waste Paired With Plastic Waste Provides Long-term Infrastructure Assets For Community Usage
  6. How The Hepburn Shire Council Aims To Achieve Net Zero Emissions By Creating A Sustainable Model For Its Local Communities
  7. Phasing Out Single-use Plastics
  8. How Plastic Is Being Recycling Into Fuel
  9. How Monash University Demonstrated Its Commitment To Circular Economy By Issuing World’s First University Climate Bond
  10. How The World’s First Electronic Waste Microfactory Is Capturing Value Into Waste
  11. Recycling One Billion Takeaway Coffee Cups In Australia
  12. How Circular Economy Growth Is Driven With Help Of Government Grants And Incentives?
  13. How Lake Macquarie City Council’s Food Organics And Garden Organics (FOGO) Service Diverts 111kg Of Waste From Landfill Per Person?
  14. How Deakin University Is Using Microgrid To De-Carbonize Itself And Achieve Carbon Neutral By 2030
  15. How NSW’s First Bioenergy Plant Plans To Achieve Zero Emissions By 2030

Post-forum Sustainability Innovations Site Tours


Site Tour A: Environmental Sustainable Materials Research & Technology In Reducing Waste And Improving Recyclability

Centre For Sustainable Materials Research & Technology ([email protected]) Faculty Of Science.

site tour 3

Site Tour B: Circular Economy Recycling Innovations Within City Councils Waste Management Centers

Randwick City Council Recycling Center.

site tour 2